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Corina Nielsen-Thomas  39, 2 kids πŸ‘«, cop wife πŸš“, recipe developer πŸ’‘, lifestyle vlogger πŸŽ₯, photographer πŸ“·, chronic disease πŸ€•, dairy/grain/soy/sugar free whole foods keto!

Never really intended ever sharing my cameras, lenses, vlogging cameras, and video gear, but if there is enough interest I can whip up a video or two for my YouTube channel πŸŽ₯πŸ“·! Maybe something like a beginners YouTube/learn WITH me kinda series? Let me know in the comments below what you'd like to see!!!

A side of me I have never shared on any social media nor did I think I ever would... yet here I am. Full video can be seen on my YouTube channel today (link is in my profile). This one is especially for those living with chronic pain diseases and unrelenting lifelong medical conditions that hit you like semi truck ... these are the ones who will understand this story more than anyone. It's a very brief glimpse into "me", but as I get more comfortable with sharing my story and pouring my heart out so publicly, hopefully I can continue to open up more and more. I have a powerful story and message to convey... you haven't seen anything yet 🌟

My answer at the end of this video will probably surprise you πŸ€—... There's a lot of misinformation out there regarding the ketogenic diet. I noticed this a lot during the early stages of IIFYM craze when everyone was posting pictures solely of pop tarts and donuts... clearly that was a very small portion of a persons intake but to an outsider who knows very little about flexible dieting? I think the underlying foundation of the IIFYM message should have been made much more clear by many. Same seems to be going on with keto now that more and more people are giving this lifestyle a try. So many claims that this is wrong, this is right, that's not keto, do it this way, don't do it that way, you have to be eating 80% fat to be in ketosis, eat all the butter and eggs all of the time, stay under 20 grams carbs always, don't eat too much protein... I call bullshit on 90% of the crap that's out there because nobody seems to understand that "context" always matters. Never intended to rant so soon on my YouTube, but I'm also not one to keep my feelings to myself and now I can do it in video form 😜. So today... I rant πŸŽ₯. Link is in my profile today πŸ€—!

Another full day of heathful KETO eating just went on my YouTube πŸŽ₯! Almost 1,900 calories with nearly 140 grams of FAT 😍... at only 5' tall, sedentary, and 39 years old πŸ™‹πŸ»! Take proper care of your metabolism and it will take care of you the rest of your life πŸ’ž! This days meals/food included a delicious iced mint coffee, taco salad with a homemade lime vinaigrette, dinner at @cheesecakefactory, my chocolate avocado pudding, and a few snacks. Recipes and full macros can be found on my blog as well for anyone interested! Otherwise you can check out the video for the best details ❀️. Link is in my profile now!

Just uploaded another week of FOOD & MEAL PREP πŸŽ₯! On this weeks menu, I'm sharing FIVE different dinner ideas, TWO different make ahead breakfast ideas (5 days of each), a healthy keto/low carb dessert for myself, a couple of snacks, and a quick & easy lunch for my husband to take to work. Link to my YouTube is in my profile today!!!

Very very excited to share this recipe video today! If you are looking for an ultra low carb snack in your life, you are going to LOVE these "garlic & herb flax crackers. Only a few ingredients and one of the healthiest crackers you'll be able to whip up all on your own! Check out the link in my profile and find the recipe on my blog today!!!

Starting a NEW series on my YouTube channel πŸŽ₯ for anyone struggling with the keto or low carb life! The first HEALTHY "Keto Quick Tip" is up now, direct link is in my profile πŸ’ž

Thank you @rxbar 😘! We love the new KIDS line!!! Best and healthiest "snack bar" ever πŸ†

Filmed and just uploaded my typical shopping experience at Costco WITH my hubs... although I don't think this is the angle he thought I'd go with it 😎! I've also included all of our Costco staples though too πŸ‘πŸΌ. Link to my channel is in my profile today!!!

Grain free, low carb & healthy COCONUT SHRIMP... easily one of the BEST recipes I've ever come up with if I do say so myself! I've even whipped up a delicious sugar free sweet chili sauce to go along with these guys. Direct link is in my profile today!

Wanna know what a nutrient dense keto diet looks like? Interested in knowing how many calories I'm eating (for someone fun sized and mainly sedentary now) πŸ€”? Lots of questions answered in my newest video that just went live πŸŽ₯! Link is in my profile today ☺️

In the handful of years on social media I've never shared more than the tiniest peeks about my family, my kids, or what our day to day looks like... until now πŸŽ₯! Here's a look at what life looks like for us, mind you there are now two people in one home living with completely different chronic illnesses. Don't ever be fooled by appearances, you never know what someone is truly going through ❀️. Link to my channel is in my profile πŸŽ₯

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