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It’s been about two months since I have created anything. I had fully decided to take some time off after my Hip Kit Club term ended. But then time got away from me. And then I couldn’t print pictures and my photo software crashed and a hurricane came through and distracted me. Anyway, I finally just did what I could, making it easy by working on my Disney album (the pictures are already printed). It’s not perfect, but it’s another page done and best yet, I finally did something again. #corriejonesscrapbook

So I have some news. It’s not terrible or exciting, just news. This is my last page for @hipkitclub. 😢 The design team call came up and I decided to take some time off to rejuvenate and such! Which will be good! So my last page... I made this using the #august2018hipkit which I love so much. And it’s about this year’s first day of school. #scrapbooking #scrapbooklayouts #corriejonesscrapbook

My afternoons are basically me being a taxi driver. I pickup. I drop off. I sit in traffic. I pick up then drop off someone else. I need an uber sticker in my windshield! Lol. Some days I do this routine so tired that even the 5 o’clock coffee doesn’t help and some days we all sing loudly to Justin Bieber. One day last week I was sitting on some road during this time when I frantically remembered I had a project due! Ack! Thank goodness it was a main kit only page with the #august2018hipkit! Once the running was over, I dashed home and created this. My first page with these kits. I am going to love working with these kits. @hipkitclub #corriejonesscrapbook #scrapbook #scrapbooklayouts

Do you ever struggle with feeling like your creativity is gone? I experience this every now and then. Sometimes the feeling is so strong I can’t even go to my desk. It’s so strange too because I know if I push myself to try, it all comes back. But things like stress, fatigue, busy-ness, etc, suck the creativity right out of me. Not that I am the most creative person anyway, but it is something I need to feel whole. Thank goodness for deadlines and kits from @hipkitclub or I may never push through the hard times! #scrapbooklayouts #scrapbooking #corriejonesscrapbook

Have I mentioned puppies? Well, let’s talk about puppies. I have 5 puppies in my house right now and they are the cutest, white fluff balls ever. I’ve had them for a week and a half and they go back to the breeders over the weekend (I’m just babysitting them. They aren’t my puppies.) While they are so cute and sweet and precious, they have turned my world upside down and are a lot of work for the human mommy. Lol. I’m running on low and way behind, which is why this @hipkitclub layout just just now getting posted here! VIDEO LINK in my profile! Ok, I’m back off to care for the cuties! Maybe they will want to take a nap soon. #scrapbooklayouts #scrapbooking #corriejonesscrapbook #scrapbookprocessvideo #july2018hipkit

Finally, it’s RED DAY! The last part of the rainbow series. I’ve been seriously in a tizzy with back to school and puppies (whole other story) and all sorts of life crazy and I’m just now finally getting this up for you! Enjoy! VIDEO LINK in my profile! #scrapbooklayouts #corriejonesscrapbook #scrapbookprocessvideo #scrapbooktherainbow

How sad that school has started back and summer vacation is over for the year. I wasn’t ready for it to end. I wasn’t ready to get back on the schedule. This morning I sat there saying to myself there was no way I could do this for another 175 days. IT JUST STARTED!!! And already I am whining. I try to convince the girls they want to be homeschooled, but it’s not working. I guess I just have to play with summer colors and cross off the school days on my calendar. I used the awesome colors in the #july2018hipkits color kit for my background. VIDEO LINK is in my profile. @hipkitclub #scrapbooklayouts #corriejonesscrapbook #scrapbookprocessvideo

The best part of coming back from vacation (well maybe the only good part of coming back from vacation) are the pictures! I mean I love looking at all the moments captured. We got a GoPro last year and this gem of a camera is fun for everyone. And since I don’t take most of the pictures on the GoPro, looking at them for the first time is always exciting for me. So of course I had to scrapbook one from the GoPro right away! For this I used the #june2018hipkits and some stitching. The VIDEO LINK is in my profile! #corriejonesscrapbook #scrapbooklayouts #scrapbookprocessvideo #gopro @hipkitclub

It’s time for some ORANGE! Rainbow series day y’all! Woot! I wondered if I would ever get this one up. Not because I struggled with it, but because I struggled with myself! Nothing bad, I just got back from the beach and boom, realized school is just a week away from starting and I have been totally out of sorts since. Why does school have to start so early? Ugh. And the bad news is there is no video. I filmed and lost it. Total user error and I know better!!!! So frustrating. And the thing is, orange was delicious to work with. But I have enough stuff that’s orange that I could make another orange page so maybe? Maybe not. I don’t know. But swipe to see some details since that’s all I have for you today. #corriejonesscrapbook #scrapbooklayouts #scrapbooking #scrapbooktherainbow

Now that i’m back from a vacation to the best place in the world and the first day of school is looming in front of us, I just want to retreat to vacation. Lol. And it doesn’t help that my girls keep going through the cameras for pics and sending them to me, which is how I got this one. I love it so much. But how to I get on vacation all year long??? #scrapbook #scrapbooking #scrapbooklayouts #corriejonesscrapbook #felicityjane

While looking for a picture to scrapbook, I found this one. And I loved it. I went through my pages to see if I had scrapped it already.(Because I used to scrapbook the same picture over and over again. Not on purpose, but because I had to produce so many pages I forgot what I had already done!) I looked and didn’t see it anywhere and so I went for it. It’s my last page using the #june2018hipkits. I still have a feeling that picture may have been used somewhere before but now I guess I can’t do much about that. Do you ever scrap the same picture over again? #scrapbooklayouts #scrapbooking #corriejonesscrapbook

Rainbow day! Well, a little late. Sorry about that. I was out of town and then working yesterday. But it’s here now! Yellow is the color of the day. Yellow is warm and buttery and happy and wonderful. I feel like yellow is that awesome blanket you never want to unwrap yourself from. Ahhh... The VIDEO LINK is in my profile! #scrapbooklayouts #scrapbooking #scrapbookprocessvideo #corriejonesscrapbook #scrapbooktherainbow

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