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  I'm a mom, special education teacher and cosplayer. I cosplay Mad Eye, TeKa, No Face, Demogorgon, Pennywise, Porg Carl from Up Vincent

My first #cosplay #emmett from #thelegomovie and my daughter as #wyldstyle #wondercon

Took this good girl to the vet today to see if she’s healthy enough to go to a rescue - I was watching her while her “dad” has surgery. Then he realized he couldn’t care for her since he was gong to have a tough battle w cancer 😔-

Drops and pills - Looks I’ll keep my sight 👍🏼 be careful with using ⚠️contacts for cosplay - ⚠️ I’m not blaming them but I think I wasn’t careful enough using clean hands and keeping them sterile

Teachers in my district are fighting for a raise - we want 8% the district is offering 0!- Our healthcare recently went up so we basically took a pay cut - so I think this little #porg #porgcosplay will be making an appearance April 19 with a sign saying “Teachers are imPORGtant 😂🐧👍🏼 #teachersofinstagram #teachersrock #payourteachers #respectteachers #supportteachers

Here’s where I am today - not sure what’s causing near blindness in my right eye 😩 hoping it’s something we can fix

Something is wrong w my eye -
And my foot isn’t better yet- saw an awesome optometrist at @lenscrafters but she said I needed to see an ophthalmologist today and that it was URGENT since the #cornealhazing might mean I have a parasite in my eye but after walking /hobbling / driving and calling around all day I couldn’t get in today - got sent to Primary care / Urgent care and the emergency room finally have a. Appt for tomorrow - grateful for insurance and a job - hope it’s something that ca be treated soon - just cuz I 😱#cosplay #madeyemoody doesn’t mean I need to only have one good eye 😖👎🏼

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