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coryflook  Recording Artist 🎧🎤 Ghost Writer 📝 DreamsAlive.Ent 📢 HardHead single out now on itunes 🎶🎶

All yall dj niggaz pay attention im one of best since big and pac and not even them niggaz could give it to you like this ....@funkflex @akadmiks @djclue @djkhaled @djkayslay @sodrewski @djself #suckaassdjsbetterstartbussingrealtalent #914takeover #91flook #hardhead on Every music platform... #Hottestniggaintristate

Hardhead live performance produced by @lordjudah ..This song is available on all music platforms.... Go get it 💨💥🔥✊

Glory performance produced by @_skiis_omg

Performance at nuyuricans cafe last night i just do what i do ... Song : Glory produced by @_skiis_omg

I will be performing my single HardHead on Tues come see greatness yall !!!!

Written by @coryflook produced by @_skiis_omg mixed by @dj_shynasty
#westchester #coryflook #diamondmind # imworking#

Nockin dat 10b gang shit low 🔑 shit im bringing to you @illwillfr @dj_shynasty @quentingilmore @therealmoneygangdeedee

Whats this westchester talk shit??? @swayne12 @_ygbk @sophisticated_karma2u @_skiis_omg @d.j.shabz

Nocking this right now 🎶🎶🎧🎧💯💯out on itunes/tidal

Out now on itunes/apple