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Sarah Cooper  Sarah in WV. Quilts, shelter rescued pets, home and family. But not in that order.


This morning I recovered the organ stool using #Managerie by #riflepapercofabric of #cottonandsteel . That looks more like mine! #organstool

“I wonder why our back couch cushions are so out of shape?” #cats

Made from scraps of her Dad’s quilt, perfect for a Daddy’s girl. Just needs a hanging sleeve and label. #bridgetsheartquilt #handquilting #applique #miniquilt

“Draw me like one of your French girls.”

I think it may need a heart. (Made of scraps from #unclephilsquilt , a healing quilt made to encourage him as he battles cancer, this will go to one of his daughters.) #bridgetsheartquilt #miniquilt

Maybe there were just enough scraps from my #unclephilsquilt to make a little wall hanging, and maybe I started sewing that instead of what I should’ve been doing. Yeah, that sounds like something I’d do. (@murphy.1 , do you need a tiny wall quilt made from the fabrics of your Dad’s quilt? Because I thought you did.) #healingquilt #sewing #quilting #singerfeatherweight #bridgetsheartquilt

Finished the top of the #andimokquilt . I always find it interesting what quilts a quilter makes for her or his own house. If I were making this as a gift, I might have added in a solid color to let the eye rest a bit more. But for me, I’m happy with it. #mammothflannel #flannelquilt #quilt #quilting #sewing

The organ stool: When Mom visited last time, she brought me the stool she used at her sewing machine and reminded me about its history. When my Grandma was five years old and her sister two, their mother died of the Spanish flu. It was considered “not proper” of a single father to raise daughters alone. An aunt offered to take the girls, IF she could have the organ, too. He agreed. Later, he discovered the aunt was abusing the girls and took them AND the organ back. He left the organ in a shed. My Grandma ended up being one of the kindest, most nurturing women on earth. Later, she adopted her niece after she lost her own mother and sister, and raised her as her own beloved child. So I love this stool for its backstory, but it’s also convenient that the cats won’t sit on it. 😉 #whereisew #organstool

“Well, there USED to be enough space under this furniture for kittens. Why would they change it?” .
Oh, Lance. #thecatisnamedlancebass

The quilt shop has finished quilting #thesecolorsareupforafightquilt ! I’ve picked it up but binding may have to wait until I’ve finished my current project, so I don’t have to reset anything. #alternateendingquilt #solidsquilt #konacotton #healingquilt

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