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Happy Father’s Day to my daddy!! There are so many things that make you an exceptional father but the most important is that you’ve always been there. Not just as a provider and positive presence but as my guide, confidant, and advocate.

You helped shape who I am without ever making me feel like I had to compromise who I was.

I remember when I started dating questioning how I should expect to be treated. You said, “Like a f***ing queen.” I can even recall the tone of your voice because, for some reason, what I had dismissed as a cliché ideal suddenly resonated with me and has ever since.

Looking back, I don’t know why I asked because the answer was already in the example you set every day. I realize it wasn’t necessarily the words you spoke that made a difference - it was the value you added to them.

Thank you for being the kind of dad who makes a difference. And thank you for making sure I didn’t settle for less than the man who treats me like a f***ing queen. He’s just as goofy as you are (which is equally important). Aren’t you glad you both have to deal with me now 😂

Looks comfy

I'm so glad I got to see my mommy and sister for a couple weeks! I started missing them again the second they left yesterday. Love you guys! We need to take more real pics next time lol

Coco's face in between sneezes

I'm so in love! 😍 @kb_taylorhair you are awesome!

Had so much tonight with my people ❤

My first tree! Merry Christmas until January because I'll be leaving this up for a while 🙃

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