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Cory Richards  @NatGeo Photojournalist

Little person, big world.

@matocoexpeditions cresting the summit of Lhotse without oxygen, at exactly 27,940 ft. above sea level...Everest looms to the right with Cho Oyu just over his head in the distance.

Produced in partnership with @vacheronconstantin //There is beauty that remains after we've stopped looking. Photography has forced me to go farther than I ever could've imagined. It's a reciprocal relationship where the effort expended is answered by the impact a picture has on me, and hopefully others. It's a privilege to leave a piece of myself in exchange for an image. To walk away from any landscape irrevocably altered is a gift for which I am eternally grateful. #OneOfNotMany #VCOverseas @vacheronconstantin @benjamineclementine @ora_ito, @jamesbaymusic, @philpoynter

@renan_ozturk unlocking the summit ice field while establishing a new route on Tawoche, Khumbu Valley, Nepal. Renan has been a friend for over a decade, offering both creative and life guidance. He is thoughtful, generous, innovative...and in case you dont already know, a creative ninja. In the yrs since I took this picture, our lives have woven in and out of direct contact. But Reo is one of those people that no matter where I might be in the world, he's always right there. Here is to friends like Renan and more adventures in good company. @taylorfreesolo @baloointhewild

Captured #withGalaxy S9 produced with @samsungmobileusa using Pro mode ISO 50 at 1/1000th f1.5. Amidst all the messy, awkward, and imperfect moments that make up a full human life, it's important for me to remember that the closest approximation to the human ideal of perfection is found in nature. If for no other reason, the example it sets should be more than enough motivation to act on its behalf.

Cycles. Shot on assignment for @natgeo

Still running....Green Mountain playing with new 360 tech. It's cool in the raw footage and app to be able to move around an entire 360 environment seamlessly. The future is bright... #training #ENF19 #everestnofilter

360 morning run. #ENF19 #everestnofilter

It's all in the details...Sri Lanka. @kristinkremers

Thanks Iceland....

Goals keep me focused. This is the top down view of the three sided pyramid of Everest with next spring’s goal looming in the shadow. With essentially 10 months before departure, this story is a bit longer, a bit more involved, and a lot more focused, and if realized, something new...something never done before. But for those of you asking what I’ve started training for, this is it. #everestnofilter @adrianballinger @estebantopomena #ENF19 @stevehouse10

@realwillgadd getting real real on Yamnuska.

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