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Ben Kadow. @b3n_z0mbie How to describe the kid? A total fucking freak. A winner. A loser. A punker. Hardcore. Sensitive. Beautiful. Brother. He’s B3n. Ben is Ben. He’s an original. Watching his new video part with him last night made my eyes well up no lie. The song, his presence and the emotion captured. His essence is in this part. Something I think is lost most of the time these days in videos. His heart and soul is soaring through outer space. Not pretentious or contrived. 100 percentvauthentic. I think this part is going to inspire a wave of kids and adults to do what they want. To say “fuck you” “ to say “I love you” to be yourself. It made me want to film another part and dye my hair again.
If I didn’t meet Ben over a year ago I do not think I would have filmed two parts in 2018. Him and Kevin Rodrigues are 100 percent responsible for building up my confidence to film. They are the ones that told me they just wanted to see me skate again. It doesn’t matter what you do. It could be a flat ground Ollie. We just wanna see you pushing again. Thank you Ben and Kevin for inspiring me with your vibes and skateboarding. I love you. @williamstrobeck thank you xoxoxo

Spain is awesome! I have been twice. Once in 2007, and I fractured my foot while walking. the diagnosis from the doctor was wearing improper footwear. It was called a marchers fracture. This foot injury would lead to a long detour that lasted a few years of curves and upsets. Nonetheless, it was really cool to see Barcy. A few years later in 2010 I was able to travel back to Spain. This time it would be the basque country. Traveling the north with Stu Graham, and Shuriken Shannon in December of 2010. We had a week to explore. Skate a few demos, and cruise the streets if we were lucky enough to avoid winter showers. Even sunny Spain was looking rather drab that week.
The Basque country is fucking beautiful, and loaded with good food and spots. I found the people to be a bit more friendly than the ones I experienced in Barcelona. For 8 years I have been wanting to get back there to skate. I saw so many spots that I wanted to try and get tricks at, but the weather was not on our side. We had one or two days here the rain held off long enough to get some morning skating in. I was also dealing with a Morton's Neuroma in my foot and that is a real thorn in the side. If you know what it is, or have had one, ya know the pain level and uncomfortableness I speak of. On a side note, one good thing about a rainy day in Bilbao is, the Googenheimer museum. The others werent interested in visiting it. Better for me because it gave me a few hours with out some skaters complaining about art and culture.
Here is some footage from the trip. It ended up on vimeo without me being aware of it. Not being in control of your tricks and the footage is always such a bummer. Especially when it is stuff you're very proud. These few things could have helped out my WTF part a lot, but that ship has sailed. Now I have filmed it off the computer and posted it on a three inch screen for viewing pleasures. I cant remember the guys name who filmed it, he was a nice dude and his brother is a cool photographer that has a magazine called dogdays, or something like that. I cant remember but they were both good hosts. I only wish he gave me the clips instead of putting them out for his own benefit. ⬇️.

Five years ago this video part came out. This is my eighth pro part to come out, and it was a struggle because I was skating with torn tendons in my foot and toes. I had 3 surgeries on my feet during this year of filming. I tried my hardest to fight through the pain and put out something that most people probably never saw. It ended up straight to a website and no physical copies. I remember not being able to hold a copy of the video we worked on was really hard for me. It was the first time doing this and I wasn’t excited. It made sour at the time. Now I have put out two more parts straight to the web and am proud. The younger me wanted to be able to hold the video of what we created. This was also meant to be a shared part with my friend Lee Yankou. I said I rather have a short part than share a part as a pro. I never wanted to be the pro skater that couldn’t put out a part of some sort. I was almost thirty here and was going through some life changes that took me a few years to get use to. I never stopped skating or stopped loving it like some think. I had some really gnarly foot injuries and had to continue to wear shoes that hurt my feet just to walk. It was not motivating for me. At this time I was heavily into motorcycles and hanging with a new group of friends. When this part came out I was so bummed on it. The only thing I was stoked on was the song I picked. Now looking back, this is a rad part. It’s short, but this was a year of me skating through pain and creating something in a rushed manor. Making parts is hard! A lot of energy goes into them. Mental and physical health is on the line. I imagine it’s like recording an lp. It captures a part of you that the world sees. Whether you’re ready for it or not. Maybe this was 6 years ago @jimkappel_ ? Any way, Jim edited this part.
Hope ya dig it. The song is blue in heaven. “Sometimes”
I have never not picked a song for my part, and they are all special to me. I didn’t dress like a gothic rocker anymore, but I’ll be a goth kid for life in my heart.
The last trick is also on Tom Remilards board.
Filmed and edited by @foundthatfooty

Downhill school was always the most fun place to skate in SD. Couple of morning goofs from years ago with @russellhoughten

Happy birthday to the homies @piercebrunner & @chrisbrunner
Two of of my favourites.

Nosebonker From about ten years ago when my shred sled was looking like a nascar with sponsors. Bleached hair is fun. It turns my hair to straw and makes it super crusty haha. Looks and feels like hell, but it’s cool.
It’s Smoky as hell out in California, and it’s gonna be hard to skate. The reason why im posting an old photon. Im not outside surfing because of the air quality. Hope my friends and family are safe. For those who have lost homes and more, I’m sorry. @joey_digital parents lost their home and are looking for some clothing and help. Skaters are usually pretty good about helping out friends in need. Be there for them if ya can.

More stuff that you’ve seen from my “Homeboy” part.
I love to skateboard, but I hate skateboarding. I hate it so much it makes me cry every day. When I’m skating it’s the best thing in the world. Once I’m not in the physical act of surfing on my sled, I am frustrated by the culture and industry. I just watched @mid90smovie and I wanna say @jonahhill did a brilliant job on it. I left the theatre feeling very confused, embarrassed and ashamed. This movie hit way too close to home for a kid that started skating at 10 in 1994. There wasn’t a scene I didn’t remember or am not scarred by still. Skating destroys lives. It saves us, yes, but it fucking destroys so much. We don’t talk about this stuff enough. The addiction, the self denials, respect, the language. I can’t stand the language. I come across as an old jaded man to some, but if anything it’s the opposite. I’m an under developed teenager from living in a realm that most people don’t know. This movie is better than any other skateboard movie ever. It’s fucked up good. I am not going to say I love it, but I will say it’s amazing. For anyone who skated in the mid nineties, you have to see it. If you don’t feel any emotions of love, hate, shame, or peer pressure, you must not have ever been a teenager. Being a teenager is hard. Try being a 34 year old teenager haha. I was so influenced by this culture that it also shunned me for trying to fit in at times. @jonahhill you and the filmers, editors, and sound crew did an amazing job. The cast did well too. They really did. It could have been any cast with this story though, and that hardly happens.
I’m sitting in the car heating up from the sun and just felt the need to write a few comments after watching it. After the movie I helped an elderly couple. One was in a wheelchair and the woman was struggling to get the man through the door. I pushed him up to his seat. The woman said I was “a treasure, a real gem” I should have felt pride. My eyes welled up and I felt sad because I’m just a skateboarder with a past of memories that don’t always make me smile.
When I go skating and falling today, I’ll be smiling and in my happy place.

My new video part is live for viewing pleasures or annoyance. The part is called “Homeboy”
link is in my bio.
Track jacket, bucket hat, baggies, and skating a rail? 2018 has been a fun year of skateboarding for me. No rules, and all smiles! Wear what you want just as long as it’s bright.
Thanks to everyone that has given me a high five, a cyber web hello or bought any of my product over the years. These parts are for me and you. Skating is the best and we all love it. Get out with friends and create some memories and good times. Keep on rolling

Portrait of a fifteen year old me by @photojoebrook 2000. This was in a slap magazine photo book thingy.
I wore that dog chain and lock around my neck for over ten years with out ever taking it off. I think I still have it somewhere. It wasn’t worn because of Sid, but I saw a photo of Dee Dee wearing one. Funny that I wore it because I had no marks to cover up, but I thought it was cool. The years went by fast.

I like to Ollie. My favourite skaters are all people with great Ollie’s and pushes. Looking back it explains why I am probably the skater I am. I was inspired by some of the coolest dudes ever. Any ideas who I’m talking about? It’s pretty easy to tell. The simple stuff has always looked the best to me and is the most fun for me. Going fast. I know I like watching people surf a beautiful wave. The photos from the sixties and sixty years later of people riding waves is beautiful. It’s art. When skateboarding loses the surf style we adopted it is missing something in entirety. At least in my eyes. Keep on rolling and have some fun sidewalk surfing. :) Photo by @filmalltay the footage Is in his new video called “What Not”

Paris in the winter is cold. Absolutely beautiful to see the city covered in snow. Paris is amazing. The people , the architecture, the skating and the way of life. I stayed with Kevin Rodrigues for ten days in the winter and it snowed every day except for one. My last day in the city. It was a Sunday and I had to get a trick. When I was there a few months earlier I was shown this spot, but the fountain was on. 14 years before that I looked at the same gap but the fountain was on. I never expected to visit Paris again or get a chance to skate this spot. I am lucky I was able to spend time with Kevin here. Since it was frozen over, the fountain was turned off. I knew I had to do this! 14 years after seeing it and wanting to do it, I had to. Kevin, Ben and I went here Sunday morning in hopes of the ice being melted and not too many people around the plaza. Since it’s across the street from notre dame and in front of hotel Deville, it is always busy and lots of cops. We got here around 7 am and there were already a lot of folks luring and sightseeing. The scariest part about it is the pillar after the landing. It’s directly in the way and as I rolled up all I can see is the pillar and the fence. I can not see the metal grate I was aiming for. Pushing on the narrow fountain was hard for me as well as I do not like riding in straight lines.
Kevin asked me to wear my turtle neck for the clip and my plaid pants I’ve never worn anything for someone while skating, but this trick was just as important to him as it is for myself. This entire trick was actually dedicated for him and Ben. They wanted to see me do it, and little did they know that I saw this in 02 and dreamed of it. It was so cold this morning! After a few tries and rolling away I was greeted with such a warm hug from Kevin. In the footage you can see our smiles and our friendship. Friendship is everything. This part would not have happened with out my friends. Especially not with out Kevin and Ben. Merci @benchadourne what a beautiful photo. On film as well :)Ben also filmed both the angles.

I just want to say “thank you”
This feeling called love that I’ve received today from you all is glorious. Unreal. This part was and is for you all. Fir myself and my fans who have supported my endeavors over the years. My goal was to spend a few months filming on weekends with my friends. Nothing planned out. Just skating and capturing it. The feed back is unreal to me and baffles me. I am just some dork that loves skateboarding. Just like everyone that follows me on here.
You’re name is also Millhouse? So this is what it feels like when doves cry?
“Homeboy” playing now @thrashermag
If I don’t reply please know I’ve read your comments. It’s my anniversary with Rachel and my heart is beating so fast with love for all of This. Thanks and don’t be offended if I don’t reply. Your words are inspiring to me.

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