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Cotton Factory Emporium  Must have items, enhancing craft spaces. Delightful gifts. Gift wrapping avail + delivery on your behalf. Discretion assured! Link right here to shop.

And the crafty piece-d-resistance.
Yakka style crafty trays.
Round Toto (can do four)
Triangle Toto (can do five). Cute cute Bear, can do multiples.

Leave postcode for best shipping estimate, plus Paypal email addy.
Each handmade.
Each unique.
Each perfectly imperfect. $42 a piece.

8.5" across at widest point and 1" high.

Introducing these babies.
Tabletop Hexagon Craft Trays.


WIP (although I am almost sure you don't have any). And for special friends we will do your initials (or the initials of your crafty bestie). These trays are 8.5" across at their widest point. Just over 1" high.
One of each in stock and will take orders until the tray stock is exhausted. $29 a piece or four for $100.

Each handmade. Each unique.

Just taken delivery of a lovely new batch of Kawaii inspired handmade treasures.
I know Isabella Golightly won't be buying one of these, but for the feline lovers, some bobbin holder goodness for your enjoyment.

Three only in natural. $32 ea. 15cm long. Width of a bobbin.
Five available in black. #blackcats
Each handmade. Each imperfect. Leave your Postcode snd I'll quote you cheapest postage/Courier.

Just unpacked the mother-load of these handmade bobbin holders.
Hold both machine and hand sewing bobbins.
All white base:
17cm $29
30cm $39

Introducing our lace collection also.
16cm long. Choose black or natural. $29 ea.
Aust Post $8.40.
Courier generally a few bucks cheaper. Leave Postcode and Paypal email addy.

A new batch of Craft Boxes in da house.
This is the Supersized series - they have a seriously good pin cushion.
Taking orders for:

Green grafitti (top left)
Tickets (top right)
Tapes (bottom left)
Orange grafitti (bottom right). $39 a piece.
Will post after the Easter chocolate haze. (Limited stock onhand, so if we do the transaction today, they may even leave today).

Ruler bobbin caddies also making a re-appearance.

Choose light or natural base.
15cm long $29
30cm long $39

Each original. Each unique. Perfect handmade variances. Multiples of each.

For USA crafters I can fit three small in a pouch for $16 post. $18 to rest of world. (Or one large and one small for same cost).

Haven't given the Emporium much love this week.
The Craftsman has been busy and first up I have five one-off craft boxes for you.
Each is 13cm square and has three compartments. My Wicked Stepmother has also added to their charms with handmade pin cushions.
So, you are getting a groovy bit of kit and a @katharine_von_bibra original. $39 a piece. Max post will be $8.40 in Aust. Cheaper by Courier.
Your choices are
Alison Glass fabric - off to Julie
Red Gingham - off to @jules_quilts_
Pink Strawberries
Navy wee floral - off to Kylie
Green multi

There is one of each.
Swipe left.

Updated 8:00pm Sat.
These are a happy handmade sell out. So, making a list - on the understanding there will be a wee wait while these are made with care.
White base, six inches $29
Natural wood base, twelve inches $39
White base, twelve inches $39

Each is unique.
Different combos of rulers.
No two alike.
#epp #handmadeintasmania #handmade

I have three (only) in natural wood.
One curved and two straight front.
Each unique. #epp #handmade $49 a piece. Courier or Aust Post, whatever is most effective. Courier to Capital Cities is $10.95.

Now, you'll be needing something uber funky to hold your new bobbins in.
I have known this Maker my whole life. (He's one clever Dad). White handmade EPP caddy's. $49 plus post. Holds 18 bobbins.
I have six on hand.
Each is unique.
Each is handmade.
All imperfectly perfect.
Includes the knitting needle and end clip. The rest of those goodies. Well they are mine. They stay here. #epp #handmadeintasmania

Hello Peeps. I jumped out of bed so fast this morning, the smell of bubble wrap thick in the air.
I hope you are going to find something to love here.

To purchase please leave your Paypal email address and postcode.
If you are outside Australia please just make that obvious.
Many of the items here are hand made, hand painted, hand crafted in every way.
They are each unique and perfectly imperfect in their finish and presentation. (A specific mention re Binding Babies and Wooden Jewellery. These are my first orders. There will be more. If we run short just let me know your preferences and I'll deliver to you in January). Thankyou for supporting small makers.
Invoices will likely be a combo of late today and tomorrow. If you are purchasing more than one thing just give me the nod when we are done.
Have fun. Happy Silly Season. Love AvB

The good stuff. These are fob hardware. Particularly like these as they have three prongs. Gold, Silver or Antique. Packs of five are $9 or I'll happily do you a mixed pack. Plus post.

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