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Amy Cosplay  ..**..**..Cosplayer | Artist | Dreamer..**..**. Want to help me complete my next build? Donate to my Cosplay fund! Link Below!

Latest perler portrait complete! Now time to iron and frame 😃 #wonderwoman #galgadot #dccomics #perler #perlerbeads #pixel #pixelart

Throwback to wondercon at the masquerade! This photo was taken by @scaentertainment showing off my belle props while in the large ball gown! #wondercon #cosplay #belle #beautyandthebeast #disney #disneycosplay

Show me again, the power of the darkness, and I will let nothing stand in our way. This Kylo Ren still has some work to be done, the sleeves actually got torn in the crash but it is hardly noticeable 🙌thank you dark fabrics 🙌 This weekend I’m working on weapons: a lightsaber, my perler bead sword and shield. Unfortunately we are not able to make it to Costume-con after what happened 😭 so I’m trying to focus my energy and use the force to make some awesome builds! #starwars #kyloren #kylorencosplay #cosplay #crossplay #reylo #maytheforcebewithyou

Here is what we were going to wear to May the 4th fest if we had made it to the convention! (Check out my last post to see what ended up happening) We finally felt good enough today to get out of bed and get some pictures. This is Tomas’s first cosplay everyone! May the force be with you 😅 #starwars #maythe4th #kyloren #rey #reylo #starwarscosplay #cosplay

I was in a car crash while in full cosplay, here is what happened: Yesterday on our way the the May the 4th fest (a Star Wars convention) we were in a pretty brutal car accident. We are ok! We were in the leftmost lane of the freeway and there was a fast track lane to our left that had dividers separating us from them. The fast track lane was moving slowly but we were going around 65 mph when someone from the fast track jumped the dividers and pulled right in front of us to avoid rear ending the car in front of him, he was probably going 10 mph. Luckily we didn’t hit the car head on or we wouldn’t have made it. After hitting the car we spun out for what felt like eternity (at least a full 360) and luckily we didn’t hit any other cars in the process because we did jump over a few lanes. Getting out of the car I was in full kylo ren costume minus the wig and helmet, I even had a fake scar painted across my face to mimic the one he receives in the movie. The paramedics were so confused, they thought it was real at first, but they caught on as I kept making lame Star Wars jokes coping with what just had happened. We went to the hospital to get everything checked out because hyped up on adrenaline we could not even tell what was going on. We are both very sore today, I’m covered in bruises from the seatbelt and I got punched in the face by the airbag. Tomas got cuts all over his body from the glass and is very sore from the impact as well. We are so lucky to be alive and well ❤️ Please be careful driving to conventions! Don’t let the excitement and costumes distract you while driving! And if you have to rear end someone going slowly just do it, don’t swerve over the divider into a lane of cars going 65 mph just to avoid a little fender bender 😂😂😂 That asshole didn’t even apologize for having almost killed us. May the force be with you all ❤️ #maythe4th #maythe4thfest #starwars #kyloren #cosplay #carcrash

What is your favorite piece of this armor? Mine is the skirt, it flops around and is super fun!Check it out from all angles. The armor is attached with nylon belting and clips so that it is adjustable, unfortunately because of this I have a weak spot if attacked from behind 😂 These pics are unedited, that is just how vibrant the colors really are! I can’t wait to get the sword and shield done and wear this to conventions! #perler #perlerbeads #pixel #pixelart #cosplay #cosplaygirl

Some bloopers 😂 I also posted a weird dancing video on patreon that is available for all to view (not just patrons)! I have the link to my patreon in my bio. I am indeed the most awkward person alive as evident by this clip 🙃 #patreon #perler #perlerbeads #cosplay #cosplaygirl #originalcharacter #originaldesign #pixel #pixelart

I can’t believe how amazing this turned out! This original design began 2 months ago and is still a work in progress! Everything is made of perler beads! When I’m finished I’m going to count it up and see just how many beads it took. #perler #perlerarmor #cosplay #cosplaygirl #perlerbeads #pixel #pixelart #perlerart

ARMOR COMPLETE! just need a few tweaks here and there, need to add foam so it’s not so painful to wear 😂 This build is still not complete! Because how can I enter battle without a weapon??? #perler #perlerbeads #perlerarmor #cosplay #cosplaygirl #originalcharacter #originaldesign #pixel #pixelart

Perler armor boots are complete! I filmed the whole creation process for the second boot and am working on editing the video now☺️ Now all I have to do are the hip pieces, front piece, and the fringe to cover the goods 😂 Who is getting excited for this? Because I know I sure am! #perler #perlerart #perlerarmor #cosplamy #cosplay #cosplaygirl #pixel #pixelart #reddit #imgur #original #originalcharacter #originaldesign

Here is a Harley perler piece I made a while back! This pixel art was made based on Margot Robbie’s character Harley Quinn in suicide squad. I pixelated the Harley Quinn poster image and then recreated it using perler beads. #suicidesquad #harley #harleyquinn #harleyquinncosplay #perler #perlerbeads #pixel #pixelart #dccomics #batman

Dapper day disney bounding ❤️ Went as a dapper rapunzel with my trusty sidekick pascal! I love rapunzel because she is quirky and awkward (just like me) compared to all the other Disney princesses and we would both spend hours indoors working on hobbies! #dapper #dapperday #disney #disneybound #disneybounding #rapunzel #tangled #flynnrider #pascal #cosplay

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