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Corinne Kilgore, RN, BSN  Mama to Mila Labor and Delivery RN Nature lover Music listener Amateur photographer Forever the daughter of Mother Earth Love and peace to all!

β€’ C O L O R E S β€’

My last few posts have been a little heavy, so here's some positivity: while on a layover last week, Mila and I stopped for a drink, a snack, and some coloring at an inner-airport pub. Mila requested I draw the Philadelphia LOVE sign. I, of course, obliged. I was engrossed in my french fries when I looked up, seeing Mila waving the sign proudly. "Everyone deserves to be loved," she said. And then I melted. The lady smiling in the background is just one of the people touched by Mila's message. So, here's a reminder to love yourself and others. We are all worthy. #mondaymotivation #thiskid #ripples #love

Ten years. You've been gone ten years today. Ten years of trials and triumphs unable to be shared. On this day, I can't help but to think of that day, your death, but most of the time I think of your life. It was shortened, but boy was it full. Sometimes I still feel very sad that you aren't here, and I know sometimes I always will. Times like when Mila was born, or when I graduated from nursing school (sometimes when I'm just doing nothing at all). Times when I would have swelled, looking at you, looking at me as you say, "I'm so proud of you." But in those moments I feel happy, too because I know you ARE proud of me. I'm proud of me, too, Daddy. And that's because of you. And I know you are with me, always.
// P.S. I will never stop sharing this picture because I know it tickled you. It tickles me, too. And guess what, I'm so super proud of you, too, my caveman, livin-under-the-bridge-lookin, gnarly, badass, mad scientist of a dad πŸ’—

We miss you, sweetheart #nationalpetday #thatsmile #handsomeboy

Heartbreakingly, while we were away in Philadelphia, our sweet Bruto unexpectedly passed away. I've been trying to find the words, and being away, it just simply couldn't feel real. Being home now, settling back into our routine, and suddenly realizing he will no longer be a part of it, his absence is becoming glaringly apparent. And our hearts are breaking. This dog is the best dog I have ever had, and undoubtedly ever will have, the pleasure of sharing my time and space with. I am grateful for his sweet, gentle, selfless love and for the part he has played in raising Mila, her best bud, her protector...what sweet memories they have shared. Thank you, Bruto, for all that you have added to our lives. Our lives are a whole lot richer because we have shared them with you β™‘

P H U N K Y β€’ P H R E S H #philadelphia #swag #squadgoals

View from the top! #philly

Happy Easter! Spent the day enjoying and sharing with Mila all the spots my mom grew up knowing and I then spent my childhood summers exploring. #onthefarm #downbythecreek

Coming live at you: The Badminton Racquet String Band!! Watch til the end. Link in my bio to our newest album...just kidding we don't have an album (yet) πŸ˜‰ #petsontheforehead #poetry #musictomyears #flashbackfriday #fbf

Already missing the sand in between my toes β˜€οΈπŸŒŠ

So grateful for these beauties and all the wonderful memories made over the past four days! Until next time, San Diego πŸ’œ

Fun in the sun with my ladies β˜€οΈπŸŒŠ

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