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I can’t get enough! I have to take the wasp-nest away, it was to dangerous! One hit me twice! But still there are visiters from beekeepers of the neighborhood!

Bees-bites! Climbing, stretching into a Hortensia. Looks like a wildlife in my garden.

Paradise in my garden!

Oooooh Sunny days! Friends reunion! Memories starts at this photo’s. We met each other in K.L. Malaysia. Friendship without borders. We keep in touch even after our expat life. Oke Trui, you went back and a master to bring all your friends together each year. We missed the big one but we could make an extra meeting! Thanks! Our spirit: Creative, strong, independent and in the mood for longevity. Yes we do, we are! Trui: have a nice holiday in Greece! Yvonne: Golden rule: first diner than breakfast!! Location: at the Zijlstroom, Meelfabriek te Leiderdorp. Smart lady’s in H🌷lland

A buzzy bee, look at the legs, full of yellow pollen! I discovered a lot of activity around my house this afternoon! I became curious so I climbed on the roof and..... one of them hit me! We have a nest....

My lovely daughter with Cooper... loosdrechtse plassen. We met an other instagram friend at De Dikke Muis from Belgium! Hello Ria and Dave!!!

Me and my son! Proud of him, doing his thing and I do my! He knows, that’s why I ❤️ him..... Afterparty, the Spot Bloemendaal, kitesurfing!

Early in the morning at the Kalverstraat. Quiet, peaceful and in harmony. Loosdrechtse plas.

Almost ready to eat.....plums!

The old entrance is hidden. A friend’s house in Brabant.

A garden with a view of our friends at Brabant!

Goodmorning light, Annabelle in my garden so judge and many this year.

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