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Corrina Medicina🌺รัติ  ✨ May my eyes be able to see, & my ears be open to hear, The beauty of all creation, & the Spirit that brought me here. ✨ 👑💕🐅 ∞ 🌱


On back to Nature them levels they basic like Sun to the Stars in between / Moon got the gravity time that she passed through me Luna original Queen ☀️⭐️🌕 Recommended listen: AM by SLUM @soulylight .
#HealingOfTheNation #MedicineWombyn #MotherEarth #PlantBased #GanjaGardener #ReplenishTheEarth #LunaQueen #MoonVibes #MoonGoddess #BackToNature #PsychedelicArt #DivineMother #TruthIsKnowledge #DivineCreator #SLUM #DETACHMENTMUSIC

☪️heshire On Fire 🔥video by #RivkahHannah on YouTube ft SLUM ✨ @soulylight
Song by Joie Rainbeau ☮️
#HealingOfTheNation #DETACHMENTMUSIC #ElevatedMusic #PsychedelicArt #PlantBased #CheshireOnFire #SLUM #JoieRainbeau #ConsciousRap #VisionaryArt #LoveOneAnother #MusicVideo #TruthIsKnowledge #ReturnToSource #DivineCreator

Creator, hold us near. Protect us from all harm & fear. Restore the hearts in those that are lost. Let us grow in strength, power & Love. Great Spirit, surround us in light, purity & peace. Teach us to be in tune with our Divine Insight 🌿🦋🕊🐯

Preparing to Make Herbal Medicine 💜🌿✨ "Give thanks 1,000 times, let the stars know of your plans. Turn your face to Sun, turn your face to Moon. Release your grievances & take up your desire. Listen closely to the plants, press your face to the Earth. Let your belly rest on the ground - what do you feel? what do you know? Dream the remedy into it, be the remedy emerging. Every tool is an extension of your spirit. Be intimate in making space for making. Entice the Spirit of Healing to take up residence in the temple of the remedy. Give thanks 1,000 times more, Ask yourself - am I ready?"

White Buffalo Calf Woman. "She said she would return to purify the world, that she would bring back harmony, balance & spirituality." Many around the world are experiencing this prophesy - from within! The future is paradise because we make it so. Shining & brightening the Light that is All..May we remember We are Divine & great, each & every single child of the rainbow 🌈🦋☁️🌸

How often do you take time to cleanse your vessel? Some of our ancestors cleansed on a monthly basis, even while they were living very clean lives. I believe now with the western DIEt & state of the atmosphere we owe it to our whole Being to cleanse daily. A dip in sacred waters, a self given massage, a rest from food & technology free days. Give yourself the gift of Self Love daily, however the universe guides you. Our world heals as we do 🌎💜❤️

Living in good health comes from the inside out. It comes from what we bring into our lives through thought, words & then action. Positive & InPowering language ✨ Living foods 🌿 Prayers & Affirmations 🙏🏽 As we transform our Sacred Temple, we transform humanity as One. Our connection to Creator soars as we uproot all that does not serve. YOU posses the internal Light Force to create transformation - personally & globally

The first humans were born to be guardians of the memory for the original design of life, guardians of the memory that resides in the song & dance of Creation. Keeping this memory alive in their heart & singing it back to all that lives became their gift, their mission, & the foundation of a beautiful way of life. - #TimeoftheBlackJaguar

CHOCOLATE DE MEDICINA 🍫🌿🌸 Cacao is on the way for the next batch! Always 100% plant based with Light & Love. Thinking about what fruit to add next, suggestions? Favorite so far is cherry 🍒🍃☀️💜

Because of the love we feel for all people & Mother Earth, in difficult times when so much distraction is happening we can also see a world full of opportunities. Our heart seeks to awaken an expansive spiritual power - the secret inner power that will enable us to cooperate with others and change what seems to be impossible to change. - The Time of the Black Jaguar

Inspired by all the Light Workers implementing a plant based lifestyle. There's a lot of truth resurfacing & to keep it flowing I recommended YouTube-ing Dr. Arise Latham! EAT THE SUN is full of insight ☀️🍓💦🥕🌿I see the state of food ingested as a reflection of this vessel. Colorful, Radiating with Bright Light, Juicy & Full of Life - that's what I want to be! With a clean body we are capable of anything 💪🏽✨Photo is from a weekend in the forest, fresh herbs for our meal 🥗 🍃🌿

TAROT CARD READINGS 🌕✨ In honor of our Highest Selves, The Moon & Creator - I offer readings to this social media family. There is no price - this is simply the work Creator tells me to participate in. I have always given this service free, accepting trades or what the recipient had to offer. This is a time for unity & sharing our crafts. Ultimately you can only save yourself, the cards are a tool to guide & remind. Together let's connect & receive 🙏🏽💜 Comment or DM for inquiries! Song Raíz by Bomba Estéreo

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