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COURTLYN FAZAKAS  • firm believer in sweating once a day • passionate about personal growth say hello: courtlynf@hotmail.com 📍: 🇨🇦 in 🇬🇧

I just want to share my energy with you & spread all those feel good, authentic vibes. have a magical day.

every girls dream house in colour

walks into lululemon. wants everything. settles for this mirror selfie. #compromise

smiling at a stranger

The way you are describing your life is the way it is manifesting. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
So tell me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
How are things going?

(self) love is in the air ✨❤️ the relationship you set with yourself, sets the foundation for the relationship you have with others. I think it’s soooo important that we get clear on our values and standards and create boundaries for ourselves so we can attract the same quality relationships/vibes. If you don’t know what matters to you how are you suppose to have quality relationships around you. Knowing ourselves is loving ourselves. #deepthoughts #selfloveisntselfish

cheers’n to Friday with a low key self-love day ✨💕 because sometimes you need to just take care of YOU.

you do you, k?✨

group fitness > gym
I would also love to talk about ‘working out’ with your phone.... because I personally just can’t. I get wayyy to distracted, anyone else?! 🤔these are all my thoughts right now.
oh and how cute are these leggings!

ugh, I know, these are getting old... but I just loveddddd it here so much.
I love traveling because it fills me with so much inspiration. What inspires you?

part of me feels like I’ve lost my voice. the voice I got to use 8+ times a week while on the bike or leading/teaching classes. so now I’m just on here trying to make a small change, heal a wound or make one person smile brighter.
what excites me is that I know this is not the end, in-fact it’s probably just the beginning because I’ve always wanted to do what I’m doing now! I’ll find that voice and bike again, when the universe thinks I’m ready. until then I’ll just be on here over sharing my thoughts and trusting the timing of the universe and what it has planned for me. isn’t life just so amazing?! also excited to hopefully get a blog going ASAP! What would you like to see/hear? fashion? workouts? music? traveling? long heartfelt posts 🙈😂 let me know! xx

please don’t worry, I got you. - the universe ❤️✨

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