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Øygunn Efrusine  Body positive, feminist, part time nerd. Eating disorder survivor. ✨ Check out & ✨

Got a lettuce leaf addiction that just won't quit. All I did to get here was give myself real permission to eat what I want, as much as I want, no food rules whatsoever - even if that means five chocolate bars in one sitting if I feel like it. #realcovery

Probably the most vitamin- and mineral packed meal I have ever made. After a few weeks with hardly anything but meat, potatoes and convenience foods, I can't seem to combat my intense cravings for vegetables. I literally feel like stuffing myself with salad leaves. My point with all this is to say: If you are tuned in with your body's signals, you will NOT only crave "unhealthy" foods - you will crave what your body needs at any given moment. It really is that simple 😉 #kale #radish #sweetpotato #lentils #beetroot #onion #cravings

Hvem trenger fyrverkeri når himmelen er så utrolig vakker på nyttårsaften? #perlemorskyer

Morning fruitplatter. Too bad #pitahaya was really boring...

Ble så glad da jeg fant dette i postkassen! Super artikkel! #Spisfo #spiseforstyrrelsesforeningen #kroppspress

Vi koser oss med #julebrus og #makroner før selvhjelpsgruppe 🎅#spisfo_Trondheim @spisfo_

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