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Corey Hawkins 

I woke up engulfed in a nightmare called, America 2016. But I can and will change the narrative.
The "change" we call for continues to fall on deaf ears. We say Black lives matter with the obvious assumption that all lives matter. Is it too much to ask that people see us as necessary in the spectrum of humanity? Black lives matter. Given the climate we live in, we cannot continue to dumb down our existence for the benefit of those who avoid comprehension. The cries of "we're tired" are echoing vehemently amongst my brothers and sisters, echoing in the caverns of our chests with the weight of the world bearing down. These are the same echoes of ancestors who survived the transatlantic journey when they were enslaved over 400 years ago. These are the same echoes of those who stood alongside Martin, Malcolm and Medgar nearly 60 years ago. It is the echo of the motherless child, and now of the childless mother on the nightly news cycle. And we've become numb to a cycle of faceless people, homes and communities plagued by mental slavery, plagued by a system never intended to protect. But these echoes are not of the mild and meek, these are echoes of survivors. WE are survivors. Although there's a feeling of helplessness, we must continue to be our brilliant selves because we are the sons and daughters of kings and queens. We ARE royal, it runs in our blood. We have lost brothers and sisters in the "war on our bodies", as my brother Ta-Nehisi Coates would put it. Remember those deaths are not in vain. We will do our part.
I am an artist. I tell stories. I create. That is my journey. And for me it is the most humble expression of gratitude to my ancestors. I love what I do. I am an activist in that it is my job to activate the imagination. In these times, I dare us to keep our heads held high. I dare us to know our worth. Utilize the system and our political advocates so that we no longer have to stand by and watch the slaughter. Remember that we ARE royal. Let's continue to stand in the face of oppression. Let's continue to educate. Flaunt our intellect and our spiritual wealth. Flaunt our awareness of who we are in this world! Empower and lift each other.


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