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This is short but from the heart. @photojoebrook I love you and I am blessed to call you a friend for twenty years. You’ve documented my life and have had my back since day one. I have nothing but amazing memories in the civic, Tacoma and #bigblue thanks for everything you do for us all. One day I wanna see all the photos we’ve taken together hahaha. If you want one of these collectors pin and patch get them from @photojoebrook , total skate dork stuff :) I love it!
Joe, you are a true blue American hero!!!! It’s crazy to think how different skating could have been with out the presence of joe. Photographers are the ones who deserve more credit than the skaters. They capture it all for the world as we just skate. Joe and others have told our stories and if not for them we would have no careers or mags. I’m very lucky to have so many friends who help me out daily. Very fucking blessed. Also a huge thanks to my other friends @miaangelina & @middleofbeyond for this insane rug from one of my favourite films.

Dude was super cool every time I saw him. Sang “ New Rose” on a punk rock karaoke night with him when I was 16 at a thrasher Christmas party. Saw him play in the Caribbean two months ago and it was awesome! Adolescents always have been on the session of almost every skateboarder. This is the real shit. Punk rock and skateboarding. If you don’t get it, you just don’t get it. So long Steve Soto and Rest In Peace.

Skateboarding rules! With out it I would not know these two and probably would have never seen outside of my Bay Area bubble. Jake & Kevin are two of my favourites to watch on useless wooden toys, and to hang out with. We learn a lot from our friends. The man who shot the photo @benchadourne is also one of the most epic humans I’ve met and know. So much love for those three humans and feel very blessed to call them friends. This is a post of me just saying I love skateboarding and my friends. We all know this feeling :) and need to let friends know how much they mean to us. You’re my homeboy

#duffmanjams spinning the brand new 12 inch that was released today. It sounds amazing and if you dig it, buy a copy. Matia, I love you and you are brilliant!

Please read this entire thing and the rest of it below in the comments. This is probably the most important post I have made
I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Fuck, I never stop thinking of it to be honest and there isn’t a day that I don’t. This is something I discuss with my friends almost daily. We all have skeletons in the closet. Most of mine are actually quite exposed because I have been in the public eye since I was a teenager. This means most of fuck ups have been recorded and known around the world. That causes a lot of stress and has given me anxiety for as long as I can remember. To be honest I rode a skateboard to get away from the bullshit of politics and education. If you skated I didn’t care who you were, we were instantly friends I am just some dude that skateboards. I didn’t take education serious, and I never planned on being in the public eye or a speaker of any sort. I was a skateboarder that was antisocial, ignorant and never thought about a future. Punk and destruction enamored me. Not about making a positive impact. I was not a political punk or one trying to teach, but the kind of kid that didn’t mind a little schadenfreude. Well, not really but I was a jackass as a teenager. I changed and turned into something I wasn’t when I first got heavily into punk music. Instead of just liking the music, I thought I had to act like punks I read about in magazines and books. Freak out squares. . I thought I had to destroy instead of building. For fucks sake, I thought Sid Vicious and Johnny Thunders were cool. Like a lot of teenagers, we are confused and not aware of who we are or who we want to be. Being a teenager is complicated. Being a human is complicated. I spend a lot of time reflecting on the past, which is good so I don’t repeat it, because I want a better future for everyone.
Here goes.  This post is about to get heavy for some and especially hard for myself to put this out there. Some don’t know it.  I’ve never tried to deny this and have always been open about my past. This is something I really want to address. For myself and for those I’ve hurt and those who don’t know, in hopes they might also admit.. continued in comments

Flashback Friday. Standing on the shoulders of giants.
What that means is, I never would have skated this thing if not for @nolimitsoldier & @cairofoster Brian and Cairo are two of my most influential skateboarders. These two paved the way for me and showed me what is possible. They skated taller and crustier spots than anyone. True legendary Bay Area skaters. Both are transplants, but they are Bay Area powerhouses!
I always wonder to myself, who are the Bay Area/NorCal powerhouses? Native sons of NorCal? Wade, Phil, Cards, Senn, MC, Jovantae, Henry Sanchez, Duffy, Coco, Toad, TNT, Omar Salazar, Eman, Zack Wallin. These are some of the dudes I think of when I think of and dudes who made me wanna go faster and push harder, and a few younger dudes that get honorable mentions because they are the ones who are inspiring the youth. Obviously there are more. Im not positive but I think these dudes are all born and raised in NorCal like myself- ps that’s not me putting myself in the list, just me saying I was born and raised here. NorCal/Bay Area skating has and will always be my favourite and seeing the new generation of bay skaters gets me stoked. I even like all the transplants from Florida and Texas haha. Home is where the heart is and that has always been the San Francisco Bay Area.
Bluntslide from my @thrashermag interview in 2007. @danz photo and from that same two weeks of skating with the homies I keep mentioning.

Another throwback from that same week of skating. @danz and I were trying to work on an interreview for @thrashermag and I had two parts coming out within a few months of each other. Cataclysmic Abyss and Feed The Need. Both those parts were filmed in a few months. Skating was really fun at this time in my life and I had more control and power on my skateboard than I ever had before. It all ended when I broke my leg a few weeks later messing around. Which sucked but I was able to make a comeback after that injury. It took about a year to get rehabilitated and some confidence back.injuries suck but they also make us humble and know how much we love skating. Skating is never the same after a gnarly surgery. The mess around always get ya, right.
We ended up at this spot because @olsonstuff was going to skate another rail here and we had been skating a ledge in front. The Lakai dudes were in town and I was fucking stoked to be with the dudes I looked up too- thanks Cairo for getting me on the session. Dudes like @furrycalamari Rick Howard, @darylangel I think, @tyevans @cairofoster ect. I started skating the rail but I dont think I told anyone I was gonna skate it. Alex and @kylecamarillo saw and pulled out the cameras. One of the angles is filmed by Alex which is uber cool to me. Alex rules and it was always cool to see him skate and hang out. Maybe it was Mike who said you got backlip after I did a railslide. I think it was more of a joke. I decided to try one and since I didn’t get broke off I said fuck it. It ended up working out and to this day this is one of my favourite photos and clips I’ve had. Dan shot a beautiful photo. I rolled away in hang ten position and was laughing which to me made the clip. During this time I had no shoe sponsor, still don’t and pretty much my entire “career” has been with out one. Haha. During this time I was wearing the @kevinspankylong shoes non stop. I love a puffy cupsole.
Striped jumpers, Levi’s jacket, leather gloves and backlips haha. 2007 and having the best Fucking time. 2018 skating is still the best and all I want to do. Maybe it is time to start filming again.

Here’s a never seen photo of a grind I did the same day as the five oh 180. The long lens is cool. The fisheye came out in @thrashermag I think. Maybe slap. Now I gotta find the kickflip over the loading dock gap. This rail is no longer skateable because the school fenced in the stairs :(
This trick was always fun to do. Fucking hell, I can’t wait to see thst new @8ballr part. That dude did one on like a 30 stair!!
The footage of this one is in my FEED THE NEED part. Probably the best part I ever had but not my favourite. Give it a watch if you’ve never seen it. Not Alone is my favourite one. It was dedicated to my friend Jonny who killed himself. He was one of my biggest fans and always believed in me, even when I was in my darkest. A friend of mine took his life yesterday. A Bay Area skater that might have helped with he trucks you skate. He was an awesome person to be around. Friends, call your friends, call your family. Reach out. It’s hard and it’s awkward but hug them and tell em you love em. We all like hugs and to have shoulders to cry on. It’s ok to cry and admit we are wrong, scared, or just don’t know what to do. We are all failures, but we can unite and win. You’re not alone. Skateboarding brings us out of the slumps, at least it does for me. Go grind some curbs for our friends and grind some more with your friends. With love xoxoxo
Ps photo by @danz

Five oh 180, 2007 @danz photograph.
Just another fun day of skating with my brother Stephen @duffel925 @cam_others @kylecamarillo Z, and @cairofoster
Cairo was trying to get down for his fully flared part and those sessions were always fun because we could feed off each other. Cairo is the gnarliest powerhouse to ever live in the Bay Area. True fact. He opened more doors than most and sometimes it is forgotten about just how iconic and inspirational his skating is. He paved the way for gnarly street skating. I’d never skated this ledge before. It was tall, long and super dry. It’s not like it is now where everything is black and a fun spot to warm up at. You either had the ledge or the long stairs to warm up on hahaha. Maybe a few flat ground tricks. I said Fuck it and broke the ice. It got Cairo hyped and after I did my trick he came out full savage and crushed his enemy. Nosegrinded the fuck outta this beast!!! One of the sickest tricks I’ve ever seen go down!! After this we ended up at a rail that I did Ollie over to grind down. I have a photo of and will post next. After that one we kept it going and ended up at a big loading gap that Cameron Ollied before. I got a kickflip over it. The biggest kickflip I’ve ever done for sure. Longest at least. Skating with the homies back then was always fun and it’s cool to look back and think that most of my “hammers” were just tricks from a typical day of skating. Nothing really planned other than looking for a good time with my friends. I love skateboarding.

Fakir flip in 2007. This photo/slide from @danz was never used anywhere. There was a sequence in my slap interview. @erickoston got my back with a switch hardflip which was amazing and still trips me out. He was like land it here and I’ll back you up. Fucking switch hardflipped the fuck outta it so easy. It was sketchy in his eyes so he did another one a few tries later. The same day I played a game of skate with him and got three letters on him, I bailed something and he said something like nice try but now you’re fucked haha and straight up crushed my dreams. Haha. We were playing on a ledge and the first trick he did was switch 270 noseslide, a nollie inward heel front nose, I can’t remember the rest. All I remember is that he is seriously the best and was able to do anything possible. I was stoked to not get fully skunked though haha. You can see @brandonbiebel on the rollaway which is tight. Some people would never know but we were friends as kids and still homies if we ever cross paths. They were filming for the Lakai video, and I was just tagging along to have fun. I ended up getting a few things and they would go into one of my parts that came out in 07. @chrisrayfilms another childhood friend is how I was able to tag along with the big dogs. Great memories for me :)

@swift_blazer pulled out these clips that @shockus filmed. I had never seen these not in the 88 video before today. Some I do t know if I ever saw. Crazy to think that most of these are from 15 years ago in 2003 and over a week of skateboarding in San Diego with @ed_dominick @lander71 and Shockus. They use to bribe me with tasty burritos or sushi to get tricks haha. Maybe it’s the reason I don’t look super amused rolling away because they weren’t spots I had in mind haha. Sometimes I would just do a trick at a spot they took me to, to get them stoked and eat dinner. A trick a day keeps the managers away. Obviously I was stoked but sometimes? Rails were not what I wanted to skate, but I would always get brought to hectic spots. Sushi on the table it’s hard not to go for it. Filming with Shockus was always fun. I really fucking miss that big sweetheart. We had a lot of fun and he really helped out a lot of skaters with our careers over the years.
A couple of these were filmed in 05 most likely and I think ended up in the foundation video, the younger ones of me with the Ramones mop were 03 and used in my 88 part. Stupid but kinda humorous story about the bowl cut. Dee Dee Ramone was a hero to me as a teenager. When I hung out with him he told me never get into drugs and stay away from smack. Smoke weed and sidewalk surf he told me haha. The day he died of a dope overdose was the day I cut my mop top and gave myself a Joan Jett or punk mullet type hairdo. I was so bummed that he died and I took it to heart and got rid of my Dee Dee do.
Mikey mouse shirts, leather jackets, Levi’s stapressed cowboy twill pants, white Levi’s, muppets shirt, Freddy sweater, clockwork orange fedora, a sickle and hammer shirt that doesn’t make me a communist or a racist. I wore that shit to piss off the fart sniffing squares. I never wanted to dress like other skaters but pay homage to the novels I read, the movies I watched and the musicians I loved, but with my own personal touch. Always borrow inspiration from others.
These were really great times and I hope you enjoy a stroll down my memory lane for a flashback Friday. #duffmancam

can't speak about this to anyone
this man's eyes are serious
he's the man in my screen
I can not let him frighten me
A year ago I was in Paris skating and listening to songs on repeat with @douleuralaboomboom
At EMB with him recently. @mrkurtin captured this moment of us hanging together on a beautiful evening. Skateboarding introduced me to all my best friends. Even the one I’m married to. You can thank Kev for introducing me back to skateboarding and filming. He’s the one who helped an old dog learn new tricks and to look st my surroundings differently. People are amazing and we learn from different people and cultures. It just got really wimpy here, but as always just saying I love skating, my friends and my fans for the continuous support over the years. Yeeeeoooow!!!

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