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Cory Richards  @natgeo Photographer / Athlete / Speaker / Mental Health Advocate / Explorer

Crossing the Tibetan Plateau I’m continually renewed and inspired by the scenics around me.
We have made it to basecamp. I begin the last leg of the other journey that has been the primary focus of my vision: training. 10 months behind me, each day built upon the last creating steps of progress up along the way. Each success and failure of the past make it possible to attempt the final goal. So many place the focus on the final step, but it’s a staircase - you can’t make it to the top without the many that were laid before. It’s been less about the goal, and its outcome, than the transformations that have built me into who I am in this moment.
Photo 1: Weather rolling into the Tibetan Plateau
Photo 2: A Tibetan Mastiff, making me miss my pup at home. With every goodbye, I can say hello again.
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Just another roadside view across the Tibetan Plateau. Mellow. @ladzinski on the drone with @erichroepke @estebantopomena @roam en route to Everest.

This sound. Looking forward to my senses being drenched with this sound. Today we started our journey from Lhasa to basecamp. 3 days of driving. Check my stories out to see the first days journey.
Pictured here I am acclimatizing during my 2017 #everest climb.
Continue to #followme as well @estebantopomena @roam @erichroepke to see more of our attempt to climb a new route - all additionally documented by the great @ladzinski
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It's easy to convince ourselves that environments have moods...and certainly there are belief systems that would hold to that. I tend to think that we bring our emotions to the mountains...and the mountains themselves are the planet's greatest mirror.

On the day I took this image in 2016, we climbed through snow and cloud. The heat caused by the convection cycle triggered repeated small avalanches that would rumble over seracs obscured by a thick fog on either side. This day, and the mood that I was bringing to it was reminiscent of a not so good day I had in the mountains several years ago when one of the distant rumbles became not so distant and engulfed my partners and I. My neuro-chemistry has never recovered.

That day I was looking in the mirror at a fear that I've never overcome. That day, because I was angry, the mountains were angry. As I climbed the slope beneath the seracs (which are almost as safe as they come), I felt my heart rate increase and my breathing become labored. I was scared, and that made me mad.

But the truth is the mountains are indiscriminate. They don't care. They shine when it is sunny and they fall when it is snowy. It's what we bring to them that defines our experience...and maybe even more important, its how we are changed by them and what we bring home and share that matters most.

I am excited, scared, humbled to experience how the mountains will change me on this new journey through a familiar - yet different - landscape.

Continue to #followme + @ladzinski + @estebantopomena to see our real time stories as we now make our way across the Tibetan plateau from Lhasa to #everest basecamp.
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Today we embark on the first leg of our journey to #Everest in an attempt to ascend a new route on the North East face. @estebantopomena will be my climbing partner and #natgeo photographer @ladzinski will be accompanying us as part of the capture team and we all will be supported by @erichroepke via @roam.
I’ll be pretty disconnected from #Instagram, but I will be sending my studio team (Angie and Melissa), back in Boulder, updates to post while I’m focusing on the climb. I will do my best to personally post when I can - because the support I feel here on the ‘grams has be unparalleled.
Thank you to everyone who has reached out to wish us well on this journey and my recent announcement as a @nikonusa ambassador. This type of support is fuel to keep me going.
Continue to #follow along on our journey to climb a new route, without supplemental oxygen, in alpine style and without support of porters, and be sure to check out @ladzinski, @nikonusa and @roam for more stories, videos and images.
Check my stories to see our travel from Boulder, Colorado to China and tomorrow we’ll post all the photography AMAs.
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As I’m on the way to airport to catch a rescheduled flight to China after our original logistics were canceled due to the “bomb cyclone” hitting Colorado, I have a moment to reflect and absorb the support of those who have been integral in getting me here.
I’m taken back by the warmth of my friends and family as well as the brands that have moved their own mountains to support me in getting us to the base of ours.
In this moment, I’m honored to publicly announce that one such brand, @nikonusa is not just supporting me as a photographer but also in our efforts on Everest.
Nikon is at the forefront of technological innovation and we will be utilizing their unique technology in the most trying environment on the planet.
Nikon’s ambassador team includes some of the most elite and world-class visual story-tellers of our time and I’m humbled to be in the company of legends such as these, as I embark on my first assignment as a Nikon Ambassador.
Please continue to follow along on Instagram and the hashtag: #NikonEverest. To start, we (@ladzinski and I) will be posting the answers to your photography Ask Me Anything’s today and exploring the Nikon capture equipment we will be using on the expedition.
Though there are no words to truly describe the gratitude I’m feeling, thank you @nikonusa .
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Link in Bio // 10 months of training in Boulder, Colorado, in the bag and 24 hours away until @estebantopomena @ladzinski and I get on a plane to China.
The remaining time I have at home will consist of unpacking gear received in the mail last minute, final shopping for snacks and food, interviews with @rockandicemag and @bbc, recording our last Ask Me Anything’s and falling asleep to Archer or Family Guy with my near-and-dear, including my new puppy, Rupert, a Black Mouth Cur.
If you missed it, check out the 2nd episode of “The Line”, produced by our Boulder friends at @roam. (Link in bio for both episodes) It explores the beginning of my story as a climber and human..the beginning of what brought me to where I am now.
Stay tuned for the answers to your questions- we got thousands that came in and we will do our best to answer the most asked, and the ones that made us pause to think.
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@estebantopomena and I have completed packing our climbing gear and now I shift my focus to organize photography and capture equipment with Keith Ladzinski (@ladzinski) today and tomorrow.
Tomorrow we will record the answers to your questions about High-Altitude Photography, so if you haven’t already, visit my stories and submit your questions to our “ask me anything”. We’ve got some great inquiries around battery life at cold temps, how we carry our gear when we want to go fast and light, when we take risks to “get the shot”, and of course, what’s in our bag. Looking forward to seeing what other questions come in today.
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LINK IN PROFILE // Seen here I’m climbing the final summit pyramid on Everest’s North Side on a previous expedition. Regardless of how @estabantopomena and I reach this point, they will have to negotiate this exact step or find a way to bypass it to keep their line independent.

I recently sat down for an interview with @Natgeo and explored this, and other challenges we may potentially face, with writer @andrewbisharat. Click the link in my profile to read this article and to also watch the first 2 episodes of “The Line.” with @roam #natgeo #climbing #everest #mountains #himalayan #adventure #travel #photography

LINK IN PROFILE // Wind is one of the primary concerns for our upcoming attempt. We will need high pressure with little to no wind to make it to the summit via our intended route without supplemental oxygen. Because of the physiological effects of high altitude predisposing the body to decreased core temperatures, wind can be the deciding factor between failure and success.

I recently sat down for an interview with @Natgeo and explored this, and other challenges we may potentially face, with writer @andrewbisharat. Click the link in my profile to read this article and to also watch the first 2 episodes of “The Line.” by @roam #natgeo #mountains #adventure #climbing #adventure

Photos @mthurk // Final lactate threshold test before Everest. There’s been lots of questions about what the testing looks at and VO2 max. Contrary to common belief, VO2 max plays a minimal role in success at altitude. There are many unknowns that dictate high altitude adaptation and performance. What we do know however, is that VO2 max does not appear to be a major player in that mix. This is largely because with a limited available amount of oxygen the capacity to reach a max threshold is all but eliminated. Fat metabolism/fat adaptation and efficiency at lower heart rates, specifically the aerobic threshold, seem to be far more impactful. The alchemy of training for altitude is in training the base and fat adaption to be maximal while honing the high intensity to be available for short bursts when needed.
If you haven’t seen already, visit my stories for the final Everest Ask me Anything featuring @ladzinski. Submit your questions about high-altitude photography. We will be answering questions on April 9th. So stay tuned!

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LINK IN BIO // episode 2 of "The Line" by @roam is live! Surviving an avalanche changed my life. The resulting selfie photo I took after we dug ourself out kick-started my photography career, but the lingering effects of trauma led me down to a path of self-destruction. It's a familiar story that im.sick of telling...but it's also an important piece of my path. check out the link in my bio for episode 2 of “The Line”, where we look back at pivotal moments in my life and career as I prepare to return to Everest to attempt a new route with @estabantopomena. A special thank you to my parents for sitting down for a 4 hour interview and passing along the embarassing photos of me seen in the clip.... Also if you haven’t already seen, I’ll be answering the last Everest Ask Me Anything’s before we leave, so go to my stories and submit your questions about high-altitude photography. @ladzinski will be joining Topo and I on the journey and will be guest-answering questions with me this week!

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