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CYRAN // Corporate Style Story  My #CorporateStyleStory and everything in between 📍London 👧🏼Mother to @poppystylestory 🎙Co-host @notwonderwomanpodcast

A new first for our family - choosing a real Christmas Tree from a Christmas Tree Farm! Have a look on Stories to see what we got up to! After being there for 5 minutes Poppy fell over in the mud in her white coat (of course 😩) but eventually we found a lovely tree that we could get through the front door and it’s half decorated with new decorations (I fell asleep at 8 o’clock last night👌🏽) we’ll carry on decorating it tonight.
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in this household 😍🎄 #CorporateStyleStory 📸 The Hubs #liketkit

Nowhere in the world does Christmas decorations better than London 😍 #CorporateStyleStory 📸 @rowben_ #liketkit

Thank you all for the birthday wishes for Poppy, I’m now mother to a 5 year old! How did that happen?! 😆
#corporatestylestory 📸 @rowben_

Happy 5th Birthday to my darling Poppy! I love you beyond words. Thank you for coming into my life, you make me a better person ❤️❤️❤️ 🌎🌍🌏 #liketkit

Give me my weekend and a glass of champagne please, I’m celebrating my baby’s 5th birthday on Sunday 😍❤️ Before that, I’m at the Vuelio Blog Awards tonight, I’m not nominated but I will be celebrating with everyone, good luck to all the nominees!

This is my #fashtagfriday post with @gingermumstyle, @finlay_fox And @shellandthelittlies 😘😘

I love trends, but I will never tire of a classic look.
#AspinalAtWork #MyAspinal #CorporateStyleStory AD #liketkit 📸 @rowben_

Posting this shot of all the drinks because I’m taking a day off tomorrow to celebrate my friend’s birthday and I am really looking forward to not working on a Monday for a change! To everyone else going into work tomorrow, if you hate Monday because you hate your job, January is the best time to look for a new one, so get yourself ready and dust off your CV. Wearing @officialfind AD #liketkit

Needing allll the coffee this morning...check out my Stories if you haven’t already seen what I got up to 😌

Also, just a word about Black Friday. Shop responsibly guys, there is no need to spend your hard earned money on things you don’t really need. Check out my post for the 7 things to AVOID.

This is my #fashtagfriday with the fabulous @gingermumstyle @finlay_fox and @shellandthelittlies - my Chanel Style Jacket post is my most popular and I’ve recently updated it so I will link it in Stories too.
Have a fab Friday everyone 😘 #CorporateStyleStory

Adding a flash of red to my work wardrobe today #CorporateStyleStory 📸 @rowben_
Shop my looks on the app - search “Corporate Style Story” or use the link #liketkit

How has it been a month since this photo was taken wearing this gorgeous @dai dress at @sohofarmhouse?! Another week gone, Poppy’s birthday is fast approaching, Christmas is fast approaching, a new year is fast approaching but all I’m thinking is that my gin and tonic for smashing it this week is fast approaching! The boundaries I set have worked wonders for my efficiency and stress levels, so I’m VERY pleased with myself. If you keep saying “yes” to everything, try saying “no” by setting your own boundaries, it feels great.

I’m speaking at the @urbanlawyers event tomorrow, the attendees are changing the face of the legal profession. I can’t wait to meet them all - the lawyers of tomorrow!

Have a fab rest of Friday and drink responsibly guys lol 😉

📸 @megankellythorn

“I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful...” ~ @champagnepapi
I’ll admit that I’m still figuring out what “success” means to can you want something and you don’t even know what that THING is exactly?? Is it having a certain amount of money? Is it owning a certain type of home? Is it travelling to far-flung places in the world? Is it being well-known or an expert in your niche? Is it giving your children the best education money can buy? Is it treating people you love and having fun with them? Is it being happy and healthy?

I’m not expecting anyone to have the answer, I’m just taking a minute to think about what success looks like for me now before I say I want to BE it...give me a pen, I prefer to write that stuff down on paper 😅

📸 @rowben_

This is the first time in my life I’ve ever felt the need to put in place some boundaries with technology and work, so here goes:

1. Thou shalt not hold the phone to ones’ ear. This is more logistical than work-life balance and I know that this is a total contradiction as I’m doing it in the photo, but phones are dirty and I have blemish prone skin. I have seen such a difference in my skin since I started using AirPods. I may look a bit crazy to the odd person that can’t see the wireless headphones but that is fine with me.

2. I will try my best not to use my phone when I’m with Poppy on the days I pick her up from school at 3:30 (ie no after school club or extracurricular activity). Yesterday we baked raisin and oatmeal cookies, they didn’t come out very well, but we had a great time together and I want to do more of that stuff with her.

3. I will keep my Instagram usage to under two hours per day, which is a lot to the average person, but Instagram is a huge part of my social media platforms and blog and it needs time investment. 2 hours a day of MY time is enough.

4. I will try to forget about the numbers. The followers, likes and the impressions. I will post what I want on my grid regardless of if it was shot on an iPhone or DSLR. If I like the pic, it’s getting posted!

5. I will NOT work beyond midnight (midnight is late enough) and so I will get better at managing my time so that I can do the work during the day or I will delegate said work. Late nights should not be taken up working.

Anything else??? #CorporateStyleStory

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