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Oh yes. I have the #paintpants on so y'all know what time it is! We're going to be working on our #bedroommakeover today! I'll try my best to record but man... am I inspired! I've been waiting to tackle this. Btw... can we just for a second with my #jordwatch How perfect is it for just this occasion. Lol @jordwatches #homedepot #husbandandwife #tagteam #teamwork #homerenovation #homeimprovement #diy #jordwoodwatches #wood #woodwatches

Trust me... as a content creator on a social media platform including a YouTube channel with almost 7,000,000 views , 67,000+ subscribers on my channel, 17,000 "followers" on Instagram and a new Facebook group... I know trolls. I know supporters. I know the deepest of the deep of people life stories. Likes and hearts may help those sources grow because of the algorithm but they DO NOT reflect me and my value. What does that for me is sharing this with you guys. Hearing your stories of somehow, I was of some inspiration. You guys are my validation in all the right ways. So if you are getting frustrated and feeling like no one cares because your "notifications" are quiet. Who cares... quiet is the souls way of speaking to you. It allows you to clear up the chaos and see true value in the people you invest your time into. I may not be able to respond to all the comments on almost 900 videos or heart every comment either. But know that caring about your time invested in me will never go unappreciated and my content created will reflect that. Your support quiet or always vocal determines the communities growth. I know that. To me, it's always been about quality over quantity and you guys are definitely a whole lot of quality. Just wanted y'all to know that. Especially my young friends reliant on social media as a source of validation... this is what matters. When someone reaches out to you to tell you directly that you matter even though I can't say it in every comment. You do matter here. Always. 💕coupontoprovide

Wait for it... 🤣


Well... they did good. Lol. (See previous post). Their idea wasn't the most healthy so I had to add my momma ingredient of chia seeds in the vanilla pudding. Lol. This probably won't happen again for a Looooooong while. 😆🍽

Kids pudding cookie cake creation. Gotta let them get a little crazy to pop off the summer. Lol Layers: starting at the bottom gram crackers, chocolate pudding, vanilla wafers, vanilla pudding with chia seeds, combination gram crackers and vanilla wafers, more chocolate pudding and topped off with more gram crackers. Let's see where his goes. Lol #bateshouse batesfamilymenu #kidsinthekitchen #summerfun #food

Omg guys! #tilapiatacos 🌮 is what's for #dinner tonight at the #bateshouse on the #batesfamilymenu yum! Tilapia 🐠 seasoned with sea salt and ground black pepper. Once cooked I added in juice from 2 limes 🍋 and a combination of red and orange bell peppers. Mix well and put into shells. Fill with cheddar cheese 🧀, fresh spinach 🌱, kale, and tomatoes 🍅. Top with sour cream and enjoy! #batesfamily #food #family #familyfood #foodporn #dinnerisserved #fishtacos

It's just not good to come at me when I'm in a good mood. Because then everything is funny. Lol. But really. Life can be so easy if we just take a breath🌬 before typing.

Brought my little bugs out for a celebratory dinner at IHOP 🍳 to finish up a hard working year... what better way than 🥞 pancakes & omelettes!

😱😱😱😍😍😍⏱⏱⏱#jordwatch #wood #woodwatches #life #onewithnature @jordwatches

At my dentist office about to get my crowns put on. My mom was right... you'll lose about 1 tooth per child you have. Lol. I have really weak teeth and I can't wait to be done fixing these issues. Better now than actually having them all break or fall out!

Hey guys! New video is up! It's a grocery day prep with me video. Taking you guys through my prep system and giving a little casual look into the before and after and sharing some tips and tricks that I've learned to achieve my most successful system this far. Link is in my bio!

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