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SPOOKY STRIPPER ALIEN IN SPACE  🌱Carlos (Corri) 19 ♂ 🇩🇪 ✨I have too many OC's 🌱Fanart? Tag me ❥ ✨#Corrisrefsheet 🌱Too many alien dudes ✨Commissions [CLOSED]


New babe that i got from @pictorch 👀
His name is Jupiter, he‘s afraid of time and looking at clocks. He‘s also an Emperor and one of the most influential person in the galaxy ✨ I love him sm
#corrisrefsheet #JupiterJunicker

Last week of school and then 2 weeks holiday!! 👏👌 Kinda dont wanna have holidays but i can draw non stop then👀
Maybe taking commissions again then
Also i‘m so glad i redesigned Faskamaar

My part of the design trade with @pictorch 👀 Hope ya gonna love this babe and feel free to change anything!

Chivani is a babe and i feel the need to draw him more, also he‘s left handed, has some motoric issues and got some spasms at some points. He went out noodling a lot as a child and his fave food is fish
#ChivaniAmik #corrisocinfo

I may open some arttrades/collabs with mutuals by holiday break :-)
Also i cant wait to be home by tomorrow 👌😩

Corrson is a Hoerrson, has a Horrson and loves to eat Knorrson @lore_nom still dying.
Nah but Corrson is easily disgusted by things and even when he watches someone eat, his gag reflex attacks
He loves colorful oversized shirts and prefers to only them with underwear. People in public stare at him and he still got no job because he refuses to wear pants
#corrsoncruso #corrisocinfo

His hair is as soft as bunny fur- and his skin like silk
Also does anyone just got cold hands... like- it can be 30°C and your hands are just ice cold???? Like how the heck do people have naturally warm hands

Got this babe from @nealelephus 👀
His name is Phynox Phamil and he‘s mute. He owns a 10 year old Timneh African Grey named „Birak“ who is also mute. Phynox is 22 years old and has 7 sisters.
#PhynoxPhamil #corrisrefsheet

Riccaniapathi and Carloz would be that kind of person who would battle of „Who got the best hair in the town“ and both end up messing up each others hair
#riccaniapathidrelf #LivcianCarsn

Had this design stuck in my head-
Thats Corrson Cruso, he only wears underwear and oversized shirts and its a total dork and best friend of @lore_nom 's OC Toby
#corrisrefsheet #drawmecurrypls

Gotta go home, give bird some attention and then draw 🌚
Is there any OC that i should draw more again?

He‘s addicted to Ice cream, he‘s eating it daily and can‘t stop 😩
Need me a bf like him

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