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Cornelia  23 yo, I love special horses, jumping from babyheights to 155cm. Sweden, Norrköping. 📧 Mitt avsnitt av HĂ€stkrafter 👇

Rasputin and I had fun in a 130cm class today. He hasn't showed in 2 months so we started out nice and easy. Tomorrow he jumps a 145cm class. #rasputinhÀst

Freddy is here aswell, first show with him! #FreddyhÀst

Now we've arrived at @sundbyholmsfamiljen and i'm so happy to be here, my favourite place! #RasputinhÀst

Unfortunately Crypet was swollen in a leg yesterday so she won't be joining me this weekend at Sundbyholm, instead Qwila get's to tag along! But hopefully Crypet is good to go next weekend! #Qwila

This little horse! Starting to feel great. A bit excited as always. Next week i'll bring her to Sundbyholm for competitions! #Coolrockbillyjean #Tillsalu #TillrÀtthem

Qwila today! Hon Àr till salu! Sto 12 Är e. Quidams Rubin. Ca 167cm hög. Startad 140 tidigare, gÄtt med junior senaste Ären. Extremt trevlig i all hantering och ridning, fina gÄngarter, ridbar, aldrig arg eller dum. Helt otittig pÄ hinder. Modig, kan trampa om och hoppa av. Underbar att trimma, Àr man noga med att lösgöra och jobba henne avslappnad mÀrker man stora resultat i hoppningen. SnÀll att rida ut pÄ. Passar till de mesta och har mycket kapacitet för den duktiga ryttaren! DM eller mail: vid intresse! Skadefri. #Qwila #ForSale

Ullis did great today aswell! #DonnaBellahÀst

Haha Rasputin is soooo excited! So much energy and so glad to be back!
Bazinga feels a bit tired so she won't be joinibg me to Sundbyholm, Rasputin goes with us instead! He will play around in a 130cm clasa on friday and then go 145 and 150cm classes! So much fun! #rasputinhÀst

Crypet got to jump a combination a few times today since that has been a bit difficult for her before, well it's not anymore haha! Feels great as always. This weekend she will go with me to Sundbyholm! 120-125-130cm classes. She has scope for much more but she is a bit behind when it comes to competitions and it'd our first three day show so we'll start slow! Though it will be her first 130cm class ever! #caipirinhahÀst

Challe did good today! He has something weird in his hind legs, and now we're trying to figure out if it's affected by jumping and training. Hopefully it works fine and he isn't bothered by it. He feels good anyway! #ChiniconCareme

Photo: @ski3421
Well maybe it's time for a presentation, it must have been years since the last one, and alot of you newer followers probably have no idea of who I am, you just see the videos and pictures.
Well my name is Cornelia Rylen, I am 24years old this year, I live in sweden on my parents farm and I currently have 11 horses at home. I work with horses for a living, I train mainly my own horses but also have others in training and as sales horses. I jumped 130-135cm classes when I rode ponys, and I started my first 150cm class when I was 17-18. Since then I have taken a few horses up to those heights, and I have started 155cm on two different horses, one that I educated all by my self since she was 3 years old.

I also train riders and horses at home, I hold lessons almost daily. And I sell food for horses from St Hippolyt.

I love everything about the training of horses, I love sitting on a horse and feel what needs to be done to make something better. I love riding a horse and find the one thing that could make that horse great. I love the movement of a horse, the way it affects the horse and the way you need to work with that specific horse to make the most out of it.
I focus much of the training on the canter, you can do so much with a horse that is able to use it's canter. I mostlt work very slow, when outside in the woods I let the horses run, but when in training it's all about control and details.

I am very sure that a relaxed horse is the key, therefore I don't always really care if the horses head is behind the vertical, if they float out in a turn or if the hindlegs isn't activated as they should, if the horse is tense, I need to start my work there. I can't demand perfection on a tense horse.

I see myself as a soft, clear and kind rider. Kind in the way that I make sure that the horse understands me and what I want it to do and thereby avoid missunderstandings.

Well, that's some info. If you have any questions you can comment them under here! #DonnaBellahÀst

Haha water wasn't a problem for Freddy! Very tricky horse but as long as you don't bother him before the jumps he doesn't touch a pole. #FreddyhÀst

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