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Corey Rich  Director and Photographer. @NikonUSA Ambassador and @SanDisk Extreme Team member.

The best way to see the Big Sky state is from the sky. Top-notch flying by @seanhaverstock for a project I co-directed with my fellow @NikonUSA Ambassador @amivitale for @yellowstonegrassfedbeef in #Montana. @danehenrydigital @NikonUSA @SanDisk @gtechnology @freeflysystems @smallhd @connexhd #NikonNoFilter

For my #Nikon100 challenge, I want to share a photo of a rock climbing trip I took to Yangshuo, China, several years ago along with some timeless wisdom from Confucius himself: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Finding and seeking out that simplicity — in climbing, in photography (through clean and simple compositions), and even in life — is a necessary component to creativity. **
I’ve loved seeing work from all of the #Nikon100 photographers on @NikonUSA’s Instagram channel!  One of my favorites was @BPosten and I challenge him to post a photo of a skateboarder in action! And thanks @charletonchurchill for challenging me!

There’s a curious connection between walking, thinking, and creativity. If you hit a road block, the best advice is to take a hike. @davidlama_official and Peter Ortner hiking in Patagonia several years ago.

Sometimes you take trips … and sometimes they take you. Memorable night out above Milford Sound, New Zealand. Fun trip to the South Island earlier this year with my buddy @chrisburkard. We shot a spot for @adobe, which is up on the Creative Cloud landing page. Check it out and hope this inspires you to get out there for yourself. **
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Simple fact: when you go to the mountains, you’re probably gonna get your ass kicked. That’s what we love, and that’s why we return.
This clip is pulled from a 2013 @polartec campaign that I directed in Argentine Patagonia, featuring the talented @benegasbrothers and @piphunt. We shot this entire campaign on the @NikonUSA #D800. To find out more about our production, and see the full clip, visit my site @danehenrydigital @mike_hagadorn @joshmarianelli @NikonUSA @SanDisk @gtechnology @freeflysystems @smallhd @connexhd #NikonNoFilter

Todd Offenbacher, aka Tahoe Todd (@tahoetodd), is the Tahoe Adventure Film Fest curator, TV host, former Muscle Beach body builder, NASA astronaut (according to his own Facebook page), friend and partner in adventure and climbing. And he’s one of the many reasons I think South Lake Tahoe is one of the best places to live.

As the good doctor himself said—Dr. Seuss, that is—“Oh, the places you’ll go.” Fun trip to New Zealand earlier this year with my buddy Chris Burkard @chrisburkard. We shot a spot for @adobe, which is up on the Creative Cloud landing page (link in profile). Check it out and hope this inspires you to get out there for yourself. **
@NikonUSA @SanDisk @gtechnology @litepanels @manfrottoimaginemore @sachtlersystems @freeflysystems @smallhd @connexhd #NikonNoFilter

Having a goal, a purpose, just makes everything much simpler. It was cool to see the application of focus and intention by my friend Rebecca Rusch (@rebeccarusch) who trained her ass off to set the female speed record on the 142-mile Kokopelli Trail in eastern Utah in 2013.
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Spend your time chasing clear goals and surrounding yourself with a community of supportive, intelligent, interesting folks. Climbing is a great way to do both, if you ask me.

We traveled to New Zealand with my friend Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard) a few months ago and spent three days exploring some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. We ultimately created a 3-minute video for @Adobe that I hope makes it feel as if you are traveling alongside Chris, learning a bit about his background, and gaining some useful tips and tricks for how he approaches his landscape and adventure photography. Check out the link in my profile to see my latest work on the Adobe Creative Cloud landing page. **

The Amazon rainforest can be accurately described as earth’s lungs. The question of how drought, driven by climate change, is affecting one of our planet’s key respiratory systems is a question that this team of climate scientists are working to answer. While you may not think of scientists as sharing similar traits as adventure athletes, I was blown away to see that in fact scientists can be just as dedicated to taking risks as climbers, skiers, kayakers, and bikers. One key difference is that their work might actually save the planet. This clip appeared in a story I shot for the California Academy of Sciences (@calacademy) about climate scientists who are studying the Amazon Rainforest to determine how our planet’s lungs are being affected by climate change. Check out the full video on my website! @NikonUSA @FreeFlySystems @ConnexHD @SmallHD @SanDisk #nikonnofilter @brybit @brucesennaimagens

Giddyup! Time for the cows to come home. This clip is pulled from a project I co-directed with my fellow @NikonUSA Ambassador @amivitale for @yellowstonegrassfedbeef in #Montana. @danehenrydigital @seanhaverstock @NikonUSA @SanDisk @gtechnology @freeflysystems @smallhd @connexhd #NikonNoFilter

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