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Cora Skinner  What can I say about myself in 150 characters? Should I just list things I do and/or like? That seems weird, plus there is not much space left to wri


Obviously the boss cause I wear the pants(uit) @richardguaty @cesdmodelsla

My @misfitwearables fitness tracker told me I burned 200 calories prancing. I also use it to track my sleep on days I don’t feel like exerting myself as hard #misfitray #misfitmoves

Color coordinating @nataliethefonz @kishserratos

Would you rather: A. Find out your finance’s favorite artist is Pitbull, or B. that they refer to breasts as “fun bags”
Photographer @steveerle
Makeup @yourblushmama @aladdinishmael @fredericks_hollywood @blackcatart @tollifante

Do you guys want your mom or aunt or sister or wife or best friend to love you forever and be known as the best 🎄 holiday 🎄gift giver? Read more about these amazing skin care products at www.coraskinner.myrandf.com 😊

Rescue a pet! Or don’t. It’s your life. But wear this unbelievably soft and cool hoodie to support those that do @rescuedogma makeup by @shyannswisherartistry 🐶 www.rescuedogma.com

Can’t stop thinking about what a stereotype Amelia Earhart is #askfordirections photo by @cskinney

Number one thing I’ve learned in esthetician school: the sun is not your friend. Stay shady, mis amigos #spf hair color by @kristendoesyourhair

Goldstein residence...just kidding. It’s Tulum.

I love Tulum so matcha

Do fish also have to wait 30 mins after eating to swim?

Busy transitioning from a caterpillar 🐛 to a butterfly 🦋. Please respect my privacy as I undergo this huge life change. Off to find a 🦋-friendly bathroom

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