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CORY NODARSE🌴🌞/FL  -Student at IIN🍎 -PT/Health Coach to be!💪🏽 -New Vegan alert!🥓🥛🚫 I got some work to do--Join me on my journey!🌻

Little progress picture for ya guys! Half naked Cory is always a good time! I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback today on my picture in my story. A few people have told me my waist is shrinking.
I started at a size 9 😫 I have dropped down to a 4!!!! This goes to show what Veganism does. You drop and you realize when its all gone!! I woke up one day and boom all the hard work and dedication just started showing like crazy and it made me so proud of myself 💕side note: my waist shrunk and my roots grew 🙄 go figure

31 days of Self-love 💕
Day 4: ANX•I•E•TY
Find out what it means to me. 🎤
I am not going to sit here and tell you I do yoga very often. When I can, I will. The past three weeks have been wild for me. I have gotten a new job so that meant a two week notice, 5 days without working (I’m a server/bartender, idk if you know what that means but the cash flow was LOW), 3 menu test (I have one more to go), training, learning fine dining, bills, school, gym, food, instagram account. On top of that, all the change. My anxiety has been WILD. Usually as long as I eat healthy and workout I can control it, but something about THESE past few weeks have had me up to my ears. That being said, someone who is experienced with dealing with her own problems mentally and physically I knew exactly what I needed. Some deep breathing, stretching and quiet. 🧖🏼‍♀️ SELF-LOVE🤗 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The human body needs nurturing. Give yourselves a few moments a day to get back to home plate. Its really easy. Put Keeping up with the Kardashian’s on mute sit on the floor go on YouTube and look up a yoga video. Listen. Boom. Self-love, baby.

31 Days of Self-love 💕
Day 3:
How many of you can go to the mall and drop a stack 💰 on clothes? 🤦🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ I know I can. Now let me ask you this. How many of you invest in your health? The food you put into your body. Maybe you get massages regularly or go to a chiropractor. You might like doing pilates or spin classes. Maybe you pay for a gym membership or take pride in your very expensive probiotics. Want to know why I spend a rack on a Personal Trainer vs. my closet. Keeps me accountable. Makes me get up everyday and take care of myself. Gives me the push. The pump. The “strive to do better” attitude. Also when I am out doing my thing, someone might look at me and want to do the same 🤗💕 Be the example by loving yourself. The energy goes where the attention flows. ALSO. Money talks 😎
Have a good day the Coryshreds way 🤓😘
🎥 : @leafitt

No one is you & that is your SUPER POWER. 💪🏽💕
Were you denying it before I said it? We are strong. We are in control of our bodies. We say what stays and what goes in our life. We choose to do better or whats best for us. US. WE. YOU. ME. Without yourself where would you be? You can be reading this smoking a cigarette and realize where you are. You put yourself on the curb, took out your pack with your lighter and sparked it. No one put a gun to your head. Same goes to the guy at the gym right now reading this smiling because he is exactly where he wants to be. Its that simple. Stop making excuses & blaming others. I hope the gym guy goes again tomorrow and the cigarettes smoker got up from that curb and took a stand for his or herself.
Love yourself, everyone!
I challenge all of you for the next 31 days to post or mentioned an action of self love! Humans need nurturing!!! We are suppose to practice self love everyday. What cha been doing? 👀🤔💕 TAG YOUR FRIENDS!

SO INCREDIBLY PROUD OF MY BESTIE @heatherlikessnacks !! This amazing woman wrote this entire workout herself and put my ass to the test. What a beautiful way to start my morning. WE KILLLLED IT! Got a nasty tan too. 💪🏽🤩👭🏃🏼‍♀️ workout pals for life, friend 💕

My ass hurts man. Super proud of it though. Here I am with my PT @leafitt squatting. Putting on more and more weight every time, perfecting my squat. It is very important that if you don’t know what you’re doing and you want to start lifting you have someone there to make sure you’re doing the move correctly. You can get hurt really bad. Oh and before I forget, sorry about the dancing but I’m not sorry. 😋💪🏽💃🏽

A little lesson. You grow up not knowing that the person next to you, the one annoying the shit out of you, your brother or sister, will end up being the best and the only thing you can call a friend. I have been left in that situation plenty of times and 100% of the time he has always been there to catch me fall. I’ve fallen a lot. An exact image of loyalty. That man. Right there. My brother. Blood. It doesn’t get more real then that. 💕

Summer bod comin’ in strong 🌞💪🏽 I’d like to thank myself, me, I, and Cory. I have made a complete 360 in a month. I couldn’t be happier and I love looking healthy on top of that. It’s blessing to truly love the skin you are in. 🌸

Live stream is up! I went grocery shopping finally! See what I got after not going for a little over a month now! 😅

Wow. I have learned so much already is just two short months. So much has changed, so much has gotten better. I have been taken out of my comfort zone, put to the test & won. Loving yourself will always put YOU first. Think about that. 🤙🏽🙏🏽❤️
My legendary 21st birthday picture. Sober. Look at that tummy. I had been living off of baconeggandcheeseonaroll for about 8 months by then. Bagels and cream cheese too. And the weekly ramen, Chinese take-out, deli sandwich for other then breakfast oh and a fuck ton of pizza and lattes. This picture was actually taken infront of the deli 😂 I’m totally kidding about being sober btw. I was creeping on 150 lbs.
Noted: shortly after taking this picture I started chiropractic care. Pay attention to my shoulders and the top of my hips then see next picture. BIG DIFFERENCE in posture 😊.
This is one month into the Vshred program I purchased that I ended up stopping because I didn’t need it anymore. I was ready to go off on my own. I was at 157 lbs.
Posture thing is crazy right? I have officially gone #vegan
It has truly been the most amazing experience so far. I love every moment of it. I have so much energy, I am at 145 lbs, I have really gotten myself into the kitchen, I get to try new things and so much more good shit I can’t think of. Its been a beautiful struggle. I’ve found beautiful, wholesome relationships with new people who are on my wave but I’ve lost relationships that were just not working anymore. And that’s ok. I am so excited for the rest of 2018. Tomorrow starts my 6 week program with @leafitt
I’m probably going to be broken for a few days considering he kicked my ass in 5 minutes 😜

Heath is not a destination, its a journey. 🌱❤️

Morning love for food is unreal ❤️ we can’t keep our hands off eachother! 🤣
ISN’T HE PRETTY? Talk nice to my sandwich please! Cooking is a spiritual practice. Take every quiet moment you have for YOURSELF, where you can cook for YOURSELF or your families. Put love into it because food goes into your body ❤️ Happy Friday everyone -

#brunch at the @marriottpalmbeach for Mother’s Day 💕 what a gloomy day to pound mimosas. You can make any experience #vegan, LOAD UP ON WHOLE FOODS! Add your carbs of choice, and its a buffet so of course REPEAT 😍 Happy Mother’s Day for all the mommy’s every where! Especially the ones teaching your children about food and health!

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