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<<PinkBrutusKnits>>  Mama of two~wife~knitwear designer~pattern drafter~coffee junkie~critter keeper~Indianapolis~author of the book Family-Friendly Knits 💫

The girls left for Florida on Friday & hubs took the week off work which means we have gone to the movies, we went out to eat, and I cleaned all 3 floors with the comfort of knowing no one was coming up behind me to mess it up again.
On the agenda tonight is a rented movie, wine, and a bit of swatching ✨thrilling, right??

It&#39;s today, it&#39;s today!
Patou Pullover is now available on Ravely & through @knit_picks as part of the Sunday Morning Collection 🌷link in profile 🙌🏾

Yesterday, the first day of spring, we celebrated a year with our ducks! Today, our first silkie egg 😍 well done, Blind Melon. Well done.

🌞Wednesday! 🌞

This rare #fbf is brought to you courtesy of @gregthemayor - we&#39;re all seven years older, but just as weird as ever.

Her first dozen ✨ #welsummer

Snow is falling in a sort of wet and slow way. The chicks are bathing under the heat lamp in the hen house, tilted on their sides and quiet. And I am pretending like it&#39;s all some sort of dream (nightmare) because I&#39;m SO READY FOR SPRING. Animals frolicking and garden sprouting and barefoot walking and linen wearing, spring!
So, anyways, my contribution to an upcoming @knit_picks collection is due to drop in just over a week... for spring... in linen... it&#39;s good.

Always the sweet girl. 🐓
Mae has been battling the flu (a real nasty bug) since Wednesday. Her fever broke yesterday, and today she was back to her usual antics.
Ruby was hanging out at the picnic table, so Mae decided she needed some cuddles. I&#39;ve never seen a hen like her - just sitting around waiting for her girl to sweep her up. 🤗

The babes just don&#39;t stay that way. I brought them in for a reprieve from the cold - it&#39;s getting down in the teens here at night, and they did as all other chicks before... made themselves at home on the couch 🙄

#oliveegger #wyandotte #4weekoldchicks #blackcoppermarans #3weekoldchicks

Biker chick. 🖤

I made some major amendments to the garden &#34;dirt& #34; in the fall and when I pushed back the straw today, I found loose, black, utterly delicious SOIL. For some reason, the only plants I decided to dig up at our old place and plant here were the green onions, chives, and catnip... but today, as I was transferring the onions to the raised beds with their thick root clusters teaming with worms, I felt the passage of time; the linear instinct to tend. These beds needed the onions and chives and worms 💫

This stud-muffin went to meet his new mama today! He gets to live with other silkies, bunnies, goats, and a slew of other chicken folk. It was a good day for Bleu-le-Roo aka Blue-Violet Cloud 💙

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