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Core77  Some things you already knew about #design. Plenty more that you didn’t.

The best part of woodshop cleanup ⠀

(📹 Core77's own @florange_juice)

@studiolorier’s transforming bookshelf at #salonesatellite2018 @isaloniofficial 🤤

Hydraulic press cuts metal like butter 🥞 (📹 Nargesa)

We got that good smush (📹 Nargesa)

Drooling over tooling (📹 Nargesa)

Detail shots of Open Sky, an ode to the patches of sunlight that poke through above Italian courtyards by @phillipksmith3 for @cosstores #milandesignweek2018

The Cog + Rockstar designer personality comics from '09 featured on Core77 may be almost 10 years old but they are still gold ✨🌟✨ / 👨‍🎨 @businesstown @no_commercial_value

I see your drone and raise you one bionic bat ⠀

(Festo Bionic Learning Network)

brb replacing all the door handles in my house⠀

(Brinks Push-Pull-Rotate handle)

April showers are here folks, don't forget your shoebrellas!

Start your week of right with this Japanese sunrise dovetail by master craftsman @theo__cook 🌅

I’m on my 12th iPhone dongle send help (🖋 @tomfishburne)

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