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Get to Know Underwater artist: @lovethosenights "Something about trying to find ways to connect, ways to soothe souls, ways to honor the humanity we see in each other- but against a dark, minor key background with up-tempo & sometimes aggressive drums- is absolutely stunning.” Link in bio! Catch their FREE set at @theboweryelectric at 7pm, Oct. 13.

Check out James Campion’s @FearNoArt piece on @SeanBarna in the @theaquarianweekly

Ep. 32 Welcome Black! Pt. 1 (link also in bio)

In which the boyz return from their 2-week Adam’s-On-The-Road-And We-Miscounted-How-Many-Episodes-We-Had hiatus with a bang-up series on maybe my favorite songwriter and my favorite band. Dig Stew and The Negro Problem!

The Underwater Sunshine Podcast will be back TMW!!! We’re starting a 2-week series on Stew and The Negro Problem @stewtnp and they might be my favorite band ever so check it out!!!!

Get to Know Underwater artist @Brick_Briscoe: "That’s not to say it’s not got a sense of humor: the two first songs, 'It Just Seems Like It’s About the Kids' and 'Sally Sells Herself by the Seashore,' are both equal parts bemused and raunchy." Read more:

Get to Know @yellowhouseorq: "I swear: these kinds of songs are the ones that make things taste good. They make you smell that vacation you took fifteen years ago. They allow you to travel in your mind to colorful, exciting locations." Catch them at the @boweryelectric this fall!

Our pal Matt Sucich @esmatteo released TWO new singles this week and they’re fantastic! There also a preview of his upcoming LP THOUSAND DOLLAR DINNERS.

Get to Know Underwater Artist: Matt Sucich @esmatteo “The first few times I got to see him play the Outlaw Roadshow, he was all my husband (and associate producer of Underwater Sunshine fest) Andy and I could talk about. I was enraptured. Matt knows how to use levels, and he plays with that onstage: he may sing loudly and light up a room, and in the same song, bring the temperature back down, almost to a whisper. Every time, I watched as people fell silent in order to hear the words to his songs. It is one thing to have an attentive audience at a wonderful bar like the Bowery Electric: it’s another to have them eating out of your hand.” Catch Matt Sucich LIVE at The Bowery Electric on Sat., Oct. 13 at Underwater Sunshine Fest and read more here:

Ep. 31 Three = Beatlemania (link also in bio)
In which the boys...oh I don’t know!

Get to Know Stew & the Negro Problem: "I didn’t know if he was talking about a book, a movie, a band— but Adam went over to his shelf, started pulling CDs down and handing them to me. 'You can’t continue,' he said, 'not knowing Stew and the Negro Problem.'

Dig this article and the new video from @SeanBarna featuring yours truly!

COMING THIS FALL to the Underwater Sunshine Festival...STEW & THE NEGRO PROBLEM!!!! @stewtnp!!! One of America’s greatest songwriters and playwrights! This you MUST see!!!!

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