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CHRIST ON A PITA  Fanpage for: Corey Taylor addicts \m/aggots \m/etalheads

you know yous a shit account if you keep losing hundreds followers left right and centre👀

Sup people

Guys I do have gcses coming up, I know I've already abandoned this account but I'll never leave it (that makes no sense but ygm). You'll always see the ocassional post but I'm really sorry I can't make this account better.


and now thou shalt be stunned with a water gun

she is stunning

sorry i'm really unorganised and i don't post all the time, i've been meaning to have a co owner because honestly i don't get the time to post so much. it's hard to find someone though because once they have ur password they can do anything with it

sik dude

I can't express how OBSESSED I used to be with these guys as a kid. It's a shame, rip to these lot as a band (if you've heard their new song, you'll know what i'm on about)

favourite song at the moment? mine is go with the flow by stone temple pilots

favourite song from trivium? ahh it's a tough one for me, maybe skyline severance but i have too many

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