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Courtney Acamo🌻  •🌻Nature Enthusiast• 🙌🏽 Healer •🌎Gypsy💙 Lover• 🎼 HEARTist• ✨Truth Seeker

Co-created a beautiful experience last night! I took this group through shaking and opening their voices, into a breath work journey and meditation. Follow by @alanifotoyoga leading a restorative yoga class while I sang and did sound healing. We closed with a meditation and chocolate covered strawberries.. yum 🍓😊Blessed to be able to create spaces for healing and expansion!

Look who I found in the desert...🐢🐢🐢

Yoga-dance party-massage train transformed into this hugaaa love!! 😊#shaktifest2017 🙏🏼💙 photo by @alanifotoyoga

La la lovinnn you 😘❤🌹 @krystleetri

🍯 Sitting here, glisten in I am listening
the sounds of nature, stars creator, nurturing my soul. The winds kiss my skin, I soak it infinitely within, I open to embrace the blessings givin, living to receive to offer up the breathes I breathe. This sacred heart beat dances knowing it's a gift to simply beat to walk with these feet,body is Whole cradling my infinite soul.
I choose delicately where my train of thoughts flow, for they create my reality and the perceptions I know, I choose my truth wisely in every moment a opportunity to meet & honor my own. As the waves of change fall and rise, I seek to shine to know the Divine, to embodying unconditional love open to the heavens above, inside and out....whispered from the seed don't you hide, don't be afraid know that theres love even in the shade, let the sunshine find your heart, let your love dance and spark, a sacred river that guides you from the essence of truth you know you know you know the space in your soul,you know you know your never alone, the earth she encompasses me she encompasses you every speckle and cell filled like a well of divinity, you are the drop and ocean so free, our words are casters of spells, collect them preciously like sacred sea shells. I find my wisdom in presence, open to lessons to gain in the essence of pain, Carry no shame as i rise from the fabric of flame

Raw & organic deliciousness😋 #crepesparty

Miracles, magic, and epic empowerment with this juicy star sister so grateFULL for your love in my life, to many more moments 🙏🏼💙💫🍯🌎🌴

Nicaragua sunset 🌴😊

Today I was at the beach balling my eyes out feeling sadness,heartbreak,anger, all the human things just lettin em pass through... it was like the ocean was in my whole being and I was riding these waves but at the same time I was deeply in peace taking fully body breathes opening my heart and body. Soaking in the sunlight and sounds of the ocean making space for more love and truth. Lightness filling up my cells, releasing the old.

I used to feel so resistant to feeling things.. numb, afraid, sacred, confused but as iv gone into this journey of transformation. Acceptance, curiosity, and love have been serious Buddies when I decided that I want to go deep into feeling something. Fully opening embracing and caring for all the emotions and experiences I used too resist. Knowing now how safe it is too feel, The more I open the fuller I feel the more Alive connected,raw, and sensual I feel with life.
Mmm transformation is soul good, we just got to work through the layers to Collect the light 🍯🌞 feeling abundantly grateful to experience this precious gift of being human

Sunshine sunshine feel it in my skin warmin up my mind 🌞

My New Course~Soul Liberated~

This post is for women who feel like it's difficult to use their voice, for those who may feel fear around speaking, singing or for those who don’t know how or what to do to find their authentic expression.
I want to tell you do have a voice it’s powerful and MATTERS!

Growing up for me their was so much resistance to speaking up & singing my truths. Terror locked and blocked my throat, I had no idea I could sing or that even liked it... I hid In the prison of my mind and beliefs “I’m not good enough, no one will love me, I can’t sing, it’s bad”etc. I would feel insecure, judgmental, and shameful often for even speaking up or asking questions.

I’m sure most of us can remember or have seen a little kid singing their heart out with no care in the world. I believe that that carefree state of joy, and unapologetic expression is completely possible and is our birthright. To get to that place we have clear the old stories, energies, emotions, and beliefs to feel liberated into our heart essence.

The voice is a tool to awaken, heal, and transform your entire life, my journey with sound/song, started on the ground of my apartment crying, when i figured out that singing and making noises would help clear and move energy. Since, there’s been a quick and intensely powerful evolution and a cultivation of many powerful skills that have shaped my life through sound. I feel so much compassion for those who are afraid to speak, sing and be fully who they are. I have lived their and it’s painful to hide. Which is why i feel this deep call in my soul to support woman in coming more into their wild feminine heart essence and embodiment.

The invitation is for woman to wake up to their authentic voice, find more acceptance and ease within, be more in love with yourself and life.
It's time for us to heal, let go of limiting beliefs, awaken, and embody our authentic power and expression. This journey is an intimate and powerful way for me too partner with woman to awaken and activate their Feminine power that is empowered, free, vibrant, and divine.

I’m answering the call for our liberation and am creating a 7 week program for woman to have

Gazing into the glorious Sedona sunset🏜 "eyes are the doorway to the soul." -photo by @alanifotoyoga

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