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Got to hang out with the littlest gran today.

A few architectural pieces in my collection. I know I'm not alone in my love of old wooden chippy pieces, but I still find it Interesting how we are attracted to these pieces. My two oldest pieces are from an auction in the 80s and I can still remember the old timers amazement when I happily won the bid for them. "Why do you want those broken old things?" I still smile at the lovely chippy unique beauty of these old pieces.

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Chalk and bubbles on a sunny day in February. Simple fun, never gets old. #weekendwiththegrands

This is Magpie Heaven. Not MY stash, but just a tiny bit of a booth full of little bits of this and that. The vendor was @shoptruenorth and was set up at The Fetching Market, last weekend. What did I buy? Sadly, nothing.

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I double dog dare you!
Setting up at the Indiana Welcome Center today for @fetchingmarket this weekend, come out and see us!
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I've been away from IG lately, working on a kitchen re decorate, 3 gallons of paint, 5 tubes of caulk, two boxes of flooring, lumber, and lots of labor hours. But it looks like a totally new space. I even constructed a new built in cabinet, all on my own! (My first build project) Now the fun part, I get to choose my very favorite things to decorate the room. Hope to be back hanging out on IG next week.

col•lec•tion, noun. . . 2. something that is collected; a group of objects or an amount of material accumulated in one location

I have no idea where these came from. Or why I have them, or what I would DO with them. But there they are nonetheless. When I find them in the bottom of a box, in a container of buttons, I drop them into the jar, a collection. I suppose some collections are simply serendipitous eye candy.

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Had lunch in the city today and spied
this lovely doorway and Mardi Gras sign.

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Still packing and purging. (Ok, very little purging) These are my favorite finds in my #ironstone collection. Thought I'd share them for #magpiemonday before I pack them away. All but one of these beauties were picked up at yard sales. I miss having the time to get up on a Saturday morning and head out with the anticipation of what treasures might be found. For a few dollars. Of course I get to treasure hunt at the many markets I participate in, but I rarely find the same bargains as years ago on Saturday mornings.

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What a busy two days. Hoping to get back on track tomorrow. Posting this at the last minute for #itfoundmejunk and I'd have to say these fall in the AMNESIA category. I don't look for these, they just show up. In the bottom of a metal tool box, In a box lot from an auction, I truly have no idea where they came from. But I like the way they look. Love the patina, the typography of the numbers. Alone, they don't catch your eye, but together I find them interesting.

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Still editing things that I have out. This cloche is new so I wasn't t ready to pack it away yet. Also love an excuse to have a few bottles from my collection out. Sharing for #undertheclochetuesday hosted by Ann of @customonlineinteriordesign

@ahadley63 and @bal93 want to play?

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