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COREY DUFFEL  100% skateboarder, records, dogs, and Rachel. @foundationskateboards @deviumusa @dakine_skate @bonesbearings @pigwheels


A real kick ass day cruising around Tahoe with @deviumusa

Do you love me.

35mm portrait by the good homie @filmalltay Nailed the photo first try, me on the other hand was sweeping the floor for about an hour. skateboarding is the best!!

My mom rules!!!! This is her senior year photo, and it always makes me smile when I see it. One day I really want this as a board graphic for @foundationskateboards
I'm not embarrassed to say it, I love my mom, but I will roll my eyes and sigh when she comments back haha

In 1988 the Sick Boys shredded the fuck outta this crusty bank. Thirty years later skateboarding a bank with your friends is still the best shit ever! We disnt have a jump ramp, but this light post was hecka fun. Some of you haven't seen it and should go online and watch Sick Boys now! Some of you probably have it on VHS, and I'm jealous!!!
Photo @alex_fatemi #schoolyards

Action shot from earlier @charliepboden

I look lame as hell on this bike, but damn it was fun testing out the @triumphamerica bobber. This rips, and rode way better than I was expecting. It has a lot of torque and handles good. I prefer my T100 all day! Thanks @acemotorsports @hushyourprettymouth @bodaskins #circusbear

@jay_villarosa thanks homie! Seeing someone buy my board trips me out! I never thought I'd have my own board to begin with. Seeing it in the Philippines is fucking mad.
Just spent two hours watching all my old favourite skate VHS tapes to get hyped! Im a skater til the day I die, and all I think about is skateboarding haha. Obsessed. Time to go push fast and Ollie around in the streets. Thanks for the inspiration Adrenaline skateboards, and Philly sections. Grinds and Ollies :) Thanks to everyone that has ridden one of my shred sleds. @foundationskateboards .com if you want to get one. :)
Keep on rolling

I don't look like im thrilled, but I'm lucky to have two awesome brothers to call my best friends. Happy birthday @kevinduffel love you and have fun surfing
Popsicles with my brothers in 87

I wanna reissue a limited edition shred sled of one of my favourite graphics. Only 100 would be made, and it would be a cool shape, Silk screened and signed and only available at @foundationskateboards .com
Which graphic would you be stoked on? My heart is set on the siouxsie eyes, but I know people love the crypt keeper one.

Pstone Forever!!!
You ever been on a road trip that changed your life? I've been on a few of them, and they all are amazing in their own way, but some just stand out more than others, and feel like a dream. One of the best adventures I've ever been on was on Route 66 with a crew of dudes I looked up to. I was the young brat that some how ended up with the big dawgs. This was thanks to Preston and Rhino. I spent two weeks having the time of my life with these dudes. Skating pools, bbqing, camping, ordering pizza at the strip club, Pstone outta his mind on mushrooms and talking his way out of us getting in trouble with the cops as we explored the Cadillac graveyard after midnight. Fuck, so many epic stories from this trip. He filmed me kickflip the glory hole. I think I only tried it because him and Mumford asked if I could. He filmed some other of my favourite tricks on this trip in 2006.
We became good friends after this trip, and every time we hung out, he could kick my ass in a game of skate, he cooked up some amazing food for all of us. Always smiling, laughing, keeping that PMA. He was the type of dude we should all aim to be. Giving, loving and living life to the fullest. I know I'm a complainer and a bitch, but whenever Pstone was around it was impossible to be bummed out. He brought out the best in all of us.
Thanks for everything you did for all of us.
I'll never forget this trip to Graceland with my idols. Crazy to hear this news because Elvis was on my mind all day, and I was thinking of this trip earlier. I've always been bummed that i blocked his smile in this photo. He was laughing the entire day. Love you Stone
IG doesn't allow me to post enough words to really write about how amazing the trip was.

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