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Follow @sunnyhues_official "Asian Ultra Cosplay Contest" Now Open for online audition! Come join us! Get on the stage and win the $500 cash prize! "Asian Ultra Cosplay Contest" The Stage for Cosplayers!!! *****CONTEST DETAILS: ****** Award: Winner in the final round will win $500 cash prize
Online audition: August 15th – September 10th
Final: Oct 29th at Brooklyn Expo Center NY Asian Ultra Event


Step 1: You must be 18 or older

Step 2: Showcase your cosplay costume, singing or dancing skill with an anime-related theme is a plus. Send us a photo or video / video link Video length no longer than 3 mins.

Step 3: Winners of the audition will be announced on September 15th. Once you pass the audition, we will email an invitation letter and 1 free entrance ticket to join our final contest on October 29th.

Contest Form:

Please fill this out and submit together with your entry:


Facebook Link:

Name of your character: ***ALL CONTEST ENTRIES PLEASE SEND TO*** RULES:

1. We will only accept individual’s cosplay. Your cosplay photo/ video can be a group, but only one individual will input their name as contestant and receive the prize. However you distribute to your team will be your decision.

2. No entry with mature content, all photos/ videos will have to obey Facebook photo rules for Sunnyhues Entertainment to post them.

3. By submitting you will be giving Sunnyhues Entertainment permission to use the cosplay photo/ video, names and profile pictures to promote "Asian Ultra" event.

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