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Mike D’Antoni - “I think Maybe I said Don’t score before tipoff but I totally meant score

Ep. 17 “Immergasm 2: Electric Boogaloo” (link also in bio)
In which a guest returns from the far reaches of the West and the boys explore their Sordid youth.

We’re back with Ep. 16 “Pt 4: Love Will Tear Us Apart” (link also in bio)
In which the 70’s come to a close, the center embraces the fringe, and 1980 begins with a terrible ending.

Also…during a podcast dedicated entirely to punk, I somehow manage to mix up The Commodores and The Ohio Players and THEN confuse Afghan Wigs with Fine Young Cannibals.

Jus tha facks

Foggy morning today in San Francisco. In other news...I eat a carrot.

We’re back! Ep. 15 “Pt 3: London Calling” (link also in bio)
Oh punkity punk punk punk. PUNK! Punk-O-Rama. Punkadelica. Polka Punk. Peppa Punk. Punk Rock Girl. Punky’s Dilemma. Punk Rock T-Shirt Melting. Judy! ….is A Punk. Also…..British people.
And - if I’m being totally honest - I fell asleep and woke up and now my brain’s not working in the slightest.

Went to see Steve Martin & Martin Short tonight. They were amazing again but I forgot to take a picture sooooo...chew on THIS fucking gem.

#TBT Gone fishin’

We’re back w/Ep. 14 “Pt 2: All The Young Punks (New Boots And Contracts)” (link also in bio)
In which New York City and the Bowery are still the center of the punk world but new bands are arriving every day from as far away as Cleveland and San Francisco. They’re popping up all over LA as well and it’s just the beginning because, across the pond in the UK….anarchy. THIS! This was magnificent. This play ONCE ON THIS ISLAND @OnceIslandBway is a truly joyous and astonishing fucking piece of heaven. Thank you so much.

“Sometimes I feel like I was already worn out the day I was born.” #LobbyHero has to be seen. @MichaelCera_ @BrianTyreeHenry @BelPowley & #ChrisEvans are excellent. #KennethLonergan’s writing is so good. Even better than the version I saw back in 2001. Go see it!

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