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Connor Sharp  26. Austin, Tx. Uncommon Objects. Wanderer. Collector. Scorpio. Dachshunds. Turquoise. Taxidermy. Fried chicken.

Still can't get over this thing. Will wear this every day til I die. #turquoiseboner

Well it's #nationalpuppyday and bluebonnet season here in Texas so I figured I'd repost one of my favorite photos ever taken of little Kenny Loggins. Photo by @torrieblake on her ranch in New Braunfels. #sexydexthedappledox

When you trade one of your kidneys for the baddest buckle you've ever seen but it was totally worth it. The Round Top gods were smiling on me today. #fnausa #turquoiseboner

Got a pretty cool little macaque monkey skull yesterday if any of y'all were in the market for one... #fnausa

Yesterday was pretty damn magical. Definitely my favorite event of the sxsw season. Thanks @willienelsonofficial for just being you, and thanks @luckreunion for showing us such a good time! It was pretty special to see my buds the @texasgentlemen play with Ray Wylie Hubbard and Ray Benson and close the day out with the king himself! #texasforever

Five weeks in after my brutal arm wrestling fiasco, a ten inch plate and ten screws later and I'm feeling great! Haven't had to go through a metal detector yet but that gives me something to look forward to. Maybe now when the Cyberdyne bots take over the world they will spare me because I'm party cyborg now. #overthetop #fnausa

Dreams do come true y'all. A 1960s milk glass KFC globe light cover that will now live in my home forever. #fnausa #mybloodisgravy

The most perfect antique wood and velvet frame for our sibling portrait shot by @lumiere_tintype. No trains were robbed in the making of this photo. #sharpgang

Ol' Kenny Loggins just flapping in the wind Sunday cruising in the 77 Ford. #fnausa #77ford

Well the only bad part of being the only "adult" at the birthday party to get your face painted is that the kids are now all terrified of me. I'm just manning the tranquilizer gun, making sure the ponies don't step out of line. #fnausa #unclecoon

Happy Texas Independence Day y'all! Figured today was a great day to wear my latest and greatest tshirt score found by the lovely @queen_cornbread. I feel like Sam Houston would be proud. #armadilloworldheadquarters

Just another casual night at the animal house hanging out on throwing dice, sitting on the crocodile, and wearing possum skin mittens. Photo by @alisonnarro. #fnausa

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