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A project that @michaelcukr & @kaleneville shot with me is coming out soon. I don’t know what to call it other than a conversation with me. Or something based around the struggles of an aging kid(aka a skateboarder)
they had a camera set up while Following me around for a few hours and laughing. Here I am Showing them some of my old boards in the closet. The Duffman graphics are some of the best I had. There are a few boards I wish I had in this stack in the closet. I think it’s time to start working on something cool in the near future. Exploring stuff I adore with friends.


Fun times at the @deviumusa dream driveway. Checked out some of the new stitches, sacked my skate, and landed a few jumpys. Epic day with friends.
@_burrt photo :)

But... the skateboard, his groin! Ah, ha! It works on so many levels!
Roll it again. @garretthill

@deviumusa is offering 30% off the entire site for the month of October. All the new stuff is out next month, so we wanna start fresh and clear out merch.
The code is OCTOBER30
All handmade by people living in the USA
Throwback photo by @danz

I was in Australia and broke both my arms, my thumb and two ribs. I was on the trip with a broken scaphoid, but managed to break my thumb and my radius while it was in the cast. I kinda belly flopped onto my cast and that also broke two ribs. My other arm slapped the concrete and it broke my other wrist. Getting hurt always sucks, and being hurt in another country is pretty scary. I had turned twenty one in oz and got wrecked after like 3 days into the trip. For two more weeks I cruised around and tried my best, but anyone that had ever broken ribs knows the pain, breathing struggles and how vulnerable we feel from the injury. My mom told me this was the first and only time I ever called from tour and cried. I was scared in the hospital and wasn’t sure exactly what was about to happen. The doctors said I needed surgery, but we decided not to because of me being on holiday. They do their best to reset the bones and put me in these two zoidberg cast things and wished me luck.
Upon my return to the states I stayed in LA in for a day or two to film something for a show on fuel tv called captain Casey. I never saw it and probably for the best. I’m guessing I didn’t say anything worthwhile or do anything. I was jet lagged, a broken boy, and high on a coffee cup of gummy bears. Maybe it was funny. I don’t know. The homie @keithericdavidson shot these two flicks of me in silverlake. This was 2004. I’ve never listened to Elliot Smith and probably thought the colors were cool or was told to stand there. When I did see these photos for the first time last week I noticed it was this wall. I saw him play in 99 in Berkeley with a friend without knowing his songs. I just was excited to be going to a show with a cool alternative girl. This story doesn’t go anywhere but I almost always remember little memories seeing photos from the past. This was also a time when I was cutting my own hair and wearing very small fitting stitches. Hopefully one day someone can help me get back to Australia to skate again. I truly dream of it
Thanks to Enriko for this link. Here’s the show.

@mrmountain this means a lot to me ❤️ lance is my friend and an amazing artist, father and all around ruler. It’s now available at or skateboard shops that support me. If you are a shop that carries my boards thank you for believing in me. Keep on rolling. I don’t know what the title is all about but it’s a sexy shred sled

I’ve had a lot of epic memories, stories and “achievements” through out skateboarding, but to be animated as comic book Saturday morning cartoon Beetlejuice is the coolest. I’m the ghost with the most, babe. Dead, dead, dead... @moderncholo thanks Anthony
Ghostly jump

Rachel @inshreds & I have our first night at @therumpusroomsf Friday the 28th. Tomorrow night. All 45 singles from 77 punk to nineties indie. Pretty much whatever we wanna put on the turntable. Just as I would be doing at the house on a Friday night. Hope to see ya there 😊
San Francisco 10 sixth street 10 til the end

@foundationskateboards gave me a new graphic and its painted by my friend @mrmountain
You can buy it at awesome skate shops that support me. If your shop doesn’t carry @tumyeto you can buy it directly from and when you do that, I make a 2 dollar royalty and it helps me survive and continue to do what I love. Skateboard and film parts.
@foundationskateboards has a video called souvenir premiering tomorrow in Costa Mesa at ruca. Free and all ages. I won’t be there but go support the team who are there and in the video.

I had never seen these two bails before tonight. @aleks_lewandowski aka @thevxfiles posted it earlier. I wish I had the @shockus and @lander71 angles. I’ve always wanted to see the lance Conklin angle that’s never been used or seen. I have no idea where it is at or any of the raw footage on the hard drive from the 88 video. A goal of mine would be to get all my old clips off dv tapes and release it. Angles and clips that were never seen. I do t like edited parts as much as raw footage. It doesn’t capture the emotion or the vibe of the day. The roll away on this one shows the vibe hahaha. I landed. Rolled away avd was ready to o get the free lunch that was promised to me if I did it. I think I broke my heel or foot on the first attempt. I had enough adrenaline in me that I could try it again. After ten minutes or so I couldn’t walk. The next day my brother @kevinduffel and I went to Disneyland and I wanted a wheelchair because I was sick of walking on my tippy toes all day at the park. I was suffering but stoked to be with my brother having fun.
This Ollie was a fun one Ben if I’m not smiling after I made it. Free lunches are a double edged sword. They are tasty and free, but to be honest nothing is free. I always get hurt getting these lunches. Maybe worth it though because I did my personal biggest Ollie. Some other fools would do some other tricks down it now but I hope they don’t. I like when spots gets left alone. Heath spots are always the sickest because it doesn’t matter what else goes down because it’ll never be as cool as what Heath did. They always remember their first. 2003
Shout out to @kantenrussell for being one of the gnarliest skaters. A true inspiration to skateboarding and myself.

The first minute of my sponsor me video. Filmed and edited by my brother @duffel925 on our video 8 Sony. The fisheye from fisherman’s wharf made everything blue haha but fuck it, we had a fisheye like the movies.
I like kick flips, jumpies with grabs and backtails. Why fix what’s not broke. These tricks were fun back then and i still do the same few tricks because they are still the most fun for me.

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