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STRIPPER ALIEN IN SPACE  ⭐️Carlos (Corri) 18 ♂ 🇩🇪 ✨I have too many OC's ⭐️Fanart? Tag me ❥ ✨#Corrisrefsheet ⭐️Pp: ✨Commissions [CLOSED] ⬇️Refsheets ⬇️

Yeah i wanted to draw Blu so bad 😩✨
I hope ya like it @blustooth

Drew the god damn good looking @shiroisensei 👀👌
You are a blessing to this world

Small gift for the perfect @unatheartist 💙
I love Vix so damn much and their design is my top fave 😩👏


Another gift for the awesome @_slushiespectrum_ 😩🔥

Finally gave my son a ref 😩👏
He's so lovable i cri
#diegoconzales #corrisrefsheet

Gift for the wonderful @nir4z 😭

[based on a dream, that i can't really explain but it was awesome actually]
Riccaniapathi Drelf
People also just call him Pathi:
Pathi lives together with his 'friend' [Adil] who kind of forces/manipulates to do sex working; he kind of enjoys it but is not entirely happy with it, his friend tells him that he's pretty good and tries to make him feel good about it. Both actually have a lot going on too, and Adil gives Pathi people to 'work' with. Pathi is super naive and nervous about it and thinks it's the right thing.
But the whole thing gave him more self confident in a way.
Pathi also has Narcolepsy and sometimes has hallucinations, and falls asleep in the worst times ever. He takes medication that helps but is not very useful.
Pathi actually likes Adil and Adil pretends to like him, but he only wants to make money of Pathi. Adil let's him live at his place because he was homeless for 3 years and because he's super naive.
#RiccaniapathiDrelf #corrisrefsheet #corrisocinfo

Yooo my part of the arttrade done for @kelszone 😩👏

Now that i'm home again, i can FINALLY actually draw again 😩👏
Warm up drawing with dis boy

I had such a weird ass dream and expect new OC soon fittin to that dream 😩 Actually my fave dreams i had in a long time ✨ Anyway, SIN'SAHR IS PURE BABE

Not big change
but there are 3 days difference :')
#GatAlvadactrebin #corrisredraw

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