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Courtney Adamo  Mama of FIVE! ✨ On a journey with my family. 🌎 Travel journal: Co-founder of @babyccinokids & @theshopup. Author of #9monthsbook.

Since arriving to this little town six months ago, everyone, literally everyone, has told us how good the annual BillyCart Derby is. We knew it would be a fun day, but nothing prepared me for the cuteness! Kids of all ages racing down the main street of town in their homemade billy carts. ❀️ (Leave it to @jetsetmama to get the good footage of Easton driving his billy cart... coming in last, but never mind!) I could not love our little town more.

Tandem surfing team πŸ’™

Baby boys in grandpa-style cardigans! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»#wilkiewoo

My gorgeous friend and super mama @magdalena_roze drops delicious dinners after off at your house after you've had a baby, and bakes gooey chocolate cakes on your birthday, and shows up to every pot-luck party with the tastiest dishes... so it's not surprising she comes out with a beautiful cookbook filled with inspiring, seasonal recipes for the whole family to enjoy (even a section with baby food ideas! and tasty breakfasts, and wholesome dinners, and healthy smoothies, and post-surf snacks...!). πŸ˜‹

Despite the sleepless nights and the groggy mornings, the cranky afternoons, the bouncing and shushing, the rushed meals and quick showers, the stressful car rides, the clothes that don't fit, the spit-up on my shoulders, the foggy brain, the aching shoulders... Despite all this, I know better than to wish these days away. In the blink of an eye these foggy, messy newborn days will be a distant memory and this chapter of my life will come to an end. Trying to hold on to these days as best I can. πŸ’“

The prettiest wildflowers growing on all the roadside bushes next to our house 🌼 #autumninaustralia

Eight-week-old Wilkie. The best Mother's Day gift! (Also, the way he tucks his thumbs under his pointer fingers. He's done this since the day he was born. So cute!) #wilkiewoo

My heart could not be more full (and neither could our sofa!). Being their mama was all I ever wanted to be. πŸ’“ Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas, to those wishing to be mamas, to my mother-in-law and to my own beautiful mumma. Love from all of us. πŸ“πŸ£πŸ£πŸ£πŸ£πŸ£

We've been working so hard to encourage Marlow to stay in her bed at night. We have nightly negotiations which usually end in our favour (but not always). I was already feeling a bit of mama guilt for bumping her out of our bed... and then I opened her Mother's Day card. πŸ’” Oh Marlow! Well played. πŸ’“

Scenes from a 7-hour long birthday party. ✨ What a beautiful day! (Thank you for all your sweet birthday wishes.)

The party crew πŸ’“ @olliella @little.winnie

Sweet Ivy, our sunshine girl is EIGHT today!! πŸŽ‰ What a privilege and joy it is to watch this girl grow up. Beautiful inside and out. β˜€οΈ (Thank you @captainandthegypsykid for these snaps of her.)

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