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Bellator Dea Lunae Et Flamma  Andromedan Starseed ✨BAREFOOT WITCH HIPPIE VEGAN✨ Pisces/Aries cusp☀️Scorpio🌕Wolf🐺Witch🔥Seer🔮Yoga☮️Weed🌱Lightworker💖BodMod💉ENGAGED💍 trolls=BLOCK🚫



#whatveganseat #vegan #vegansofinstagram from @bismancoop if ur in the area hit them up they got some bomb vegan food

Ok troll get off my page and stop reporting my stuff. Geezus this is getting old. Nothing in my piercing pic was showing so get over ur fragile ego. Sigh. 🙄😡😑

Lemme show u the cosmos. Lemme show u sacred geometry. Embrace the all and dive right in. Can u see the portal forming within the spin?????

My bros gf bought a fidget spinner and I kinda hijacked it. I timed it and it spins for 3 mins a some seconds. For being brand new out of the box never used or broke in that’s impressive af

Just saying. Rapists don’t rape Bc of what women do or do not wear. They do it for power control and inflicting pain. Men control y’all selves!!!! FYI to all the ladies out there slut shaming women like myself who choose to wear “revealing clothes” keep ur mouths shut! Stop tearing down ur sistars and start lifting each other up!

So this is the popsocket I want but Bc I have a speck case with ridges it won’t stick to it so there is no reason for me to even buy it. Sigh. And I don’t wanna buy a new case just to have this on my phone. I know the popsocket craze is a tad old but still lol. FYI this is a wolf in case it’s hard to make out

This is Athena paying homage to @eddie_the_lilac_lion who passed over the rainbow bridge today.
I find this image so fitting Bc that ray of sunshine coming down is just too symbolic!!!! Tuna forever Eddie and may Bast keep and protect you!!!!! If u guys can go show some love on Eddies page and remember don’t forget tuna!!!! 🐾🐟🌈 #eddiethelilaclion #loafinforeddie

After talking to this guy (Bc I don’t discriminate just Bc a random guy asks to talk to me) he started off asking if we could “sex chat” I told him to Plez stop so he did. After talking a few mins longer and him asking to see pics of my fiancé (Bc apparently he’s not real I guess) he started in on this. Then proceeded to ask if I wanted to see his “strong and perfect dick”. This was my response. Don’t mess with the wolf fuckbois I will put u in ur place. He’s now reported and blocked.
If u can’t respect the warrior wolf wild wombyn don’t even attempt to speak to me!!!!!!! If u can’t vibrate on my level keep walking. And FYI I ONLY fuck my daddy/fiancé. So stop fucking asking it’s not only disrespectful to me but to him. #byefelipe #byefuckbois #dontmakemesickmywolfonyou #iwillripyourthroatout #ladiesembraceyourpower

Ya this is true. I sit in my living room nothing on and just love the silence and being alone. Same when I’m in my room which is y I rarely have my tv on in there.

Think before u eat my friends.

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