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Cosmo The Alien 👽  ⚠️Yung Cosmo⚠️ Came to this planet to stunt on all of you real quick.💰 Currently living in Kanye's garage.

Might pull up to your crib and steal your girl @cosmothealien #cosmothealien

Humans live die alone, I can never die @cosmothealien #cosmothealien

Kanye I'll call you right back @cosmothealien #cosmothealien

Would you miss me if I left? @cosmothealien #cosmothealien

People ask me how I get Yeezys... Easy as that @cosmothealien

Welcome to my world @cosmothealien #cosmothealien

Please don't touch my raf @cosmothealien

Socks worth more than your whole outfit @cosmothealien

Me and Duck love Yung Lean @cosmothealien

I hate getting flashbacks from things I don't want to remember @cosmothealien #cosmothealien

Talking to Kanye about new Yeezy designs @cosmothealien #cosmothealien

Just landed on earth! Gonna stunt on all of y'all #cosmothealien @cosmothealien

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