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COREY DUFFEL  tragic as the son of superman

ollie to fence ride- photo by @danz

falling now just to entertain you
Photo @danz
I love the clouds in the sky on this one.

Express yourself. No rules, and skate how ya want. Blessed to be in the new issue of @thrashermag Photo by @danz

Hard to believe this was nearly ten years ago. @chrisrayfilms made this edit for an online thingy in 09 I think. The song is performed by one of my best friends Adam. I also used another one of songs called 16 to 21 by the Catholic Comb. This one is books on fate, memory. Music is so important with a video part. Every song I’ve used means something to me and I’m hyped on all the music I’ve used over the years. A lot of these clips are filmed by another friend @vxvinny and you need to check out his art. Lucky to have so many talented friends. I never would have gone anywhere with out the people I’m surrounded by. That’s a fact.
Give this a watch if you got a minute to spare. Keep on rolling :)

Met @jordan_jonezy when we were seventeen in San Dimas, 2002 at a madness and mayhem demo. Instant friends because we both had tight jeans, mop tops, converse, skateboards and the Ramones badges. Back when freaks and weirdos could connect just by looking at one another’s clothing. Over fifteen years and we still laugh at Simpson’s jokes and heckle over power pop Records, my dislike of bob Dylan, and his ignorance of the best band in the world The Cure. Jordan is the king of cool and I’m lucky to be a friend with him and laugh about how serious skateboarding is at the moment. Suburban posers for life hahaha. Love you Jordan. Fucking gorgeous day out here

@deviumusa is a clothing brand I am proudly a part of from the Lake Tahoe area in CA. Everything put out is 100% made in the USA by humans that can make livable wages, and not for chump change in a sweatshop. Our products are a bit more expensive than some off these cheap fashion shops that make shit that doesn’t last. Do you buy your tools at harbor freight? They fall apart after a few uses, just as the clothing from a lot of shops that don’t put out quality stitches. I prefer to spend more brass on something that can last years. Like good boots or a leather jacket. If ya care about stuff made in the USA and built to last check out @deviumusa
Keep on rolling :)
Pole jammer while wearing the scull l/s Henley and the delivery jacket.
Photo by @steven_rea

You gotta check this awesome animation that @marlonpruz did. Never thought me eating shit on my skateboard would be so iconic hahaha. Just kidding but it seems like a lot of people remember this slam from 15 years ago. Thanks Marlon. This is amazing @foundationskateboards

I couldn’t do any sick ledge tricks at third and army aka the new spot, so I Ollied off a bus in front of the spot. The year 2000 was a strange one in skating, and I didn’t like the majority of what was going on, and I sure as hell didn’t wanna dress and skate like the dudes I was seeing around me. Haha no offense to but that limp bizkit, and white boy pseudo ghetto look wasn’t for me. These were times when wearing thrasher skategoat shirts got you laughed at. Wearing tight jeans gave everyone the right to call you names and shit haha. Showing up to this spot and doing nothing but grinds and lipslides in a leather was considered strange. Had to do some slow ass crooked grinds and nollie flips haha. Unless you were Cairo and nollie flipped over boxes. Ps I’m being a bit facetious and laughing. There are some tech dudes that were Fucking this spot up. I’m being a sarcastic chuuuump right now. Take this a grain of salt because I’m laughing and not preaching. Just having fun and going down memory lane after looking at this photo.... No fucking rules in skateboarding. Do what ya want because this is a modern world! Fiberglass tables, flex fit hats, bad music, creeping at spots with a lot of wax. Blah blah that shit wasn’t inspiring to me. There were a handful of skaters that were inspiring to me, so don’t think I hated it all hahaha. 1998-2002 were precarious years haha. Blessed for misled youth, tumyeto snd black label videos during those times hahaha. Seeing dudes with all will and less skill stuck out to me. It was raw and exciting. My ambition has always exceeded my talent. Phelper told me numerous times, do what you know and do it the best ya can.
This is the only time I’ve broken my nose while doing an Ollie. Thst shit sucks! I rolled the hell outta my ankle when that board broke on the concrete.
Sheeeeit, this dragging on. All I wanted to say was check our @northskatemag because they did a rad interview with my friend @photojoebrook who shot this photo of sixteen year old me. Him and @scienceversuslife discuss some really amazing times and if you like SF skating and film, you gotta check it out.

Stoked to share this new board graphic with ya, and can’t wait for it to be out next month. @mrmountain Painted this for me and it’s brilliant. I love it and am so stoked to use it as my latest promodel shred sled. I really care about my graphics and the people who do the art for them. When boards come out with my input it truly bothers me. I don’t want something I’m not interested in under my feet or my fans feet. Boards represent who we are and are a creative outlet for us. Thanks so much for this Lance.
Summer 1996 I met Lance at YMCA skatecamp. We caught bullfrogs together and were both 12 year old ids that wanted to skate and have fun. He had red hair and could do krooked grinds!! Hard to believe that was 22 years ago. By far one of the most artistic and inspiring people I know. If you aren’t familiar with his work be sure to check it out @mrmountain

This is short but from the heart. @photojoebrook I love you and I am blessed to call you a friend for twenty years. You’ve documented my life and have had my back since day one. I have nothing but amazing memories in the civic, Tacoma and #bigblue thanks for everything you do for us all. One day I wanna see all the photos we’ve taken together hahaha. If you want one of these collectors pin and patch get them from @photojoebrook , total skate dork stuff :) I love it!
Joe, you are a true blue American hero!!!! It’s crazy to think how different skating could have been with out the presence of joe. Photographers are the ones who deserve more credit than the skaters. They capture it all for the world as we just skate. Joe and others have told our stories and if not for them we would have no careers or mags. I’m very lucky to have so many friends who help me out daily. Very fucking blessed. Also a huge thanks to my other friends @miaangelina & @middleofbeyond for this insane rug from one of my favourite films.

Skateboarding rules! With out it I would not know these two and probably would have never seen outside of my Bay Area bubble. Jake & Kevin are two of my favourites to watch on useless wooden toys, and to hang out with. We learn a lot from our friends. The man who shot the photo @benchadourne is also one of the most epic humans I’ve met and know. So much love for those three humans and feel very blessed to call them friends. This is a post of me just saying I love skateboarding and my friends. We all know this feeling :) and need to let friends know how much they mean to us. You’re my homeboy

Please read this entire thing and the rest of it below in the comments. This is probably the most important post I have made
I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Fuck, I never stop thinking of it to be honest and there isn’t a day that I don’t. This is something I discuss with my friends almost daily. We all have skeletons in the closet. Most of mine are actually quite exposed because I have been in the public eye since I was a teenager. This means most of fuck ups have been recorded and known around the world. That causes a lot of stress and has given me anxiety for as long as I can remember. To be honest I rode a skateboard to get away from the bullshit of politics and education. If you skated I didn’t care who you were, we were instantly friends I am just some dude that skateboards. I didn’t take education serious, and I never planned on being in the public eye or a speaker of any sort. I was a skateboarder that was antisocial, ignorant and never thought about a future. Punk and destruction enamored me. Not about making a positive impact. I was not a political punk or one trying to teach, but the kind of kid that didn’t mind a little schadenfreude. Well, not really but I was a jackass as a teenager. I changed and turned into something I wasn’t when I first got heavily into punk music. Instead of just liking the music, I thought I had to act like punks I read about in magazines and books. Freak out squares. . I thought I had to destroy instead of building. For fucks sake, I thought Sid Vicious and Johnny Thunders were cool. Like a lot of teenagers, we are confused and not aware of who we are or who we want to be. Being a teenager is complicated. Being a human is complicated. I spend a lot of time reflecting on the past, which is good so I don’t repeat it, because I want a better future for everyone.
Here goes.  This post is about to get heavy for some and especially hard for myself to put this out there. Some don’t know it.  I’ve never tried to deny this and have always been open about my past. This is something I really want to address. For myself and for those I’ve hurt and those who don’t know, in hopes they might also admit.. continued in comments

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