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Thanks for another fun session @estebantopomena Thrutching up unconsolidated insecure steep snow chimneys was never so fun. #everest19

@estebantopomena smurfing his way up questionable conditions.

Today, I climbed with a smurf aka @estebantopomena It was not warm. There was no ice. The weather left something to be desired. In other words, it was perfect.

Same view, different city.

Photo @irving_matthew // for those of you who don't know him aside from a sarcastic troll as per my last post, @irving_matthew is anything but a bottom feeder...much as I like to tell him he is. He's so good in fact (and kinda funny) that I stole this picture from his feed and am encouraging you to follow him (tho I'm mostly doing it because I know sunsets with tiny people in a big landscape kill on instagram) #bromantic sunsets

My favorite work is made when I'm not working. It's unwanting. I keep it in a folder called 'Life' on my laptop. It's usually simple and probably not very interesting for anyone else. But to me, it's the best. Thanks for the day @spaghettifraites @francesca_laz @jeremiahfraites

Art by @amplifierart //You know what to do....just make it happen. Opinions are like a*sholes...everyone has one. But voting allows us to get some a*sholes out of office (and others in...depending on your preferred color). But here's the thing: our shared future really does depend on whether or not we cast a ballot. It matters. You matter. We matter. What doesn't matter at all is your opinion if you choose to skip your civic privilege today. Step up and make yourself heard.

Big Life Goals. Sometimes, when all you've got is an Elliptical machine circa 2000 in the basement gym of a hotel in northern India, the best you can do is stare at a picture on your phone until you smell ammonia.
NE Face of Everest (right side of image). @estebantopomena @adrianballinger and I are going back this spring to attempt a new (unclimbed) route that climbs a direct line on the face, connecting into the standard route at 8,500m. It's a lot. Its ambitious. All this time in bad hotel gyms might amount to a whole bunch of nuthin'. But what is life without Big Life Goals? #everestnofilter #ENF19 @everestnofilter

Inspired and excited. On assignment for @natgeoimagecollection

Simple things. Shot on assignment for @natgeo

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