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THE CARHARTT CUTIE  sounds gay, i’m in.

Happy 4th barkday to Moon Pie!!!! I love her and all of the adventures we have experienced together! Moon Pie is the reason why I fell so in love with Corgi’s! #🌛🍰

This is from one of our first dates, and I’m grateful for her. Thanks for making everyday special. I’m also thankful for my camera giving Jill radioactive looking hair. @jillianskrillian

I found this in a rain puddle today at Office Depot. Y’all give me trouble for picking change up off the ground all the time, but today I hit the jackpot!! Happy Valentine’s Day to me!! ❤️❤️❤️

Making my heart melt 😍 !!!! @jillianskrillian

Balanced Rock at Arches National Park 12.25.2017

Happy gotcha day to Milo!!!! Two years ago I began fostering Milo from the Wyoming Corgi and Dachshund rescue while I was living in Denver. When I met Nancy, who was transporting Milo from New Mexico, I immediately had tears in my eyes when I saw him for the first time, I had never seen a dog so emaciated before. Within the first few weeks, he had major surgery, and we confirmed that he was mostly blind due to being starved. The multiple vets he saw guessed his age anywhere between 4-12 years old. Milo suffered for so long because someone used and abused him as a breeding dog. Through out the past two years I have seen Milo blossom into a doggie that he always should have been. He is loyal, sweet, and beyond loving. He’s the best pup, and I am incredibly lucky to be his person. I hope he is young because I want to spend a decade more with him. Folks, please don’t buy puppies from puppy mills or from places such as Petland...this is how they treat the dogs they breed. I posted a few photos from the different stages of my time with him, the first being from the first night I brought him home. Here’s to you, Milo!! Milo is so special to me.

While I was away at work, the hotel left a bag on my door, and this was inside! I think it was so sweet that they did this since Moon Pie is with me. #🌛🍰

Moon Pie is very excited to go to work with me this morning!

Moon Pie is so happy to be traveling for work with me!

Yesterday I took @jillianskrillian to one of my favorite hidden gems. Pictured is a barge that over time a hill has formed around it. Near the Palisades, over half a century ago the river became extremely low and a few barges became beached and were never recouped. Overtime, this particular barge has had an entire area of land grow around it. The other cool part, is this is really only accessible during winter months while the river is low, otherwise the surrounding land becomes full of water from the high wash of the river. One thing that I am proud about is that I know the lands of where I come from like the back of my own hands. PS: I HIGHLY recommend that you do not go and try to find these. You will more than likely get lost.

Zaddies night out @beachhgoth

Shabbat Shalom, everyone.

⚠️ PSA ⚠️

Somehow I got on the mailing list for Similac, and they think I’m a new mother. If anyone needs some formula, and coupons for Similac, message me and you can have them for free.

Looks like @jillianskrillian has some competition. One of the crewmen handed me this note, and told me he loved my smile. I hadn’t spoke to him before he gave the note to me.

A small portion of Arches National Park via time lapse.

Four dozens later, treat your employees well.

Back at my home office, and another 300 iPhones loaded up for my next deployment this week.

Work office for today

*Currently shouting at everyone in this hotel that my partner was featured in Marie Claire* I am so proud of @jillianskrillian!!!

Dang, what a great person @jillianskrillian

My coworker picked tonight’s dinner in KC. Burnt ends + petite filet mignon.

Today was Amber Day at Flowers and Weeds. I made pals with Dusty, the kitty cat, and @roryr00bn00b and @sludgehemmer had Charles Bradley playing for me, and showed me lots of memes. I love y’all!

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