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Corey Guerrera  Kernersville NC. Aspiring Jedi who enjoys Motorsports and Skateboarding. Movie lover (#StarWars, #HarryPotter, #Marvel). #FunkoPop Collector. P!ATD🀘

This past Sunday was definitely the single best race day of my life! Still can't believe all the pictures and autographs I got! What an amazing day! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ƒ
#NASCAR #Racing #Charlotte #CharlotteMotorSpeedway #NorthCarolina @charlottemotorspeedway

So, let me tell you a little bit about my visit to "The ROVAL" at @charlottemotorspeedway!

First I picked up Kyle Larson's Richmond raced win diecast at one of the vendors and then we had to wait in the credentials line for about a half an hour. That was one long line but the wait was worth it to get our HOT PASSES and enter the pits/garage!

Just minutes after entering the garage area I started running into some awesome people! @coreylajoie, @rayevernham, @bobpockrass, @briscoe_5, Todd Gordon, @pkligerman and @gregzipadelli were all nice enough to pause for a photo. I also bumped into Larson's crew chief Chad Johnston and Jimmie Johnson's crew chief @chadknaus. Johnston autographed the back windshield of my No. 42 diecast and Knaus sign his name on the back of my No. 48 car! Then on pit road I met Bill Elliott, @colepearn, @jordan10taylor, Leonard Wood, @jhnemecheck, @chipganassi and Rick Hendrick. I even got Chip to autograph my Larson car and Mr. H to autograph the roof of my Dale Jr. Daytona 500 diecast!

Although Larson had a good day turn sour, I was still able to get his autograph on my diecast! I could tell that @kylelarson42 just wanted to get out of there after a rough finish but for him to still stop, say hi and sign something for me was really appreciated.

While most fans were leaving the racetrack we stayed behind to watch @ryanblaney10 celebrate! As the No. 12 team celebrated, one of the champagne corks literally flew out of Victory Lane and landed right at my feet! After picking up the cork and some confetti, I got to take a picture with Dave Burns and his crew who were all super nice. Then it was time for the No. 12 guys to take the winning car back to their hauler. It was an honor shaking hands and fist-bumping the winning crew members. One of the guys even handed me two of his hats!

We ended up waiting it out to see if Blaney would come out to say hi but officials escorted him out the back. However, Mike Wallace and @kylepetty were walking by so I was able to snap a few shots with them before finally walking across the front stretch to exit the track.

Can't wait to do it again! πŸ˜ƒ
#NASCAR #Racing #Charlotte #CharlotteMotorSpeedway #NC

Yes! My votes counted! @shinlimmagic is one of the best damn #magicians I've ever seen! So freakin stoked he won @agt! Congratulations #ShinLim! πŸ™Œ

I also loved @samueljcomroe and @zurcaroh who finished fourth and second. I hope they'll also have great success! πŸ™

#Magic #AGT #AGTfinale #AmericasGotTalent

Thank you @netflix! My all-time favorite #cartoon as a kid, #AvatarTheLastAirbender, is heading to #Netflix as a new live-action series! So hyped about this! πŸ™Œ

And, it looks like Avatar The Last Airbender #FunkoPOP figures are in the works as well! 😲

#NerdingOut #Avatar #Aang #Katara #Sokka #Zuko #Toph #Nickelodeon

An unbelievable #XGames #BigAir comp! So stoked for #MitchieBrusco capturing his first #gold and #TreyWood securing his first medal ever with a #bronze! Been watching these two since they were like 12 years old. Super cool to see them reach the top! πŸ†

Congratulations @mitchiebrusco84 and @treywood! Well deserved! πŸ‘

#Skateboarding #Skateboard #SkateLife #Skate #XGamesMinneapolis #Minneapolis

I can't even describe how happy of a Star Wars fan I am right now! #StarWarstheCloneWars is considered by many fans, including myself, as the pinnacle product in the entire #StarWars Galaxy! But in 2013 after the fifth season, #Disney bought #LucasFilm and the Clone Wars came to an abrupt end. The season five finale was not meant to be the series finale. A war left unfinished........ untill now!

Star Wars the Clone Wars will return on Disney's untitled streaming network, set to launch in 2019, for a 12 episode run! I really hope it's not just 12 episodes and done. Keep it going!

#CloneWarsSaved #AnakinSkywalker #AhsokaTano #ObiWanKenobi #StarWarsCelebration #ComicCon

On Friday, I planned on watching all of the action at Charlotte Motor Speedway but with raindrops interrupting practice, it didn't look like it was going to be a fun day. Luckily, I live in #NorthCarolina and if you're a NASCAR fan, there's plenty to do!

Although I live about 45 minutes away from #RichardChildressRacing, I hadn't been there since I was a kid. So it was great to go back.

It was great seeing Danny "Chocolate" Myers again. If you didn't know, Danny was the late #DaleEarnhardt's gas man and friend for many years. I met him 15 years ago and it was nice to bump into him again.

After leaving RCR, I stoped by Scott's Collectibles, which is right across the street and snagged this autographed Chase Elliott 2014 Darlington victory diecast!

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Tonight's season 8 season finale honestly brought my fandom back! After the deaths of #Glenn, #Abraham, #Sasha and #Carl, the show took a hit for me and some of its fans. But tonight, oh my God tonight! Tonight's episode showed us why we love #TheWalkingDead.

Spoilers Ahead: We all knew that Rick and the gang were walking into a trap but how they got out of that trap was incredible! Thanks #Eugene! As #Rick and #Negan were battling under that beautiful tree, I knew Rick was going to talk about Carl. I did not however know that Rick was going to use his son to soften up Negan in order to slit his throat! That was a total WTF moment! I knew because of Carl's words of wisdom Rick wouldn't let his nemesis die.

Now things are going to get better. Focusing on battling walkers, not other people. Everyone joining forces and living in peace. A new world, a better world. Well, I hope.

Oh, and I really hope #Dwight returns. I was sad to see him drive off.

#AMC #TWD #TWDFamily #RickGrimes #Michonne #Alexandria

Well, yesterday was probably the best Monday I've had in quite some time! Can't wait to go back in October! πŸ‘

#NASCAR #Racing #Race #Racecar #MartinsvilleSpeedway #Virginia @martinsville_speedway

Due to Mother Nature throwing a blanket of #snow on to the speedway late Saturday night, the Cup Series race was pushed to Monday. It sure was a beautiful day for #racing! πŸ™Œ

One of the absolute best places to watch a #NASCAR race, #Martinsville Speedway! 🏁

#MartinsvilleSpeedway #Virginia @martinsville_speedway

The best #XGames #Snowboard Superpipe final I've ever seen! #Japan’s @ayumuhirano1129 throwin down back-to-back 1440s to claim the gold ahead of @scottyjames31 who scored a 98 for silver! And @tobymiller making jaws drop in his X Games debut! What a contest!

I'm also glad to hear that @IouriPodladtchikov only suffered a broken nose after slamming extremely hard on his second attempt. That was a nasty spill that could've been a lot worse. πŸ™

#WinterXGames #Snowboarding #Skiing #AyumuHirano #ScottyJames #TobyMiller #IouriPodladtchikov #Aspen #Colorado

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