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Corey Myers  Professional Drummer Married to Cristin, Dog Dad to Jax

Got some cool things in the works for you guys! Hope you all had a great weekend. As you know I have been eating pescatarian for over two months now and I cooked shark for the first time tonight! My wife hated it and didn’t want anything to do with it, but my puppy did! @cristinlmyers @jaxdogthefrenchie

Another shot from last night! Model: @iamjoelpadgett 😷

Got out and did some night photography tonight. Super pumped with these shots! Shoutout to @iamjoelpadgett for modeling in the first photo. Second one is just me being dumb!

Guitar players! Go check out @joshmyersofficial kemper profiles with @tonejunkietv
@kemperamps @officialgretsch

And if you have to go. Always know that you shine brighter than anyone! 🎶
@remopercussion @paistecymbals @ludwigdrumshq @64audio @kbrakes_usa

So here’s something new and if you don’t care then keep scrolling. I’m going to be live streaming some of my favorite covers over on my Facebook page. I’ll be answering questions in the comments section during the live stream as well as talking about some drum equipment that I used in each video. The question for YOU is, what covers do you wanna watch with me that I have recorded? GO! 📷: @joelpadjettphotography

Cause I’ve seen love die way too many times. When it deserved to be alive. 🎶
I covered the first half of All We Know Is Falling by @paramore in one take. Go check it out if you haven’t yet! If you have, thank you! Just over here trying to inspire drummers and artists to enjoy what they do. Let’s get it! @remopercussion @paistecymbals @kbrakes_usa @ludwigdrumshq @vicfirth @64audio

FULL album cover is live on YouTube! Part 1 from @paramore first album, All We Know Is Falling, is in my story! Go check it out!
@remopercussion @paistecymbals @64audio @kbrakes_usa @ludwigdrumshq @vicfirth

Tomorrow! Part 1 of my new series where I’m covering complete albums! Who’s excited? First 5 songs off All We Know in a row!

Alright, I’m hitting the studio later! The first album I’m going to cover completely, is @paramore “All We Know Is Falling.” This album changed my life when I was a teenager. I’m going to be covering the first half of the album in one take and the second half in one take. I’ll put a track listing in the video for the people who don’t wanna watch it all the way through! This is the first of many, but I wanna have more fun and something more challenging. Who likes this idea? Leave me some thoughts!

Monday poll:
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Should I cover a full length album in one take?

Drums only mix from my drum cover of @paramore song, Still Into You! Link in my story. These new @ludwigdrumshq neusonics sound really good in this one.
@remopercussion @paistecymbals @vicfirth @kbrakes_usa @64audio

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