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Julia Corbett  Inspired by the cosmic. Photographer. Cacao Alchemist // based in Ojai, CA

What is desired. Is this softening. This awakening to Love. To presence, to all.
Full spectrum, earth and cosmic.
On film, the dream is tangible.

In the lush
Leaving behind the lifeless.
Moments that bring senses
To a heart that wanted
A single touch.
And opening up.
Grow here.

could you ever run away from the games you play
I had a dream so
then my wandering mind took it away.
the only one you desired was home
and you hadn’t found it yet
a heart that needed first to break again.
sometimes the wind blows harder than you want to
rhythm of whispers
awakened by the moonlight.
how could I feel so full
and so empty
at the same time.
self and poetry of the cosmic channel.

Being seen.
All the beauty, underneath
and inside. .
who do you desire.

To feel the brisk on my cheeks
And a compass that guides me home
All the patterns, I see you
Because it’s not just inside.
It’s the senses alive.
I feel a well of tears
Getting drunk on salt
when you’re near. You are here, too.
What makes separate is also the glue.
Holding our bodies, as the stars
Like dust, drifting
Seen with the light
A spark of remembrance
Why does it invoke
the pink prisms
that lead to my heart.
That’s what I see as Love.
Yet in another story, your colors could change.
Perception of wonderment
You are the way through.
The humbleness of your heart
Is forever my medicine
Dropped in, awaken visions.

Celestial transmission.
Heart space, opening.

its all Love.
vibration. what are you giving. what are you living.
to be in the center, truth.
of all the beauty, moving through. .
in reflection, Love of self.

Cosmic Heart.
Connection, all of it.
Immerse yourself with intention, go into reflection.
All the beauty here, be present.

Join us in ceremony, connecting into the plant medicine of cacao. A heart opener. A magic maker. A conduit, of communication, to feel into the spectrum.
Here again. An offering. A guide, into the world of cacao. Creating relationship to this incredible plant, it is feminine, it is earth, it is here to hold you as you open. It goes beyond blissfulness. Immersion open now, you can begin any time. A practice I hold dear to my heart and into expansive journeying. On my 36th birthday, here is my gift. .

Something that is so powerful, resisting it.
how much I have to surrender to, to feel it.
to have deep relationship.
creating conditions
to cultivate the energy, in Love.
How much is your ego, how much is the soul?
does it cost any thing, to meet with Love.
integration of, let the power unfold.
there is no above or below, we just think it so.
and that’s okay, it helps us relate, to relationship.
to be in connection.
to remember our perfection,
that connects us whole. .
the Self beyond me.

Distilling into experience
what it all means
will you even listen, to the guides you’ve been given
life is a gift
remember it.
Love, all there is.
so why do you question it?
In Love all the answers live.
In Love you feed forgiveness.
for all that was ever will be and is, exists in everything.
the nature, of the cosmic.
come meet me there. .
Love notes. From the cosmic.

if when you breathe in
all is clear again,
dreams swept away
and its all okay.
then you know.

Love. It’s looking into the eye and remembering. Letting the radiance envelop, being at peace.
Everything is right in time, anyway.
Why not just be who you are. .
Self on film.

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