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Dreaded sunny day bluntslider at the cemetery gates.
Beautiful photo by @photojoebrook that was never ran, and now to the gram.
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#duffmanjams at @radissonred tonight! Free for all, and will be an awesome time. Free food, drinks, and gift bags. I'll be playing all 45s, @rodent516 on the modular, skate photo show, and @foundationskateboards video showing.
Get your arse too 609 s 3rd st Minneapolis. Across the street from Viking stadium. Love you all and see ya here
#partyatred starts at 7 but get here earlier if ya wanna

Friends in the twin cities area check this out! Tonight at the @radissonred hotel in downtown Minneapolis is having a rad party! @rodent516 performing an insane modular synth set, and I'll be playing all vinyl 45s. This is free for all, jand hope to see ya here. @neffheadwear @radissonred thanks !! #partyatred #duffmanjams #minneapolis

Here is another angle showing that if the officer didn't block Ant, he would have made it pass the car, just like the skateboarder in front. The cop blocked the only path. This is not an attack on an officer, it's an officer thinking he's above the law and can do as he pleases with out repercussion. It's sad that our friend is severely hurt. Please don't say they shouldn't be bombing hills. This is not about a traffic law, this is about a guy with a badge thinking it's ok to hit a seventeen year old kid at 30mph. The officer doesn't even walk over to @anthiiny as he's on the ground. He could have died, or been dead, and the officer doesn't even care. The other officers should have been running over to him to help out. They casually walk over and don't look concerned. Another officer should have been arresting the one that hit Ant. If it was the other way around, we know who would be cuffed and going to trial for assault/attempted murder. The officer in the vehicle doesn't even get out either. It's heartbreaking and makes me question the humanity of cops.

@anthiiny is a seventeen year old kid that is about to have a really gnarly knee, ankle and leg operation because a cop decided to step in front, and push him while he's going 30mph. Ant is my friend, a great kid,and incredible skateboarder. Knowing that he is hurt, really hurts me. Ive watched it over and over and it makes me cry. Ant is always smiling and laughing. He wasn't trying to hurt anyone, but obviously the officer had different intentions. I don't even need yo express my opinion on the man in blue. This video shows what kind of people those who wear badges are.
@sfgate @ktvu2

My friends @thecream_ make a really awesome Cream that helps out with soreness and injuries. I'm a huge fan of @thecream_ and @urbalactivskate balms. I truly believe they both help out. Herbs, CBD's, and some PMA go a long way.

Cruising some crusty banks with the homies @gregmillions & @cam_others

Wallrider in Paris
Photo by @patoalvarez

I am proud to call America my home, and very honored to ride for an American made clothing brand called @deviumusa that is 100 percent handmade in the USA. To celebrate the Fourth of July, @deviumusa has a sale going on at
Have fun tonight and celebrate the love for this country by blowing up a small piece of it.

Thanks for this @swift_blazer haven't seen this footage since it came out seventeen years ago. @ofad and myself with some clips in an old thrasher video, filmed by my brother @duffel925 and @mattevs in 2000
Sixteen/fifteen year old me was obsessed with the ramones. Fuck, I guess I still am. Stoked to still be grinding and having fun after all these years. Wow, I just thought about it. This is older now, than I was alive when it was filmed. That's trippy. Now im really stoked to still be out skateboarding. Fuck yes! Skateboarding and the Ramones rule

New shred sled

All you need is love

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