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Sarah Cooper  Sarah in WV. Quilts, shelter rescued pets, home and family. But not in that order.

Not sure about my negative space quilting choices, yet carrying on and hoping it grows on me. #dnaquilt #handquilting #quilt #englishpaperpiecing #talesofcloth #vandcoombre #informationalquilt

There’s a thunderstorm heading toward us. While Mojo hides under the coffee table, Mako is up in the window growling back at it. She’s not the brightest, bless her, but I’d rather growl at the storm than hide from it, so I’m trying to remember the lesson here.

Progress. From the back they look more like flowers than stars. #dnaquilt #handsewing #handquilting #englishpaperpiecing #sewing #quilt #informationalquilt

Warning: Lance is bored.

Another dress from the @noodlehead531 Chambray dress pattern in the #handmadestylebook ! This one uses #marimekko fabric gifted to me by @dezdaniels66 — Thank you, Dez! The fabric is thicker and doesn’t drape as well, and this one looks much better belted. (A smaller size would also help.) But look! I got to try matching the fabric pattern on the pockets and sleeves! (It was fun because it worked.) PS Mojo says Hi. #memadewardrobe #isewedmydress #marimekkodress #handmadeclothes

English paper piecing makes me spend so much time doing things (like stitching in papers and these big basting stitches) that I’ll just have to undo later. Why do I like this sewing method again?! 🤣 #englishpaperpiecing #handsewing #dnaquilt #sewing #quilt #miniquilt #solidsquilt #talesofcloth

These are the pets my daughter has asked us to adopt in the first year she lived away from us, the dirty kitten found in a parking lot and the headstrong mutt who hogs the bed. I love them, but hope our pet population numbers remain stable over the next year.

My in-laws are visiting at the end of the week, so it’s absolutely vital that I clean house. So, I’m thinking it’ll be the pink binding with this dress, right? #imsewinginstead #howmybrainworks #handmadestylebook #sewing #memadeclothes

Mom’s DNA quilt top is nearly pieced. Spoiler: Blue = English. #dnaquilt #informationalquilt #englishpaperpiecing #handsewing #miniquilt #quilt #talesofcloth

I made @noodlehead531 ‘s Chambray Dress from #handmadestylebook ! Since I’m new to garment sewing by machine, I’ll share that this pattern teaches you: • To read simple pattern marks
• To sew French seams
• To sew darts
• To place pockets
This was a very good beginner pattern with detailed instructions. I did omit the cuffs because I think I’ll wear this most often under a cardigan and wanted to eliminate the bulk. (I should also mention that setting the sleeves in this manner is forgiving, painless and very pretty!) #memadewardrobe #handmadeclothes #imademyclothes

I was a bit surprised not to recognize the cat behind Percy. It’s a stuffed animal, possibly left there by Mako. 😳

This weekend, I hope to attempt making @noodlehead531 ‘s chambray dress (from her book #handmadestylebook ) in this #libertyfabric bias tape and @robertkaufman Indigo from Chambray Union fabric. I am nervous about using pretty materials with my lack of garment sewing skills, but Anna Graham (@noodlehead531 ) hasn’t let me down yet. 🤞🏻

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