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Joe Panfile  💪🏻🇺🇸 Coming soon: CORPS GRADE NUTRITION. Veteran Owned Veteran Operated... SoCal. 2nd Mar Div, 1/8 SSP Team 1, 2006-2010. OIF 2007-2008.

Life Lessons:
1- Don’t ever run in a dead sprint in the middle of the night in the Al Anbar province...you may run into something and almost get your leg amputated. 2- It is better to die for something then live for nothing. 3- Don’t take yourself too seriously. 4- Treat people the way you want to be treated. 5- Never forget where you came from. 6- Always admit when wrong and make amends. @mr._cromwell @sir.jumps.alot @brettc0331 @machine.nc @realrudyreyes @usmarinecorps

Cals @malibufitness This was my 4th set- after reviewing the video I was disappointed I dropped my left hand on right kicks- being fatigued is no excuse- it won’t happen again. Video: @nateagainstthemachine @brettc0331 @sir.jumps.alot @machine.nc @aka_el_jefe

It’s all about functional strength. I’ve worked hard to have the size and speed- but if I had to choose one I’d take speed any day. #usmc #corpsgrade @brettc0331 @machine.nc @sir.jumps.alot @malibufitness Video cred: @gringit0

A little Sunday night suffering: 1200lb tire for 2, 900lb for 5 and 700 for 2 💪🏻 People often ask me how to become an animal- it’s simple: START ACTING LIKE IT. #corpsgrade @brettc0331 @machine.nc @thetraininghall @aka_el_jefe

Im back 💪🏻. I spent the last few months in the Arizona desert training and soul searching. Corps Grade Nutrition is about to be born- thanks for everyone who reached out to me- I love you all. Now on to the good stuff- 750ish carry @thetraininghall - I haven’t done strongman training in about two years- not bad for day 2- thx @cj_gap23 for the video-

I am nothing without my brothers. WE will cross the finish line triumphant- arm in arm as one. Just existing is not acceptable- we must blossom- care- show empathy and love. Rudy and I have some big news COMING SOON: Corps Grade Nutrition. @nickcharles20 @realrudyreyes @goconditionone @bertsorin @sorinex @brettc0331 @marinecess stay tuned....💪🏻❤️🇺🇸

Snowstorm?? 1) 100lb cross weighed vest 2)TRX suspension trainer 3)TRX rip-trainer w/XX-heavy band 4)TRX heavy band 5) 60lb kettle bell 6) Two 20lb dumbbells 7) Two AllPro 20lb (each) ankle weights. With these items I can do whatever type of workout I want and destroy every single body part. #corpsgrade #usmc #ifsilkiescouldtalk @goconditionone @bertsorin @realrudyreyes @sasha.fitness @nickcharles20 @marinecess

You will fight like you train- probably worse...never better...as soon as adrenaline kicks in- eyesight becomes impaired...fine motor skills get worse... Moral of the story: TRAIN LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON BECAUSE SOMEDAY IT WILL. Vid credit to the always beautiful @cris.tinaa and much love to my brother from another mother @realrudyreyes I'm loving these slams bro 💪🏻🇺🇸 see you tomorrow. #corpsgrade #ifsilkiescouldtalk #usmc

Training w/ some slayers at John Jay Park 💪🏻🇺🇸 An absolute pleasure with my brother from another mother @realrudyreyes #corpsgrade #usmc #ifsilkiescouldtalk

305lb standing push press. New PR. I had never attempted over 285. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. I had gas left- at least 320lbs coming soon 💪🏻🇺🇸. @realrudyreyes @nickcharles20 @aka_el_jefe @grunt_style @tmacsinc @brettc0331 #corpsgrade #ifsilkiescouldtalk #usmc #💪🏻🇺🇸

45 seconds of truth- this is my mentality. Things are easy when you have no choice. Whatever the task may be- I apply this simple philosophy. #trysomethingnew #corpsgrade #usmc #ifsilkiescouldtalk @nickcharles20 @realrudyreyes @grunt_style @brettc0331 @jimboslice0317 @_anthonydeluca @ashtonremy @sasha.fitness

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