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Angel  ❤️ Love y'all ❤️!!! But I don't sell slime!

Name: Blue Mirror @alice.situ #slime

First time making an avalanche slime!!!! Before mixing it the name was:Cotton Candy Avalanche. After mixing it the name is: Cotton Candy Milk. And sorry for the background noise!!!! #avalancheslime #slime

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever!!!! But I made this slime named Ocean Gloss 🌊 !!!!!!!#slime

I got more glue!!!! Slimes asmr coming soon!!!!

I gave glue to @creemy.slime and she made this bomb butter slime!!! Thx @creemy.slime !!!! Name: Lavender Butter.And sorry about the background noise,and sorry I haven't posted in a long time!!!!!#slime #thiccslime #butterslime

Made this pearly pink slime! Should I name it: PINK! If you have a better name please tell me in the comments!!! New name: Rose Pearl 🌹#slime❤️

Name: Hot Chocolate 🍫#slime❤️

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time but I made this glossy and thick slime!!! Name: Cereal Milk @alice.situ Any name suggestions ?#slime❤️ #thickslime

Made crunchy slime !!! And it's so fun to play with!!! Name: Cherry Slush 🍒#slime❤️

Happy New Year!!! Made this slime with only 3 ingredients. It's so thick and I didn't add any clear glue !!! It's also super fluffy and I didn't use shaving foam!!!#slime❤️ #thickslime

I made a new cream cheese slime 😄 because the one I made yesterday melted 😭!!! But good thing that I made a lot!#slime❤️ #thickslime

I made cream cheese slime and it's so good 😊#slime❤️ #thickslime

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