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Dermastamp uses electrically controlled tiny microneedles to stimulate skin. TARGETING fine lines, acne scars, large pores, skin texture.
Skin can appear similar to sunburn post treatment but usually recovers quickly in the next couple of days.
Optimum results seen around 4-6 weeks.

Anyone who missed @thismorning and the interview with model Pixee Fox who has undergone over 200 procedures (yep, definitely a few missing from the list) to look like her iconic superhero.
β€˜I’ve always been very artistic as a child – I always used to draw and paint and live in my own fantasy world I created in my head – and I had this vision of myself and how I saw myself.'

"Lips like Kylie please...." #keepingupwiththeclones πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ #gameofclones

Lip filler correction
This lady developed lumps and asymmetry from a lip filler elsewhere which were obvious when smiling and at rest.
It's always tricky when breaking such fillers down, and often a few appointments are needed to check & refill... filler can't be replaced immediately after hyalase.
There are a few reasons why people develop lumps including bolus of filler, poorly placed filler, reactions to product, overfilling...massage in minor cases can help while others may need to be hyalased.

β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ½ #manythanks

Hyaluronic acid (HA) - DOES IT WORK?
Naturally in our body it helps keep skin FIRM & PLUMP...but also sold in makeup, skincare, fillers, tablets...is it worth it?
SERUMS - generally HA serums do a great job at hydrating skin, but they're limited by how deep they can penetrate the skin and by NO means replenish our own body's HA.
CAPSULES - despite the high cost of these supplements, it is still questionable as to whether HA survives our digestion...and you may be better off eating foods naturally high in HA such as fruits and leafy veg.
FILLERS - These directly add HA to hydrate skin, plump deep wrinkles and treat volume loss. Of course they come with more risks and have to be repeated (last approx 1-2 years) but are probably the most effective way to precisely add HA where it's needed.
#hyaluronicacid #collagen #fillers #lipfillers

R&D Update- Developing new painless technique for injections in sensitive areas. #botox #hyperhidrosis #excessivesweating #raynauds #painless #innovation

The foundation of aesthetics is good skin and we have spent a lot of time over the last year perfecting our exclusive skin peel #peeltoreveal so that a host of issues can be targeted. These days there are exceptional ingredients to brighten and clear to give glowing skin #confidenceisbarefaced
😎 Purpose: To treat pigmentation, fine lines, acne, dullness, poor texture
πŸ’‰ Treatment: Skin brighteners, peeling agents, antioxidants...too many to list
⏱Time taken: 20-30 mins
πŸ“† Repeat: 1-2/year for normal skin. Course of 3 for certain skin issues
πŸ˜– Pain: Mild discomfort lasting few minutes
😷 Recovery: None-couple of days depending on intensity
πŸ’· Cost: From Β£120
πŸ“ Locations: London|Derby|Nottingham|Portsmouth|Hertfordshire
πŸ“ž Book: 0800 860 0178

Late night lip sessions in the #derby clinic . #teosyalrha2 #dermalfiller #ratios

Before | After chin and jawline transformation.
Can NEVER underestimate the importance of treating these areas when it comes to balancing features.
This result was obtained using just over 3.5ml.
Ideally this client requires a further 2-3 ml to define his jawline further and to continue to build up his chin.
#chinfiller #jawdefinition #jawline

This lady suffers from severe Raynaud's disease where her fingers will suddenly turn white due to vasospasm of the arteries. This is a debilitating and socially embarrassing condition. However, treatment to her left hand with botulinum toxin has cured this hand of the problem. Fantastic results and life changing for this person. Contact us for further information #botulinumtoxin #raynauds #medicalgrade #cosmedocs #london #derby #nottingham #notjustaboutlipsandwrinkles

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