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harrystyles  do you remember when everyone found that dead girl in the wmyb video

hey ok so im doing a survey for chemistry class & i need to survey 75 adults (18+) by asking what pain killer works best in their opinion. 75 is a lot of people and i was wondering if you could please help by asking ANYONE you know who's 18+ the following questions for me:
Date of Birth-
Favorite Pain Killer-
[this is for extra points which I really need and I'd really appreciate the help]

is this not the greatest picture youve ever seen?!??

bates motel season 2 was so on point sheriff romero and norma otp and emma and gunner otp x2 and dylan ay papi


i think im going see some andy biersack look alike play at a bar& grill tomorrow i hope he falls in love with me and this picture quite literally ruined my life look @him

i listen 2 music when i write and when i listen to anything breaking benjamin my writing become so morbid and vicious and im shouting about how torturous it is to be in love at any moment of your life because that person will die one day they will not exist but your love still will and it'll turn into hate because how dare they allow you to fall in love very well knowing they were one day going to die and leave you with a heart so full of purpose and desire that you physically feel it breaking in two i love harry styles goodnight

black and blue

who doesnt love a little evil destiel?


lets imagine harry in a fraternity

to go w my last post


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