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[Repost because i saturated the colors more]
He‘s Carloz‘s younger brother and less Urkind than him. He‘s super attached to his grandparents Alejandro and Charo and spents almost every weekend at their place.
He looks up to Carloz and adores him, aswell he loves high waist pants and wears them 24/7.
He can be pretty cheeky and always has to give a dumb comment.
Diego doesn‘t talk much about personal things to Oisin like Carloz does. So they usually ask him out if he acts differently.
His best friend is Caevil... and in general he understands himself better with older people instead of other teens
#diegoconzales #CorrisRefsheet #CorrisOcinfo

Yeah his new stripper outfit is better than the old one.
And in the club, he sometimes helps out as a waiter too, and especially takes care that no one gets molested, or pushed into the zone of being uncomfortable. (just not helping out with a baseball bat)
Sometimes he will bring some coworkers back home, if they are afraid because of some creepy visitors

And got new voice claim for Carloz, and it fits much better than Andy Biersack
Fall out boy - Headfirst slide into coopertown on a bad bet
#carlozconzales #CorrisOcInfo

AT with @pictorch 💛😩👌
Honestly love your OCs a bunch and its always fun to draw them ;; And heck... your art is just perfect in general
Note: I‘m only doing art trades with close mutuals :‘)

Why did the chicken cross the road?
-To beat up his brother for making him wear that costume
Somehow had this in mind for some hours because of this god damn chicken dance song

Prompt with @xurryls and @c._.ley to draw their OCs as tribal!OCs
And god damn i love how Carloz turned out 😤💪

Violently forces myself to get inspiration of old art from 2016 and it works... somewhat
Carloz with some golden hair 👌😩
I need to draw faster ffs 😭😭
#carlozconzales #Corrisredraw ?

Also i struggle at being productive atm and procastinating hard 😫


The worst thing about this drawing is... the canvas size is only 900x900.... :‘)
And honestly just wanna draw him 24/7 now, i just LOVE him

AT with @baphymet 👀
I hope i got him right ;; I love this boy so much oh god

AT with @hellydinger 👌💛
Vinci was fun to draw and i hope i got him right ;; Also love the colors a lot 😩✨

Ayo this is Susuah Kosji👀
Susuah grew up on the streets and lived in a abandoned building with some criminals, drug addicts etc...
Karun, also homeless, found him on the streets by himself and he was very young there and took care of him. Karun later realized that Susuah needs a better life and got himself together to get a job, managed to get Susuah proper education and a better home. Beside school, Susuah works at a rehabilitation center for Vivihnos (Panomik‘s kind).
#SusuahKosji #Corrisrefsheet #CorrisOcinfo

Otherwise Panomik, Livcian grew up in his „flock“ and had a partner... but during a storm she lost control and hit her head against a rock and drifted off... Livcian tried to look for her and got lost himself. He aswell drifted away, further to Hech‘rin in Panomik‘s territory. 👀
I accidentally merged the background too early and couldn‘t edit anymore and i wanna scream... also i really love water atm :‘)
#livciancarsn #CorrisOcInfo

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