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Happy #FlexFriday doing an offseason the correct way for once - slow steady progress - staying mildly lean while getting stronger and seeing the scale jump. Sitting mid 250’s getting excited to see what kind of progress can be made between now and my next show.

Time to start lifting heavy again! Strength is slowly coming back 💪🏼

Happy Halloween from our family to yours! Hope everyone had a great night!

#throwbackthursday and a late #transformationtuesday a little comparison from my second showing to my fifth (172lbs vs 211lbs). Nothing but consistency. 💪🏼

This is perhaps one of the best posts I’ve ever read on Instagram. Everyone should read this multiple times.

#Repost @hypertrophycoach with @get_repost
So the message isn’t missed, yes, I’m always an advocate of pursuing a better way. It’s as simple as asking yourself “Am I doing everything perfect?” I would argue only a delusional, massive ego-wielding, asshole could answer yes to that. And with that in mind, always pursue “the best” methods. Knowing it’s just a direction, not a destination you’ll ever actually reach.
But in my opinion, dedication and consistency are king. I was training 3-a-days, obsessed and working my ass off long before I had any idea what I was doing. Sure I injured myself a lot, and could have produced way better results if I had better knowledge, but I still made progress and you have to start somewhere. Now, I love the “nerd” muscle stuff. I take nerd courses, and seminars and have nerd discussions with my nerd peers. But I was a meathead first. And that’s the only direction I’ve ever seen it work. The work ethic and consistency meatheads have established first, then evolve with “nerd” info. I’ve never seen a nerd first, then gain the work ethic and nutsack needed to produce long term results. They are content overanalyzing, and studying everything about training, more than making decisions and actually executing. Happy to look at training as this abstract concept, not understanding what’s occurring in the trenches.
This might be tough for some to wrap their heads around, as they are seemingly opposing concepts. But the reality is, not only can they - they need to - coexist. If you want to take your physique as far as possible. The take home, if I have one: A good plan executed consistently, with passion will beat the “perfect plan” on paper, never applied with heart and dedication.

Had a great time today at donuts and deadlifts @kingswoodfitness managed to pull a nice 585... but let me tell you, it felt way harder than it looked lol 💪🏼

Couldn’t be more proud of this group of athletes! Nearly all new to the stage and everyone absolutely killed it! Onto the next few shows!

Just like her mother 🙄

What the weekends are for! #dad #fun #daughter #dad #weekend #family #saturdaymorning

Friday Supplement Review! ————————————————
Considering where I work, and all the questions I get asked, I thought it would be cool to give an in-depth review on some interesting and new products!
The new redcon MRE Lite protein powder!
I couldn’t have been more excited to see this brand come to Canada. The quality and innovation they bring to their products is very clear. And what a better way to start this off then with something that is, in my opinion, incredibly innovative when it comes to protein powders.
The MRE Lite is a WHOLE FOOD based protein powder that contains NO DAIRY/WHEY. The blend is comprised of beef, salmon, chicken, egg, brown rice and pea protein. And now what some of you are definitely thinking... “ew gross”. I’d have to argue the opposite, with a consistency that is nearly identical to a whey based product (hear that my lactose intolerant friends!) and a great variety of flavours with choices like apple pie, pecan pie, etc... this is going to be a hard product to pass on!
If you’re in the market for a new protein powder or just want to try something different this should be your go to!

#flexfriday with wifey @haleyjanesfit sitting at about 245 putting the work in this offseason, looking for some big changes.

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