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katie o  Cataloging moments I can't ignore. Seattle. Peace be the journey.

Freshly groomed showing off those friggen brown eyes.
Another important life update: for the second week in a row I finished the entire 1 lb container of spring mix.

So close to better weather and less rain!
On Sunday I saw Kedi which is a rare light film for me. I highly recommend it. Stunning cinematography and fantastic story.

Got in some much needed gab session & sunshine with @lornamandy at Green Lake.

Big news to relay friends: For the first time in my life I finished the 1 lb bin of springmix!! I've been trying to achieve this goal off and on for the last 5 or so years. I've been steadily trying to achieve this goal since 2017 began! How did I do it? Not a day went by since Saturday that I didn't have at least two salads. I usually had one each meal. Today I can swim in my glory! I'm guessing Mother Nature is also impressed and that why we have a dry, sunny day in Seattle today.

Such beautiful light this morning. Which was a nice moment before reading Trump's proposed FY18 budget. 31% cut to EPA, deleting research related to sea levels rising and storms worsening due to climate change and no funding for any art or cultural agencies.
If you can learn a single thing from our current president, learn that ignoring a problem does not make it disappear. You cannot live your life as if our country and essential rights are not under attack. You, as citizens of the US; must be active participants in our nation's democracy. You must contact you're elected officials. You must use your voice. You must be conscientious. Doing nothing is NOT an option.

Reading recommendation from me to you! The current version is from 2007, but this 1993 version is my favorite. What are your thought on me sending a copy to Scott Pruitt with a note that says 'Welcome to the EPA!'

We're about to be neutered? It's odd keeping current on news and the great budget debate and then discussing it with my coworkers. Overwhelmingly they say "let's wait and see!" I wish I could reply "are you bitches blind or something!?"

Happy International Women's Day! Today I'm off for 'A Day Without Women' to demonstrate what our country and world would look like without women. I'm privileged to be able to take the day off as many people can't due to finically impact. For all of you: women at work, women off and allies of women; wear red and talk about the importance of equality for all. Hillary Clinton was not elected to be our President in a large part due to sexism. I personally have experienced sexism, as a woman engineer, thru my entire education and career. My current work situation seems like a near daily dose of sexism. Let's ban together and speak out, demanding equality for all; not just in the US but across the globe.

And on the last day Elly finally got the real Seattle.

15 hours on the road and one ferry later and we're finis!

Stop 1: Ruby Beach
Stop 2: Hall of Moses
Stop 3: Hungry Bear Cafe
Stop 4: Lake Crescent / Marymere Falls

This is Lake Crescent

Both wearing Cubs hats as we walk thru Jurassic Park.

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