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Courtney Riddle  🚂🎉☕✏️🎈 san francisco. some kinda artist. @thegrandnewsstand @riddleceramix 🍴🍓🚌✨💭

wearing my Power Outfit and doin something i’ve been dreading aka cleaning and sorting thru @thegrandnewsstand after 6mos of absence. may fashion & an ethereal glow carry me thru this very emotional and challenging day, amen

luv this cute pic of me and @s._.b._.j thank you @sara_diamond !!! we went to our friend/old boss’s housewarming and boy o boy was it warm.

went to a barber shop for the first time and got an even more asymmetrical cut on my little egg head!!!! thank u @mijo27

also lol speaking of astrology i’m currently totally whacked out bc i drank a mocha so i’m astrologically dragging myself/processing my “why are u like this”

this is literally the funniest astro article i’ve ever read o m g

been ALLLL about past life regression therapy lately; imagining a future in which i’ma mft specializing in past lives ✨

aura report

i love summer i love salads

happy nonbinary day of visibility and i got to play with a ton of different clay today so i made a bunch of tiny spoons and just a reminder to follow my ceramix acct @riddleceramix thank you

mayor: kim/leno/weiss
prop E: no also!! idk why the pissed off voters said “yes.” no!

keep london breed outta office!! v important! i’m excited to vote for our first black woman mayor too but today is not that day!! JANE KIM!! MARK LENO!! AMY FARAH WEISS!! i love you all and i love our city, good luck today

haven’t gotten dressed up in a while! been wearing a lot of work clothes and Depression Flannels. but i had a bad dream last night and i’m determined it won’t ruin my day!! i’m goin to the farmer’s market to buy bones and mushrooms, then i’m gettin my oil changed like grown-ups with cars do. 🔅🔆

i’ve been on a pretty restrictive diet for the better part of a week now, which isn’t that long but i was bummin hard about it. that all changed when i winged a batch of brownies last night out of avocado & banana & nut butter mainly. this isn’t that, tho. this is ground chicken with sweet potato and onion, topped with avocado and kraut. i’m just feeling proud of myself and good in my body and excited to heal. i never thought i’d be this kinda person. thx @wellbeingsnutrition

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