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I feel like you guys have been due an explanation for a long time (you lot probably don't even care but I gotta say this haha😂). as is evident I fucking LOVE corey with all my heart. but recently I haven't been as 'obsessed' so the quality of my content has declined and I've just been posting for the sake of it. I can tell because my followers have decreased and the activity you guys used to show has also reduced. my mind has also been on other things and I just haven't had the time to keep up with this account. the reason I made this account was because I had so much love for corey it was unhealthy and I would watch interviews and live slipknot shows for hours and cry cuz I couldn't handle such a perfect human being (I was that sad yh LOL) and making this account was perfect to channel my love for him because I had so much of it!! hahah. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, the amount of love and respect I have for him has never ever gone down. I'm just not weirdly obsessive haha. ik this is long but I don't know where I'll be able to go with this account anymore. I still love corey and everything he does. and I just want to thank you maggots for being so awesome and sharing my love for this beautiful specimen I am so grateful to obsess over, Corey Taylor. thank you all and sorry I can't have made this account better

I'm so sorry I've been slacking, I night have to just give up on this account. sorry. I hope you guys like the edit- I took the picture of the flowers too

"I'm looking at you through the glass..."
how far can we finish the song? || requested by @pink_sugarpop

it's as if slipknot made these lyrics for me! requested by @jack_mailey

never heard of the band but hope the edit is cool- I tried🙃 @robertscr77

GUYS I got an idea! comment your favourite lyrics from slipknot or any metal band and I will make an edit of it😊 (kinda like what I did tiiimee ago)

so I just have a week of exams left- not going to be on this but after I'm thinking of restarting this and putting more effort in posts

charming shtufff when you got 2 biology papers tomorrow and instead of starting triple- im on this terror we call social media #priorities #its12am

man like corey tho- top lad @coreytaylor

who are you guys voting for- labour or conservative? if I could it would be labour !!😁

it's actually megadeth for me- what bout you guys?

care free stressed tea
no fucks break a knee

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