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Photo @celestesloman (check out her feed) // I generally avoid pictures of me on my own feed because I hope to make this little digital musing about photography and art. Plus, I throw up a little when I see pictures of myself and it leaves an acidic and gross taste in my mouth. But when an extremely talented photographer asks to shoot you, you kinda have to suck it up. @celestesloman is one of the grinders. She is one of the gifted, young, and hungry photographers of the world right now. Her style speaks to her personality...articulate, elegant, and holistic in its genuine lack of need for anything extraneous. There is complexity in her brevity and her photographs command the film plane as well as the viewer. At 25, she has shot for The Wall Street Journal, UN Women, Zeit Magazine and the Village Voice. I have no doubt that she is one of the future greats. Her passion for her subjects and the medium as a whole all but guarantee it. Thanks for this image of me @celestesloman Fun to spend time in your space. Thanks for seeing me.

Art by @zarialynn (Follow's amaze!!!) I've always been fascinated by the confluence of reality and art. It's a pretty subjective place that tends to pose more questions than answers. I like watching the visual evolution of a three dimensional landscape erupting from a two dimensional surface. It begs questions about how we interpret the spaces we inhabit. It also has the capacity to bring people to places that they would otherwise never visit...which is the impetus behind Zaria's work. Inviting people into the wilderness, be it through photography, painting, sculpture is more important now than ever. We rarely if ever act to help save the things that matter most if we don't first engage with them and learn to respect them as integral to our continued existence.

Honored to have been asked to keynote this year's @sxsw (link in bio) Incredible festival and mind meld bursting with some of the most creative minds out there. Huge thanks to @natgeocreative @natgeo and @eddiebauer and all the others for getting me here. #ourstory

Season II of #everestnofilter Is less than 4 weeks away (which is just AB and I going back to make sure he crushes!) But this week isn't quite all training - I gave a keynote at #sxsw yesterday, and today @adrianballinger is talking biometric story-telling with @stravarun at 11:00 am at the Four Seasons. If you're in Austin, join us!

For women. Always. Everywhere.

Photo by @jeffcricco (follow him if you aren't ) of @myshellparker blowing it up (follow her too...she's rad) Thanks for the amazing week Tahoe. Lots of beautiful people, snowflakes, turns, and moments. See you soon! I hope!

Thanks @alpenglowexpeditions, @adrianballinger and @emilyaharrington for a great day doing these things. Sorry @squawalpine for literally bringing the house down last night. Not confirmed, but there were rumors of free beer for the audience when we come back and finish the show....soooooo, yeah. See you soon?

"Wisdom or ignorance? Ego is the swing vote." Words from 'Ego Is The Enemy' by @ryanholiday (definitely worth a follow a absolutely read the book)

Daily reminder: don't take yourself so damn seriously! I drew this about a decade ago and it's traveled with me for a long time. It hangs in my kitchen now. At times, I've let my massive and sometimes unyielding ego eclipse this little drawing's meaning and purpose. I can admit to that. It's a struggle that I do my best to fight daily. I've failed a lot. At school, at marriage, on jobs...really in every walk of life. I'm learning...oh so slowly...that nearly all of my collapses come hand in hand with the inflation of ego. So here is to today's process of letting go. To embracing introspection over projection. To loving instead of fighting. To seeing ego for what it is....mostly bullshit.
A few more wise words from the book: " (Ego.) It makes all the steps hard, but failure is the one it will make permanent. Unless we learn, right here and right now, from our mistakes. Unless we use this moment as an opportunity to understand ourselves and our own mind better, ego will seek out failure like true north."

Huge honor to speak today on behalf of @natgeo at @worldeconomicforum in Davos on the topic of Nature & The Human Spirit, delving into the importance of our continued connection with our shared environment, policy that can potentially help perpetuate that connection, and where we are both failing and succeeding. Every image I show on stage is always supported by a multitude of hands that have lifted, carried, and taught me everything. My mentors, friends, and family are imbedded in every pixel of this work. It is ours, not mine....just as it is our fundamental responsibility to connect ourselves as a part of nature vs apart from nature. Only by experiencing the planet in its most raw forms can we begin to love it as it must be loved. Thank you EVERYONE (you all know who you are) for getting me here. Onward...yes we can. Copyright World Economic Forum/Mattias Nutt

Proud to be contributing // #repost from dear friend Aaron Huey @argonautphoto // My non-profit @AmplifierFoundation​ just launched a project on Kickstarter that I wanted to share with you. It was my way of turning my fear and sadness after Nov 8th into action. Link in my header.
Eight years ago my friend Shepard Fairey​ (@obeygiant) made an image that defined a period of HOPE in America. Today we are in very different times. In the wake of this year’s presidential campaign, very concerning things are becoming normalized: anti-Immigrant rhetoric, building walls, mass deportations, talk of Muslim registries. This moment calls for new images, images to disrupt the rising tide of hate speech and fear mongering. We the People need to come together under a new symbol of Hope— one that reminds us that OUR America is one of equal humanity, and does not demean or discriminate. We need you to help us take back this narrative.
In addition to Shepard we have 2 of the most talented activist artist working today: @ernestoyerena and @jessicasabogal. Together these 3 artists are helping shape the American story we SHOULD be telling.

The sale of these artist's prints on Kickstarter will fund the publication of their images and words as full page ads in the Washington Post on Inauguration Day, to be distributed to 600,000 people. Free speech in public spaces has rarely been as stifled as it will be for this inauguration. But no administration can tell you can't buy a newspaper and hold it up above your head! Beyond the ads in the Post @AmplifierFoundation will also be distributing all of these images at Metro stops, out the back of moving vans, and at drop spots in DC to be announced in the coming weeks on their site. We don’t have any one easy solution, but we do know this: We are Resilient, we must be Indivisible, we must be #GreaterThanFear , we must #DefendDignity , and we must #ProtectEachOther . Art made from a photo by @ridzdesign

@ladzinski getting pummeled by the Katabatic winds coming off the ice cap in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. // Insta retrospective #natgeoinspires

@mattsegal blows centuries of dust from an ancient Bon manuscript in Upper Mustang, Nepal. Our interdisciplinary team of climbers, archeologists, and and scientists were exploring the cave in search of human remains. The study of the remains and what was found with them would ultimately lead to a more comprehensive understanding of a forgotten leg of the Silk Road and a small piece of the bigger story of human migration and trade. Shot on assignment for @natgeo #natgeoinspires

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