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Good bike parking at Novo Nordisk @citiesdiabetes.

Heading out to Novo Nordisk in Bagsværd for a meeting. It's off-peak so the bike compartment on the train is roomy. #Copenhagen #dsb #intermodal

Meeting Room #2 at the office. Just need someone to meet with.

This morning. #Copenhagen #cargobike

Rainy evening in #Copenhagen #rain

Long story and none of your business but yeah. Boom. Feels good

Random but delightful piece of urban art. #Copenhagen

Right turn. #Copenhagen

Followed this amazing hair into the sunset. #Copenhagen

Keeping the character of the cobblestone streets of #Copenhagen but using smooth stones for cyclists on the side. Nice.

Still always a giggle to ride the Bicycle Snake / Cykelslangen #Copenhagen

It's been over a decade since my last art exhibition. I had a good run for many years at exhibiting and selling my work. I wandered away from it to chase other creative pursuits.

Then one fateful day in Smoky Bay (Reykjavik) I met Sara Oskarsson @saraoskarssoniceland - a brilliant artist. Ping ponging back and forth ever since, she has convinced me to drag my ass out of semi-retirement, with tentative plans for a dual exhibition.
And so it begins. The flirt with the canvas. The long process to filter through the images and ideas in my head and to decide what should remain carved in plaster on wood.