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Chris Corbin  Digital work. And fly fishing. And loving @linseycorbin.

Thanks to a dock and a drone I managed to make a @linseycorbin swim #video without getting my feet wet.

Testing the #Whistler waters.

Headed out of town first thing in the morn, but just gave #Chimehuin a big pep talk about how much #steelhead fishing we are going to do in August & September.

Looking at my schedule, it may be a while before I can wage my #purplemuddler war on all 27 of those #steelhead that have decided to make the 2017 summer run. And a big shoutout to @millsfly for supplying me with one heck of a purple muddler collection.

Well #inbend.... if you can't beat em' join em' @surftechusa

The suburbs of Dufur. I've always been partial to this part of the state.

The worst #steelhead run in recorded history isn't dampening my spirits. Actually, I used a work commute to Seattle as an opportunity to see some new water. It's always fun to see new water. And visit Seattle.

"The time has come today." - The Chambers Brothers

Fun and inspiring day with @obertobeefjerky, @rsherman25 & Compton High Robotics, shortly followed by being stranded for the night at the Salt Lake City Airport. I think they call it living the dream. #homewardbound

Me: How far do you think you've run this year?
Linsey: 910 miles, 17,000 ft of climbing.
Me: Good talk.

Drift. Boat.

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