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Liz Bryson  Sewing/fashion diy-er + mama of 3. ❤️ YouTube channel:

Wore this sundress refashion today...purely because Rome wanted me to match her yellow dress (or maybe I wanted to match her 🤔). The keyhole bow 🎀 sleeves are my fav! Swipe through to see how the dress looked before ➡️ Tutorial in the diy tab on

I’ve been a mother for almost 9 years(to the sweetest, kindness, silliest kiddos) and I’m still nowhere near as awesome as the mothers in my life. I’m so thankful for these 3 different and wonderful women who have taught me so many many things. Hopefully way down the road I will be like them🤞 (just have to learn patience, cooking skills, etc)

So I Love you mom, Chris, and Kathy! Happy Mother’s Day ❤️ @roxannescoville, @tldces @kathydb (Also, I’m wearing one of my fav diys! My pink bow open back ruffle sleeve dress -what a mouth full)

One hour (or less!) book ledges (picture ledges, art ledges, or what have you) video DIY is up on my site! I searched high and low for a very straight forward, simple tutorial and had a hard time finding one. So my husband and I just threw all 3 ledges together in an hour (minus the paint) and it was super easy - I’m obsessed! Full detailed diy on my site and YouTube! Thanks to my man @dannycbryson for the help 😘
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Need some Easter dress ideas? Here is one of my favorites! Check out the video through the link in my profile or a few instagrams back. Happy Easter weekend 🐰💛💐

A little before and after for your thursday...swipe right for the cringeworthy before photo....Book 📚 ledges diy up on the site! link in profile. Stayed tuned for the short video coming later.

This is a TRUE 💃🏻 moment - If I can twirl in it, im pretty sure it will be one of my favorite refashions. You can make this dress if you want to attend a wedding, be a bridesmaid, go to church, go on a date, go to the farmer’s market, go to the beach, go to the grocery store, pick your kids up from school...I will literally think of any excuse to wear a ruffle on ruffle yes...I’m just like my 2 year old - obsessed with dresses and obsessed with twirling. Check out the FULL tutorial and more before and after pics through the link in my profile...or instastories.

❤️ happy valentine’s day tomorrow! Also...refashion coming hopefully tomorrow - Yay 🙌 #happyvalentinesday

I’m back💥 and about to talk about feelings.... if you’re wondering what happened to me over the last 6 months.....well, I took an unplanned and needed hiatus for my health. I found out I had an autoimmune disease and my energy and motivation was completely zapped over night. And I only cared about spending time on my family and recovery. I could NOT think of anything else, slipping into an abyss of fear. For months and months I revalued my life. And I grew a lot mentally...I feel released from some stresses, worries, fears, self doubt etc. so, after some testing and many long months it was confirmed in December that I had gbs and now I have post gbs syndrome and nothing like what I concocted in my head. I was overcome with relief and felt more motivation to do things I loved! My excitement/passion for hobbies and whatnot has slowly come back as my body gets stronger and stronger. The feeling of being in limbo, frustration and confusion have almost gone completely. Now I wait for my nerves to heal with the help of eating healthy (with many slip ups), lots of vitamins and exercise. And a major part of that healing is taking it easy. I’m not planning on stressing or being a perfectionist about what I post and what diy I do. I’m not going to have perfect photos or perfect hair and makeup. I’m going to focus on the love of it! because I LOVE being apart of a community, I look forward to chatting with new people and I love to sew and diy!!! I hope you guys are ok with the new changes. Less perfect but more me ❤️ I’ve never been a very put together person (really never ever) and now you’ll see it. I love you guys and all your support and concern you’ve given me. Thanks for all the kind uplifting messages ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Men's suit to wide leg jumpsuit! One of my all time favorites so far because of the open split back and wide leg pants. **FULL detailed video through link in profile or through instastories 👍 Thanks for the challenge @portialawrie #therefashioners2017

🚨DIY tonight - jumpsuit refashion comin' atcha 👊

This little guy is 5 today💥 and my heart is broken 😭💔. He is the sweetest, kindest, most cheerful, and silliest little boy. I told him today that he can't get any older than 5...he seriously said back "ok that's fine, but can I still get presents every year?" #seriouslyilovehimsomuch

🚨 Summer refashion for your #transformationtuesday ....Now that I'm back from vacationing I'm ready to throw a ton of new tutorials at you......and remind you guys of the easy summer ones! And as I post this I'm mentally picking out another pair of pants to do this to. Find this diy video through my blog or my instastories! #transformation #diy #diyvideos #videotutorial #video #videodiy #diyvideo #refashion #upcycle #diyblogger #beforeandafter #isew #sewingproject #sewing #sewin #sew #transformationtuesday #tutorial #tutorials #seamstress #sewist #howto #howtomake #doityourself #jeanskirt #denim #denimskirt #jeans

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