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Deadlift ladder and sandbag throw from Official Strongman Games.
The deadlift ladder was the only event on Day 1. The weights were 675/765/815/855. Deadlift is a weak point for me and I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish the ladder, but I was really hoping that 765 would come up. Wasn’t quite there on that day though.
The @cerberus_strength sandbag throw was the first event on day 2, and I thought it was a really fun event. The sandbags weighed 40lb/45lb/50lb/55lb and had to be thrown over a 15 foot high target. I got all four bags over, but I was overly cautious in my approach and probably should have attacked the bags to get a faster time.
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Competed in the 2018 Official Strongman Games this past weekend. I was in the Men’s Open class, with some of the top current American Pro Strongmen. It was a 3 day competition, with the top 10 advancing to the finals on the third day and the top 3 podium finishers qualifying for a Giants Live spot. Given how the events looked, I knew a top 3 spot was probably out of the question but I was really hoping to at least make the finals. Unfortunately I finished day 2 in 11th place and didn’t advance.
The show was great, probably the most fun Strongman competition I’ve ever participated in. Really interesting events and top notch equipment and production by @trainstrongman and @officialstrongman_ . All the other men’s open competitors were really cool guys and the camaraderie was unmatched.
As always, it was great competing alongside @tycott, who had a great competition and made the finals, finishing in 9th overall. Also awesome having dad @56jcotton there cheering us on, offering advice (or whiskey) when needed. And of course my number one supporter, training partner and motivator, @lilmelliemel, always ready with meals or encouragement or to take videos or offer advice.
It was a great experience and I hope to be back next year to improve on my placing this year!

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163.5kg/360lb log press, being cheered on by @tycott and @56jcotton. Last time I hit a log press PR was March 25, 2017 (340lb). So this has been a long time coming. I hit 340 right before this and @tycott added some plates. So I knew it was heavier, but didn’t know the exact weight. Felt really solid. Also it was a pleasure meeting @prostrongmanjohnnywaz and training @thestronggboxx. Probably the biggest variety of strongman equipment I’ve ever seen in one gym. 2 weeks til Official Strongman Games and I’m feeling pretty good!

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Training for @officialstrongman_ Giants Live qualifier has been hit or miss, but I did hit a big PR on the @mbpowercenter Stone Of Steel on Saturday night. 190.5kg/420lb to a 127cm/50inch platform. The Stone Of Steel is a plate loadable Atlas Stone and has really helped my stone training lately.

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Had some fun with the natural stones after my training session at @iron_warrior_strongman today. Figured it was a good way to break in the new shirt from @buildingstrongman. Got the massive 325lb beast to my shoulder, then pressed the 224lb and 230lb Stones. Almost ate the 230 stone too lol. Pretty fun day training with @marcus_strongman @_muscles_marinara @tarynlspence @powerplayer_usa @trulychey
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Competed in the Oktoberfest Strongman Challenge in North Dakota this past weekend. It was a really fun contest put on by Mitch and Lacee @fullcirclestrengthsystems, with fall themed events like a pumpkin deadlift and hay bale yoke walk. Also my first contest moving up to super heavyweight class. @hangryhangrymitcho was one of the people that first got me into competing in strongman, so it was fun competing with him for the first time also. Mitch took the win but was competing unofficially, so I walked away with the official first place and a sweet trophy!
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Pretty cool trailer from the @official.scl Strongman Champions League Finnish Open that @tycott and I competed in. Can’t wait for the full video!

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A couple Viper press log attempts. I saw @stanleybuilt hit a big log press earlier in the week, then saw a bunch of one-motion pressing on @blackhousestrong and @kristy_link stories, so I thought I’d see where my viper press was. Got 130kg/286lb, 140kg/308lb, and a PR at 150kg/330lb. Also no light-headedness or passing out when I press this way. I may start training this more often and see what I can do with it!
#strongman #strongmantraining #logpress #viperpress #overheadpress #nurseswholift #CottonStrong #milehighstrongman #bikiniprep #bodypositivity #146weeksout

Redid my video submissions for @officialstrongman_ Games today. Got a 130.5kg/288lb log press for 5, and 130kg/287lb per hand farmers walk for 100ft. Also tried to redo deadlift but didn’t have it in me. Didn’t get light-headed or pass out with the log pressing today, that in itself is a win!

#strongman #strongmantraining #strongmansaturday #logpress #farmercarry #officialstrongman #officialstrongmangames #niksperformance #milehighstrongman #PRorER #CottonStrong #failedpowerlifters

A few pictures from our camping trip last weekend. Seeing @thebrummies @ashleymcbryde and @littlebigtown at Red Rocks, wine tasting in Palisade, hiking in Canyonlands National Park and Hanging Lake.

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Got to train at @thorspowergym this past weekend while visiting Iceland. I met Thor’s dad, who was super nice, and won a free T-shirt doing a one-handed circus dumbbell deadlift challenge that they offer to gym visitors (first visitor to be able to do it!). Then I hit a 295kg/650lb squat, which is an all time PR (first video). Of course I had to try some of Thor’s Atlas Stones, 2nd video is loading the 170kg stone being cheered on by Thor’s dad. 3rd video was me attempting the biggest stone there, 205kg/451lb. Got it to my lap but couldn’t quite load it (even with all the Icelandic yelling in the background). Then the big man @thorbjornsson himself showed up! He was very nice, super down to earth, humble and friendly. We talked for a while about strongman stuff and then him and his dad and training partners gave Mel and I advice about what to see while we were in Iceland. The pictures don’t do justice to just how huge Thor is in person. But I was even more impressed with how friendly and hospitable everyone was. I definitely hope to be able to visit @thorspowergym again in the future!

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