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Corey Divine  Los Angeles ✧ Tattoos ✧

#paris #amsterdam #berlin This july • Email for a tattoo

Email me if you would like a collaboration tattoo in Europe this july, or Los Angeles this august - this collab was done by @ericstricker @charlysaconi @tattoosbypaketh @jessimanchester and myself • video by @brknsergio • tattoo on @ncgoldsmith

@prada_tattoo is coming to Los Angeles California this August 🖤 Email him for a tattoo He is from Madrid Spain and could use some new california clients - This is a collaboration between @prada_tattoo @effedots and myself, tattooed in Madrid Spain 3 days in a row. We are also looking for someone who wants a collaboration piece this august

Heading to Europe #France #netherlands #Germany Email me for a tattoo 🖤

I’ll be traveling this july around Europe. If you would like a tattoo, email: #Germany #Netherlands #France #italy i’m also looking for clients in america AND europe who want a collaborative piece this July/August, by multiple artists 🖤

i’ll be all around Europe this July. If you would like a tattoo, email: i’d also like to tattoo a back piece or full torso collaboration/fusion with different artists. Please tag a tattooer in europe that i should collaborate with #Germany #Netherlands #France #italy

@jessimanchester X @coreydivine Backpiece collaboration • On @le_sandman • if you’re interested in getting a collab piece, Email:

This torso/sleeve piece was tattooed three days in a row, by five artists @ericstricker @charlysaconi @tattoosbypaketh @jessimanchester @coreydivine In #BuenosAires On the amazing @ncgoldsmith * Please tag a friend who might want a collaboration piece! 🖤

On my way to Argentina 💜 What are some fun things i should check out this week in #BuenosAires ? Please tag some friends in South america 🇦🇷

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